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Himmel Soan smacked Firey on the head.

He was very serious, but all she knew was fighting and killing.

Even if he didnt ask that question, what she said still wasnt appropriate.

She should never have mentioned it.

“Go fix your dinner!” He waved Firey off.

“Great!” Firey happily walked to the other side.

She didnt want to get involved anyway.

She wasnt even thinking when she said those words.

She was just glad she didnt need to stay here.

She preferred cooking much more!

After she walked away, Himmel Soan spoke to the people on the ground.

“The four of you can stop pretending now.

If I wanted to kill you, faking your death wouldnt help you at all.”

The four of us Is he talking to us Those people thought.

They slowly opened their eyes, pretending they had just woken up.

“Sir, who are you What is this place” one of them asked Himmel Soan.

“You dont need to pretend youve lost your memory.

I can see through you.

You cant lie here forever.

Youve lost one member already,” said Himmel Soan.

He wasnt here to play nice.

These people might be the key to finding Gina.

Therefore, he didnt have time for pleasantries.

“Weve lost one member What are you talking about”

“Were all fine! Why did you say that”

“We were only pretending to be asleep.

You didnt need to curse us.”

“Farit, wake up!”

The other four people didnt believe Himmel Soan.

They had been working together for a long time and had survived many dangerous situations.

Why did this man say that

They knew they had seen better days, but they wouldnt be intimidated.

“Farit Hey, wake up!”

“Farit, what are you doing The beast is dead.

Wake up!”

“Wait… Is Farit…”

They finally realized Himmel Soan was telling the truth.

Farit was gone!

That beast had killed him!

Himmel Soan sighed.

“Are you going to listen to me now I saved you from your crisis.

If I hadnt taken care of the bear, you would have all been dead by now!

“I think that you can answer a few questions.”

The team was in sorrow, but they studied Himmel Soan after hearing those words.

Although the death of a team member was a traumatic experience, they had gotten used to it.

It had happened many times before, and they had gotten numb by now.

“Sir, if you want to know something, we can—” The man spat out a mouthful of blood before he could finish.

He was badly injured in the battle earlier.

Life was gradually leaving him.

If nothing was done, he would soon die.

“Rustam, are you alright”

“Rustam, hang in there!”

“Weve lost Farit.

We cant lose you!”

The other three members were anxious.

In fact, their injuries were as severe as the other two.

If Himmel Soan hadnt shown up, they would have all been dead now.

The idea embarrassed them.

The man had saved their lives, but they were so rude to him at first.

“Take these pills.” Himmel Soan handed them some medicine.

He refined the pills while trying out the furnace, and they were quite handy now.

He gave one pill to each of them.

The four people stared at the pills in their hands.

Rustam only hesitated for a moment before swallowing it.

His injury was the severest of the four, and he couldnt hold on for much longer.

He would rather take the risk than sit here until he died.

If the pill really could treat his injury, then he would be saved.

If it was poisonous, he would be relieved from his misery.

Moreover, his death would warn the others.

A few minutes passed, but he was still alive.

Things seemed to be improving.

“Thank you, Sir!” Rustam bowed.

He could sense he was recovering as they spoke.

He was greatly moved.

Seeing this, the other three people took the pills as well.

They bowed in unison and thanked Himmel Soan.

“No need for that.

I saved you because I have some questions.

Now that you all feel better, Ill cut to the chase.

Who are you, where did you come from, and why are you here”

Himmel Soan asked three questions in a row.

He wanted to know how different it was to cultivate here from cultivating in Stelladom.

However, he couldnt lead with that.

These guys might regard him as crazy.

He needed to take a detour.

“Our exploration team belongs to Starwan Tower.

Our specific mission is top secret.

Wed rather die than give it away.

Sorry about that.” Rustam cupped his hands.

That was all he could reveal.

Everything else was Starwan Towers secret, and he had to follow the rules.

In fact, he didnt know much either.

“Starwan Tower” Himmel Soan had heard about the organization, but he never looked into it.

While searching for Gina through the Zimmer family, Starwan Tower was brought up.

However, he went to Elixir School later and recovered much of his strength, so he went directly to the Baih family.

As a result, he didnt know much about Starwan Tower.


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