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Chapter 41: To Death

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One scroll.

Two scrolls.

Five scrolls.

Ten scrolls!

All scrolls were filled with names and red handprints.

The black, white, and red looked stunning together.

Countless netizens also sent them videos.

“Hello, members of the three divisions.

Im Tony Mann, Im a 20-year-old college student and one of the impoverished students youve helped.

I hope.

“Hello, Mr.

Soan and the members of the three divisions.

Im Jill Roe, an engineer…”

“Hello, members of the Soan empire, Im Wilson Duke.

I apologize for my ignorance.

In my 40 years, I never realized that you people had been secretly guarding this country.

Im so sorry for what happened to Mr.


I wish that…”

“Hello, uncles, brothers, and sisters of the Soan family, Im Will Sims.

Im six years old…”

“Hello, members of the three divisions, Im Jacky Chow, the singer.

It pains me to hear what youre going through…”

“Hello, members of the Soan empire.

Im Andy Rufus, the actor.

Celebrities, directors, entrepreneurs, scientists… People from all walks of life sent videos, pleading to Drake and asking him to abandon the plan.

They ranged from three-year-olds to men and women in their 80s or even 90s.

Henry and Gordon burst into tears when they saw the handprints.

Drake wasnt a cold-blooded man.

In fact, he used to be a kind and warm-hearted village chief that spent his days in the mountains.

He was greatly moved by the sincere videos and the hundreds of millions of names on the scrolls.


Even that couldnt make him abandon his plan.

Nothing could!


Soan, dont you have feelings Arent you going to change your mind”

Henry wiped his tears.

“Ive informed the president.

Hes visiting another country at the moment, but he has put off all his plans.

Hell be here tomorrow at the latest! Would you like to talk to him”

Phoebe shook her head.

“It wont change anything.


Lang, General Marlow, you havent slept for a whole day.

Why dont you go back and have some rest Wed like to keep vigil in peace.

Please let us do that!”

“LL… Gosh!”



“My sister has already made it clear.


Lang, please thank all those people on our behalf, but whats happening now has nothing to do with the incident when they insulted the Patriarch.

Hes gone now, and were going to follow him.

Tell those people to stop blaming themselves! Please leave.

We want to

be on our own for a while, and the Patriarch needs a peaceful moment, too.”

Drake looked at Himmel Soan in the crystal coffin and finally burst into tears, caressing the coffin repeatedly with his withered hands.

He knelt on the ground and wouldnt get up.

The city where the sacred temple was located was filled in less than a day.

It was a small city with a population of 280,000, but over 10 million people had just flooded in.

Yes, 10 million!

The city was packed!

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All the hotels and B&Bs were filled to the brim.

Many people already knew that they wouldnt find accommodation before they came, so they brought their own sleeping bags.

They were sleeping by the side of the road.

Crowds jammed the streets around the sacred temple.

However, they werent standing.

They were kneeling on the ground.

They were all the trolls that had insulted Himmel Soan earlier.

Drake didnt kill them.

He showed mercy and set them free.

Either because of the pressure of the entire country or because they had truly repented, these people were all kneeling on the streets, begging Drake and his friends to change their minds.

Luna and Luke Shane were among those people.

However, there was no sign of Stella Shane.

Despite their actions, the people of the three divisions wouldnt be persuaded.

What seemed like the longest night finally passed.

The city was completely paralyzed.

Apart from a few main roads, everywhere else, from big streets to narrow alleys, was completely jammed.

People were even sitting or lying on top of the vehicles parked by the side of the road.

“Drake, the ocean road is finished, and the destination is the mysterious waters.

The Patriarch used to say that the waters contain mysterious power that interferes with the magnetic field in the area.

It can give one a perpetual youthful look and make them live forever!”


Thats where were going to bury the Patriarch.”


Shall we set out now”

“Has everyone arrived”


Weve lost contact with many of them!”

“Let it be.

They get to live, after all.

Get ready to leave!”

The ocean road was completed earlier than scheduled.

Following Drakes order, members of the Soan empire rose to their feet, carried the crystal coffin on their shoulders, and marched out of the temple in files.

The three divisions led the way as they pushed through the heavy crowd.

They opened the door to find all the people kneeling outside.


Soan, please change your mind!”

“Yes, please! Im begging you!”

“Dont go! We dont want to see you die! This country cant afford to lose you!”

“Please stay! Mr.

Soan, if someone has to die, it has to be us, who have no contribution to this world! Please dont go!”

Hearing the pleading voices, Drake said, “Move faster!”

He was touched by these people.

However, he knew he wouldnt be persuaded.

Still, the pleading was getting to him.

“Yes, Sir!”

People of the Himmelians, the Himmelian Village, and the Himmelian Pavilion picked up their pace.

However, it would still take them a day to walk to the seaside from the temple.

People had already filled every inch of the roads they were going to travel on.

They knew they couldnt stop the Soan empire, but they wanted to block the way and stall them as much as they could.

Every hour and even every minute counted!

People were still trying to destroy the ocean road, and they were making progress.

If they could keep making minor troubles for the three divisions, the other group would have more chances to destroy the road.


Soan, please dont go!”


Soan, Im begging you! Stay!”

By the time they reached the suburbs, the road was still packed with people.

They blocked the road and wouldnt let the Soan empire pass.

More people kept coming as if it was a never-ending marathon.

“Patriarch, were coming for you!”

There were strange looks on the faces of the members of the Soan empire.

They were going to die, yet they were all smiling.

Although they were smiling, the decisive looks in their eyes didnt bode well.

For them, to die by the side of Himmel Soan was the most incredible honor in life.

Even if Drake didnt ask them, and even Drake himself decided not to go through with it, they still wouldnt change their mind!


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