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Frost and Lan came out from behind the curtain.

They were both Himmel Soans pupils and Viives target.

At first, they thought it would be a piece of cake for Bandora to protect them.

Viive was only a girl that had just reached the Emperor stage.

It was normal that Bandora wouldnt give her a definite reply.

However, Viive was much more persistent than they expected, even going to war.

Frost and Lan felt Bandora had done too much for them.

“If I hand you over, how will I face Mr.

Soan” Bandora didnt explain but only asked them questions.

The two women answered with another question.

“But how are we going to face the people of Elixir School”

It was one way or the other.

Handing them over, Elixir School wouldnt need to get involved, but Bandora would have let Himmel Soan down.

The other choice was to keep the two pupils safe, which meant going to war with the Baih family.

The two pupils felt Bandora had chosen to sacrifice herself.

“Our master killed the previous Emperor Baih, and Viive is Emperor Baihs pupil.

Were our masters pupils!

“We shouldnt shirk from our duties now!”

Bandora smiled.

“What if you cant defeat her”

They would die.

They all knew Viive wouldnt let them live.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have said those things earlier.

The two pupils fell silent.

Could they defeat Viive

No, they couldnt.

Viive was Emperor Baih.

To get that position, one had to be very capable, or the law of nature wouldnt recognize them.

“Even so, we cant bring Elixir School into this!” Lan and Frost said in unison.

“You were, and you still are, students of Elixir School.

Elixir School is already in it with you.

Wherever you go, youll represent the school.

“Stop saying such things.

“Ill make an announcement later.

The school wont force anyone to stay.

You can stop having those guilty thoughts!” Bandora repeated.

Her attitude was quite clear.

She wanted to protect the two students no matter what they said.

“Well…” Lan was almost in tears.

Frosts face remained expressionless.

She had feelings, but her special condition stopped her from showing any emotions.

She was affected by the cold energy, so she couldnt look sad even if she wanted to.

Luckily, Lan and Bandora understood her.

“Frost, dont mind it.

We know how you feel,” said Bandora.


The Baih Manor.

Viive returned home and told the entire family about the war.

Everybody clenched their fists and couldnt wait for it to start.

They were members of the Baih family, and Emperor Baih was their head.

However, Himmel Soan killed the previous Emperor Baih.

It was the greatest humiliation!

They didnt know how to face the people outside.

Viive alone couldnt stop all the discussion.

The Baih family wanted to wash away their humiliation with the war.

Of course, some people had their own plans.

“Finally! The Baih family will get rid of this shame!”

“That Soan is still our biggest enemy.

Fighting Elixir School is only the first step! That man is our real enemy!”

“Thats right, That Soan has offended the Baih family, and hell pay for it!”

“Why go after Elixir School” somebody asked.

Since they were offended by that Soan, what did it have to do with Elixir School

Everybody looked at the speaker.

They recognized him.

“Youre a Baih, and your partner is in Elixir School.

You should know better!”

“If youre worried about your partner and dont want anything to happen to her, tell her to drop out of that school now!”

“Thats right.

The war is coming.

If shes still there, I wont show her any mercy!”

The man bit his lip and spoke again, “I still dont understand why were going to war with Elixir School!

“If that Soan has wronged us, why dont we go after him Why are we attacking Elixir School”

The crowds tone and expressions changed.

No one was smiling, and their faces darkened.

“Why are you looking at me like that Did I say something wrong” The man was shaking.

The expressions on everybody elses faces were so scary that they could eat him alive.

He didnt dare speak or look into other peoples eyes.

However, he didnt change his statement and stood his ground.

“Jabril Baih.

I thought we were on the same side.

I couldnt have been more wrong!”

“Go after that Soan He has gone to the Dusk Soul Forest.

Are you going to look for him there”

“Two students in the school are Soans.

Theyre both that mans pupils! Why shouldnt I go after the school”

“Jabril, youre not a spy for Elixir School, are you”

“We should punish the spy before the war starts.

Otherwise, theyll try to confuse us!”


Everybody started accusing Jabril.

Some even walked toward him.

“Spy No, Im not!” Jabril stumbled back.

He only said what was on his mind.

How did this suddenly turn into him being labeled as a spy

Everybody was accusing him!

“Do you want to run away”

Jabril had nowhere to go because he was surrounded.

His face lost all color.

He didnt understand why this was happening.

However, he didnt think he should try to reason with them.

No matter what he said, they would only treat him like a traitor.

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