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Jabril sighed.

The Baih family was always like this.

Why should he be surprised now

He decided to let it go.

He stopped trying to explain himself.

No matter what he said, the others would still find him guilty.

They believed he was the traitor, regardless of what he had or hadnt done.

Jabril closed his eyes, waiting for the final judgment.

Suddenly, they heard a majestic voice.

“What are you all doing here” Viive arrived wearing a white cape.

“Emperor Baih.”

“Emperor Baih!”

“Emperor Baih…”

People dropped to their knees, greeting her.

Jabril slowly opened his eyes, thinking he was hallucinating.

He knelt when he saw that Viive was actually there.

“Emperor Baih!”


What are you all doing here” Viives tone was neither too warm nor too unapproachable.

It wouldnt sound right if she leaned toward either direction.

“Emperor Baih, were here to condemn this spy!”

“Were at war with Elixir School, but Jabril is spying for them! He should be punished!”

“Hes a member of the Baih family, but hes speaking for Elixir School.

Thats unforgivable!”

Everybody started accusing Jabril, even though he had done none of those things.

However, having been repeated so many times, everybody believed it to be true.

If one didnt know better, one would immediately believe the opinions of the masses.

Even ordinary households would punish Jabril to appease the angry crowd.

However, they were facing Emperor Baih now.

“Jabril, is that true” Viive asked indifferently.

Jabril felt like a thirsty man in the desert, and those words were his oasis.

It was the beam of light that shattered the darkness.

He was in despair, but Viives words gave him some hope.

Who would want to die when there was a chance to live

Jabril lost hope again when he saw the looks on other peoples faces.

If he said all those things were made up, the crowd might get in trouble.

Besides, Emperor Baih might not believe him.

He would rather take the blame.

“Yes, theyre telling the truth.

I support Elixir School and dont want to see our family go to war with them.

“Why do we have to go to war So many innocent lives will be lost!” Jabril smiled in despair.

If death didnt frighten him, nor would Emperor Baih.

He was going to die anyway, so why not tell the truth

Telling Emperor Baih off

So many people wanted to do that, but they didnt have the guts.

Jabril had just done it!

He closed his eyes, ready to take his own life.

“Nicely said.

Do you want to die just like that Itll be too easy!” Viive smirked.

It gave everybody the creeps.

Was Emperor Baih going to torture Jabril

What a terrifying idea!

“I cant even die, can I” Jabril smiled sadly.

“Youre going to live and watch me going to war with Elixir School!

“After that, you can see how the Baih family will deal with the students!

“Take Jabril to my room.

Ill punish him myself!”

Viive walked away.

The others laughed at Jabril.

“Traitor! You have to answer to Emperor Baih now!”

“You didnt see this coming, did you How ridiculous!”

“You deserve to be punished! Emperor Baih made the right decision!”

“Emperor Baih is awesome! I would have killed him!”

They spat at Jabril to show their contempt.

Before, Jabril would have punched these people in the face, but things were different now.

He had no hope left.

Nothing the others did could affect him.

Viive returned to the main hall as the guards escorted Jabril in.

“Leave us.” Viive dismissed them with a wave of her hand.

Only then did she become a little more friendly.

“Jabril, my brother.

Im Emperor Baih now, so there are things I must do.

I hope you can forgive me.”

Viive sounded sorry.

My brother

Those two words triggered Jabrils memory from his childhood.

A little girl was brought to the Baih family.

Jabril was the one who greeted her.

That girl used to call him brother.

Later, the senior members of the family later took her away.

He didnt know where she went.

He didnt have the right to know.

Gradually, he forgot about her.

When Viive called him brother again, his memory was stirred.

Jabril couldnt believe it.

That little girl was Viive, the current Emperor Baih!

No one would believe it.

It was almost like a miracle.

“Jabril, trust your instinct.

I know you have many questions, but thats alright.

Ill answer all of them for you.” Viive sounded excited.

“Emperor Baih, Im only a pupil in the Baih family.

I dont deserve to be called your brother.”

Jabril didnt acknowledge the title of “my brother.”

There was such a huge gap between their status that he didnt feel entitled to be Emperor Baihs brother.

“Jabril, you know some things cant be changed overnight.

I think you know what Im talking about!”

She was talking about her relationship with Jabril as well as the relationship between the Baih family and Elixir School.

“Time will change everything.

Emperor Baih, you know some decisions are not meant to be made.

“Are you going to war with Elixir School just to take your revenge

“Thats so unsensible.

Why should we go to war with Elixir School

“Is it because of those two pupils We shouldnt take revenge on them!”

Jabril was ready to die, so he blurted out everything on his mind.

Although he didnt admit to being Viives childhood acquaintance, he still felt much closer to her.

He wasnt afraid of her anymore.

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