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Jabril began to point out Viives wrongdoings and conduct that he couldnt understand.

If death didnt frighten him, nothing else would.

“Its not what you think.” Viive frowned.

As the new Emperor Baih, she had been doing pretty well.

Usually, there would be some turbulence when a new emperor took the throne, but it didnt happen with her.

She had done many things well.

For instance, what happened with Jabril today was handled well, and the Baih family was pleased.

However, she couldnt do everything the way she wanted.

She had many worries but didnt have anybody to talk to.

She wished somebody would understand her.

“Why Youre Emperor Baih.

Your word can change a lot of things.

“For example, my life and the destiny of the Baih family.

You can change them with a single word.

“You condemned me today, but are you sure they were telling the truth

“No, you didnt look into it and decided I was guilty right away.

Have you forgotten the basics”

Jabril went on criticizing Viive as if she wasnt an emperor.

Viive sobbed.

Yes, Jabril was right.

One word and she could change those peoples lives forever.

But what good would it do to her Could she really say or do whatever she wanted

“Jabril, I have my own problems.” Viive sighed.

This time, Jabril didnt say anything.

He knew complaining about Viive wouldnt change anything.

Moreover, did he really have the right to tell Emperor Baih what to do

If he were in her shoes, would he think what she did was problematic

Not really!

At that thought, Jabril hated himself for how useless he was.

“I felt conflicted about going to war, too.

The Oogh family visited me, asking me to target Elixir School or the Tzi family.

“I turned them down.

Do you know why” Viive asked calmly.

She answered before Jabril could, “Its the pressure.

“The Baih and Oogh families have always been close.

I was under a lot of pressure when I turned them down.

“When Eman Sket of Stelladom Academy came to me, I couldnt say no.

“They wanted to target Elixir School and Himmel Soan, but they had no excuses.

“Therefore, they came to me and made my masters death their excuse.

That way, I can attack Elixir School.

“Our family is a knife without its own will.

Do you understand”

Viive patiently explained.

All the pressure was crushing her down.

She was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

She had already reached her limit.

If she kept taking on it alone, she would collapse before she could take revenge.

Jabril was dumbfounded.

He could understand every word, but he didnt know what Viive meant.

He wasnt Viive, so he couldnt put himself in her shoes.

However, he did realize how difficult it was for her.

“I see.

Are we really going to war against Elixir School”

Jabril became much humbler, his question showing how determined he was.

He was still unwilling to go to war against Elixir School.

Wars were terrifying, and the consequences were unthinkable.

“The war is just for show.

I went to see Bandora and talked about it with her.” Viive sighed.

“For show” Jabril was dumbfounded.

He didnt know they could do that.

The Baih family thought the war was real!

They wouldnt let it slip that easily.

Moreover, what would Emperor Baih tell her family

“Are you surprised Its not my aim either, but we have unstable factors in our family.

Some members have to be eliminated.

“Im not scared of the Oogh family or Stelladom Academy.

I just dont want to be stabbed in the back.

“If they want to use the Baih family as a pawn, Ill make them regret it.

But to do that, we need to remove the moles first!” Viives tone turned cold.

She had been trying to figure out which family members were working for other forces.

Those people were exposed through Jabrils incident.

She was almost sure now.

“Emperor Baih, dont you hate your enemy” Jabril still couldnt believe it.

The turn of events happened too suddenly.

At first, Jabril thought Viive was carried away by her hatred, which was why she wanted to go to war against Elixir School.

It didnt seem like that.

Jabril was confused.

Didnt Viive hate her enemies

“Of course, I hate them, but Elixir School doesnt have much to do with my revenge.

“Himmel Soan and Lasul caused my masters death.

Why should I hate Elixir School

“Himmel Soan didnt attack me, so I have no reason to attack his pupils.

“If he returns from the Dusk Soul Forest alive, Ill then take my revenge.”

Jabril finally understood what was going on.

Viive was made the new Emperor Baih for a reason.

It wasnt just because of her hatred and talent.

There was more to it.

Her qualities meant she would become an emperor eventually.

It was the choice of the law of nature and the most suitable one.

“I see, but why are you telling me this Do you really trust me that much” Jabril asked.

Viive didnt have any reason to tell him all these secrets.

Yet she didnt hold back anything.

She trusted him so much.

“Youre Jabril, my brother.

Isnt that enough

“Theres another reason.

I want you to become my knife alone, not the Baih familys!”

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