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In the Dusk Soul Forest, Himmel Soan and Yagon talked for a long time.

Finally, Himmel Soan decided where to go next.

He would head to other continents because Gina must have gone there.

As for the keys, he decided to put them aside for the time being.

After so many years, if the keys could have been lost, they would have been lost already.

There was no clue about the keys.

He didnt know how to find them or what they were used for.

He might as well find Gina first.

Maybe he wouldnt need the keys.

Therefore, Himmel Soan decided on his next destination.


Soan, I forgot to tell you about something.

Another Mr.

Soan came here a long time ago.

He was a swordsman with a scar on his forehead.

“He also came from Stelladom, and his cultivation ability seemed to have been destroyed.

“Could he have something to do with you, Mr.

Soan” Yagon asked tentatively.

He wasnt sure how accurate his guess was.

Himmel Soan felt his head buzz.

A swordsman with a scar on the forehead.

He was almost certain that it was Ngina, his third pupil.

His pupil was here, too!

Himmel Soan had had speculations ever since he heard about the Soans in Stelladom.

The law of nature in Stelladom was against him, so it was probably the same way with his pupils.

The trail went dead after he heard the Soans were banished.

He didnt expect to pick it up here.

“Yes, I think that was probably my pupil.

Was he alone” Himmel Soan wanted to know some specifics.

However, it was a long time ago, and Yagon only recalled it by accident.

He could only remember some basic things.

“He was alone and seemed apprehensive as if he was worried about somebody.

I dont know anything else.

He left the following day without saying a word.

“We havent met any Soans since then,” said Yagon.

It was so old a memory that he could barely recall it.

“How long ago”

“About 50,000 years ago.”

Himmel Soans face twitched.

That was so long ago!

Was time distorted again


Himmel Soan knew it wasnt the case.

He remembered that Ngina became his pupil 530,000 years ago.

Back then, Earth was still a cultivation world.

The spiritual essence grew thin later, and Earth became a technology world.

How was Earth and K18 doing now

Himmel Soan didnt linger on that subject for too long.

Finding Gina was much more important.

“Did Ngina go to other continents, too Maybe I can see my pupil again!”

He looked forward to their meeting.

What cultivation level would Ngina have now Where were his other pupils

“Why dont you come in I didnt know the law of nature could be shy,” said Himmel Soan.

Was Lumi here

Yagon was astonished.

This was his territory, but he had no idea Lumi had arrived.

How did Lumi get here, and how did Mr.

Soan find out

Yagon felt as petty as an ant in front of Lumi and Himmel Soan.


Soan has sharp senses.

Ive tried my best to blend into the environment, but Mr.

Soan still detected me.” Lumi slowly emerged but remained half-transparent.

Yagon frowned.

“Why are you like this”

Although Lumi was the law of nature, according to Himmel Soan, it was only an abnormal fraction of it.

One could even ignore that property.

Therefore, Yagon was very impatient.

“Why Am I not welcomed here Should I leave” Lumi smiled and pretended to want to leave.

Neither Yagon nor Himmel Soan tried to stop it.

Lumi was surprised.

It thought one of them would try to let it stay.

Even if Himmel Soan wouldnt say something, Yagon would.

However, neither seemed to care.

Was it possible that Yagon didnt know who Lumi was


Of course, he knew what Lumi was.

Lumi believed Himmel Soan must have said something to make Yagon behave in this way.

“Arent you going to stop me” Lumi wasnt embarrassed.

Instead, it made its own excuse.

“I couldnt stop you when you came.

Why do you think I can stop you from leaving And why should I stop you” Yagon asked curiously.

Lumi came here of its own will and wanted to leave without saying a word.

What was that about

Lumi didnt know what to say.

Disappointed, it decided not to be too bothered by it.

It turned to Himmel Soan, asking, “Mr.

Soan, have you made up your mind”

Lumi had told Himmel Soan about Gina and asked him to help it fight against the law of nature.

Himmel Soan agreed.

Lumi had come here to seek help.

“Ive agreed to help, but I didnt say when.

My goal is to find Gina first.

“Ill help you with the law of nature after I find her,” said Himmel Soan.

He wasnt going to break his promise, but he only had 10% of his strength and wasnt capable enough to handle the law of nature.

Moreover, it had been dodging him all the time, and there was nothing he could do.

Lumi said gloomily, “Mr.

Soan, are you going to carry out your promise or not Youve agreed to my request!”

Its tone was very threatening, but Himmel Soan wasnt afraid.

“Are you sure youve been telling me the truth What percentage of your words are true

“If you want to talk about promises, I can talk about the things youve said.”

The air was filled with tension.

Himmel Soan remained very calm, but Lumi grew agitated.

Such emotional reactions would attract the law of natures attention.

Lumi immediately calmed down.

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