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Yagon was relieved.


Soan was right.

Lumi couldnt make random attacks because the law of nature would detect it.

In that case, Lumi would restrain itself.


Soan, when are you going to fulfill your promise” Lumi smiled amicably as if it was willing to talk about anything.

Would things really be that easy

“Maybe soon; maybe itll take a long time.

I dont know,” said Himmel Soan.

He didnt know why he would help Lumi against the law of nature.

On the one hand, he didnt know what Lumi was planning.

On the other hand, he needed to recover his strength and look for Gina.

At this speed, it would be three years before he was capable enough to fight the law of nature, and that was the best scenario.

If anything happened, it would delay him further.

Once he went to other continents, he might not even come back to the Dusk Soul Forest.

There were so many uncertainties.


Ill wait for you to come back.” Lumi smiled and left.

Yagon was dumbfounded.

“It left just like that.

Is it even sincere”


A thirsty man cant throw away a glass of water in the desert.

Lumi must have some secret plan.” Himmel Soan rubbed his chin.

He couldnt be certain of what the law of nature would do, but he knew something was off.

Lumi suddenly changed its mind because it had other plans.

Otherwise, why would it give in

“What can its plan be The Dusk Soul Forest isnt all that big, and we dont have many capable creatures left.

“Even if Lumi has plans, I dont think it can carry them out.”

Yagon frowned.

He knew how few capable creatures were left.

Lumi couldnt let the law of nature notice it, so it had to have someone else do its bidding.

The poisonous mad dog

What could a dog possibly do

Yagon was utterly confused.

“Maybe, but Lumi has been around for so long.

Dont you think itll have a plan B

“If Lumi wanted to use the powerful creatures, it should have turned down the battle from the start.

“As the law of nature, it should be aware the two-headed tiger had attacked the wolf king.

“Instead of stopping the tiger, Lumi accelerated the process.

Maybe the current situation is what it wants,” Himmel Soan suggested.

Maybe Lumi had set up the whole thing.

If true, everybody else would be its pawns.

“Thats so terrible!” The idea made Yagon shudder.

If what Himmel Soan said was true, Lumi would be using the Dusk Soul Forest as its chess board.

Yagon swallowed.

It was possible that Lumi was the actual law of nature.

How terrifying!

“Of course, no matter what Lumis plotting, we dont need to be afraid if were capable enough.

“Theres a limit to Lumis power.

Its just a downgraded version of the law of nature.

If it could do everything, it wouldnt have asked me for help.

“Therefore, as long as youre capable enough, you dont need to be scared,” said Himmel Soan.

Meanwhile, he was also making his own arrangements.

Although he was going to leave Dusk Soul Forest, Lumi was like a time bomb here.

He didnt want it to do something dangerous after his departure.

Gina used to be here.

She had subdued and befriended both Phoe and Yagon.

Hence, he wanted everyone to be safe.

Therefore, he needed to get rid of Lumi first.

“Dont worry about it.

Ill take care of Lumi.” He reassured Yagon.

“Thank you, Mr.

Soan!” Yagon was relieved.

Lumi would be a needle buried under his fingernail after Himmel Soan left.

“How are you doing”

“Thank you, my lord! Im used to it now!” Seeing Lumi, the tiger switched to his human form and greeted it.

Lumi nodded.


Ill take you to Yagon when youre capable enough.

“Still, I wont get involved.

You can take your revenge or get killed by Yagon, depending on your luck.

“Be prepared.”

Lumi took out a fruit and handed it to Ciger.

“This is the law of natures fruit.

Eat it, and youll have an epiphany.

Youll become more perceptive.”

The law of natures fruits!

Looking at the fruit, Ciger felt he was dreaming.

It was a legendary item!

Nourished by the law of nature, the fruit was only created every 100,000 years.

The law of nature was a supreme being.

No one had seen it, let alone the fruit.

“My lord, I dont deserve it!” Ciger was about to hand the fruit back.

“Im giving it to you.

Dont talk about who deserves it.

“Youre my subordinate, and youre good enough to have this reward.

Is that not good enough for you

“Take it.

I have so many of them, but theyre useless to me,” said Lumi.

The fruit was made every 100,000 years and was created by the law of nature.

However, it was made by the real law of nature, while Lumi was only a fraction of the original.

It couldnt create any fruit.

Therefore, this law of natures fruit wasnt genuine, but it was a little useful to Ciger.

“Thank you, my lord!” Ciger said gratefully.

He was suspicious at first, but the fruit shattered all his doubts.

Only the law of nature could have the fruit.

Since Lumi was giving him the fruit, it had to be the law of nature.

Ciger swallowed the fruit and started cultivating.

Many things suddenly became much clearer.

The fruit benefited him greatly.

Three days later, he opened his eyes, which had become much brighter.

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