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“Thank you, my lord! Ill do my best!” Ciger thanked Lumi again.

“Work on increasing your strength.

Right now, how much do you think you can help me

“Youre too weak.

Tell me when youre strong enough.” Lumi left after the reminder.

It thought it had won Ciger to its side and was very confident about it.

However, Ciger smirked when Lumi was gone.

“Do my best In its dreams!

“The only one Im helping is myself!” Ciger only cared about himself and didnt believe a word Lumi said.

He only behaved himself because Lumi had the power to help him recover.

The fruit was key to the recovery and improvement of his cultivation.

Once Ciger was strong enough and Lumi couldnt offer him any help, he would kick it away without hesitation.

The law of nature

So what

He wasnt stupid.

The law of nature was a set of rules.

Could it grow conscious and take a human form

Obviously not!

If that was possible, the law of nature in the Dusk Soul Forest would have lost control a long time ago.

Lumi was capable enough to use the law of natures power, but it was definitely not the law of nature itself.

Ciger had been observing Lumi in secret since it was revived.

As time passed, he was certain that Lumi wasnt the real law of nature.

Therefore, he wasnt genuinely helping Lumi.

“Ill improve my capability first.” Ciger closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, Lumi was making its own plans.

The poisonous mad dog and Ciger were only two of its means.

It had been around for so long that one couldnt imagine how many backup plans it had.

Lumi bit its lip.

“Gina!” It muttered that name.

Lumi had told Himmel Soan that it hadnt had any dealings with her, but it was lying.

None of that was true.

Lumi had dealt with Gina before and hated her to the core.

It came to Gina back then and told her the same thing as Himmel Soan.

However, Gina never agreed to its request and even sabotaged some of its plans.

She nearly destroyed all its means against the law of nature.

If Gina hadnt paid much attention to the dog, she would have gotten rid of him, too.

“After Gina, theres Himmel Soan.

This time, I wont spare anyone!” Lumi said bitterly.

It was determined to make Himmel Soan pay the price.

Lumi believed it was going to be the only law of nature in the future and would punish anybody who had lied to it.

It would be time to settle the account!

Lumi even blamed Himmel Soan for what Gina had done.

Himmel Soan would have been amazed if he knew this.

It wasnt even his fault!

“Wood, Soil, youve been asleep for too long.

Its time to wake up!




“Its time for you ancient beasts to see this world!”

Lumi came to the west border of Dusk Soul Forest.

There was a square black stone with a mysterious pattern on it.

It put its hand on the pattern while speaking.

“Dont bother.

Im so sleepy and tired.

I dont want to get involved!”

“Soil, thats not what you said before!” Lumis tone changed.

However, there was no reply.

The creature seemed to have fallen asleep again.

Lumi sighed.

Soil was the soil element in this world and an abnormality like Lumi.

It was the same way with Wood.

The three creatures had made an agreement that they would become the real thing together.

Lumi would replace the law of nature, Wood would replace the wood element, and Soil would replace the soil element.

That was one of Lumis plans.

However, Soil was backing out now.

“Soil, have you forgotten about our agreement What about you, Wood” Lumi asked.

Without their help, it would be very difficult for Lumi to replace the law of nature.

Hence, its tone became humbler than before.

“Wood has wiped off his mind and integrated himself with the wood element again.

“After some careful consideration, I think Im going to make the same choice.

“Im still here because I wanted to tell you in person.

I used to be a part of the soil element, so why dont I return to that state” Soil spoke slowly, sounding tired.

It was as if his voice would trail off at any moment.

Lumi was dumbfounded.

What Soil said meant it probably had to fight the battle on its own.

What a betrayal!


“Why wont you replace the soil element

“Youve gone through so much to grow a mind.

Why do you want to wipe it out

“You could become a conscious soil element!

“Why did you betray me”

Lumi couldnt understand it.

It believed it could succeed with Soil and Woods help.

However, both of them made that stupid choice.

“A conscious soil element Does that still count as the soil element I dont think youll understand,” said Soil.

“One last thing: you cant become a conscious law of nature even if the current one collapses.” Soils voice grew weaker and weaker until it vanished.

Soil wiped off his mind and integrated with the original soil element.

Lumi was disappointed and couldnt wrap its head around their choice.

However, the only thing to do was to accept reality.

“I shouldnt have put my hopes on others.

Im not afraid!

“What about you three ancient beasts” Lumi asked.

Phoeny, Ostrat, and Mongey had heard the whole conversation.

They knew Lumis plan from the beginning.

“Why bother asking us

“We never had a choice!

“You chose to wake us up now.

Do you think its time”

The three beasts asked.

They belonged to another era.

As soon as they showed their faces, they would be repelled by this world.

The longer they stuck around, the stronger the repellent force.

Therefore, they couldnt stay outside all the time.

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