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Waking them up meant it was time to go after the law of nature.

“Its not against the law of nature but another person.”

The beasts were surprised.

A person

It must be a joke!

Why did they live until now

They wanted to change the law of nature and keep living.

If Lumi became the law of nature, it could change the rules and give them a suitable environment to live in.

Therefore, they had been waiting for this day.

Their agreement was that they would come out to help when Lumi went after the law of nature.

They were finally woken up, but why was it a person Was Lumi duping them

“Lumi, I hope you didnt wake us up for a joke!”

“If were going after the law of nature, tell us about your plan!”

“Thats right! Dont blurt out something like that! Our time is valuable!”

The three beasts and Lumi were of equal status.

They were only working partners.

They would help Lumi in its fight against the law of nature while Lumi would change the environment for them.

In that case, what Lumi said next would determine their attitude.

Its words till now sounded like the biggest joke.

“You heard me right.

I wasnt joking.

Its not as simple as you think.

“This person is either a friend or an enemy.

Obviously, he has become my enemy.

“To replace the law of nature, I have to get rid of him first!” Lumi explained.

Needless to say, it was referring to Himmel Soan.

Since Himmel Soan didnt promise Lumi that he would help it with destroying the law of nature, it decided he had to go.

If anything happened, it must have something to do with him.

Somehow, Lumi had that feeling.

“Either a friend or an enemy How can a human have something to do with the law of nature

“Cant you take care of a human Its ridiculous that youre asking us for help!

“Our power isnt meant for such things!

“I think we should focus on the law of nature now.

Once thats taken care of, well help you eliminate whatever enemies you want!”

The three ancient beasts refused to listen to Lumi.

They even thought it was joking.

Time was of the essence.

After they came out of their seal, every second would count.

There was no way they would waste it on a human.

If they really did what Lumi wanted, who would go after the law of nature

They were trading with Lumi; they werent its tools.

“No, you still dont understand me.

If we go after the law of nature, that man will sabotage our plan.

We must get rid of him!

“Hes not your average human being, which is why I asked you to join me.

“The law of nature repels him the same way as it repels you, but hes been roaming the Dusk Soul Forest as if nothing is going on.

Even the law of nature has to avoid him.

“Thats all Im going to say.

You can make the decision on your own.”

Lumi didnt try to persuade the beasts.

It had laid the facts for them and would let them choose.

Lumi didnt want to make the decision for them because it wouldnt be right.

They would only be willing to do it if they decided it on their own.

That way, no matter what happened afterward, they wouldnt blame it on Lumi.

“Even the law of nature has to avoid him Hows that possible

“Even we have to avoid the laws of nature! Why would he become our enemy” Phoeny asked.

That man might be Lumis enemy, but why would he do anything to them or the law of nature

Moreover, shouldnt the law of nature repel him, too

In that case, he was even less likely to be their enemy.

Did Lumi make the whole story up

“I can only tell you that its my instinct,” Lumi didnt try to explain, only giving a vague reply.

However, it was one of the best answers.

Who was Lumi

It was a conscious fraction of the law of nature.

But it could still sense the fluctuation of the spiritual essence.

When Lumi concentrated, it could instantly notice everything happening in the forest.

Its instinct was the law of natures instinct.

Why would that man attack Lumi Was there some grudge between him and Lumi

“Let us think about it.

“The law of nature is a tough target, and we have some difficult decisions to make.

“What should we do with the law of nature after taking care of this man

“We need to think about that.”

All three beasts asked for some time to think it over.

So many things were on the line.

Everybody needed time to think.


Take your time.

No matter what decision you make, I hope youll take responsibility.

“You have one day.

Contact me when you reach a conclusion.”

Lumi took a step back and gave them some time to think.

It couldnt wait for too long.

One day was the limit.

If that wasnt enough, there was nothing it could do.

It gradually faded out.

Lumi knew if it stayed here, the beasts wouldnt feel comfortable discussing the problem.

So it left and let them discuss more openly.

Lumi was confident that the three beasts would give it the answer it wanted.

Once Lumi went away, the three ancient beasts started talking.

None of them agreed with Lumi.

Lumi had told them about this capable man that could stop them.

How unbelievable!

“Should I believe Lumi”

“Was it telling the truth”

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