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Ostrat and Mongey found Lumi suspicious, but Phoeny kept speaking up for it as if he could see another outcome.

Recently, Himmel Soan seemed to be idling away.

It wasnt that he didnt have anything to do, but he just appeared that way.

In fact, he was already trying to communicate with the law of nature.

If he could set it against Lumi, things would be much easier.

Himmel Soan wouldnt be here for too long, and he didnt know when Lumi would act out.

If Lumi would only take action after he left, waiting here would be foolish.

Instead of being on the back foot, Himmel Soan felt he should make the first move.

“Firey, youre the essence of nature, so I think the law of nature will enhance your qualities.

“Focus, and see if you can sense the law of nature.”

Himmel Soan suddenly remembered who Firey was.

The essence of nature was created by nature itself and was technically its beloved child.

The law of nature had set against Himmel Soan in Stelladom and the Dusk Soul Forest, but it had never rejected Firey.

Maybe that could be his way in.

“The law of nature I think I can sense it.

It feels relatively weak.

“Yes! It can sense me, too!” said Firey.

Himmel Soan almost sighed.

There was no need to get so excited.

It was only normal that the law of nature could sense her.

But why did Firey say it was weak

“Can you communicate with it” Himmel Soan asked.

He had been trying to do that all along.

However, the law of nature was evading him.

He couldnt sense it, let alone communicate with it.

If Firey and the law of nature could sense each other, maybe she could communicate with it.

It would solve his problem.

“I think I can do that.

The law of nature says everything about Lumi is carried out as planned.”

Firey thought for a moment and relayed what the law of nature said.

Ordinary people would find what Firey said gibberish, but Himmel Soan believed her.

Firey could tell jokes in daily conversations, not while delivering a message from the law of nature.

“Everythings going as planned, is it” Himmel Soan looked up at the sky.


Did the law of nature have a plan

“I have another message.

It says its the ladys plan!”

Firey was dumbfounded.

She couldnt believe what she had said.

The ladys plan

She didnt know Gina was so capable that even the law of nature would serve her.

There was even a plan!

“Ginas plan” Himmel Soan was astonished.

Had Gina thought so far ahead

Had she anticipated that the law of nature would avoid him

“Firey, ask the law of nature why its been avoiding me.”

Firey nodded.

A moment later, she said, “It says its a heavenly secret.”

Himmel Soan didnt know what to say.

What a convenient answer!

That was the perfect excuse for not being willing to tell him the reason.

The information he received was a pleasant surprise though.

Without Firey, he wouldnt know how to communicate with the hidden law of nature.

“Whats the plan Whats Ginas purpose

“If you chose to tell me this, why are you hiding from me

“Judging by what Lumi said, you used to reject and evade Gina.

Why are you planning things with her now” Himmel Soan asked the sky.

He knew now that although the law of nature was evading him, it was still observing everything going on in the Dusk Soul Forest.

He could talk to the law of nature directly, but it couldnt give a reply.

It would expose its position.

“Master, it says Gina sabotaged a lot of Lumis plans.

Thats why its working with her.

“Youll know what theyre working on.

“Youll have to look for Gina on your own.

It has no obligation to help you.

“The final step of this plan will also be completed by you!”

Firey was frustrated by the message she had delivered.

It was outrageous!

The law of nature wouldnt tell her master anything, even going as far as hiding from him.

And now this!

Her master would have to finish the final step of the plan!

How was he going to do that when he didnt know what the plan was

It was preposterous!

“Master, lets just ignore this law of nature.

Ill punch it in the face, and it wont be so mysterious anymore!

“Ill find its location now!”

Firey closed her eyes and started looking for the law of nature.

Himmel Soan was also upset.

He finally had some information on Gina, but the law of nature had blocked all the channels and wouldnt tell him anything.

It even wanted to use his power to finish its plan.

However, because the plan was made by Gina, maybe he could find some clues after completing it.

Therefore, he had to go along with it.

“Its alright.

After all, the plan is Ginas.” Himmel Soan put his hand on Fireys head to appease her.

“I can help you finish the plan, but you have to tell me where to find Gina.

Thats my bottom line!

“If I complete the plan, you wont answer my question.

The Dusk Soul Forest wont need you anymore.

“Ill destroy the whole forest!”

Himmel Soan went to Yagons room without waiting for an answer.

Firey also broke off the connection and went after him.

Himmel Soan had some idea of what the plan could be.

The final part was also straightforward.

He would destroy both Lumi and its plan.

He didnt want to wait any longer for information on Gina.

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