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“Please! Our partnership can still work.

If I die, you will never be unsealed!

“Do you want to be trapped there forever

“Are you worried that your power will be confined when you come out

“You dont need to be scared! He can only do that to me.

Your power comes from ancient times, so he cant do anything to you.

“He has been greatly weakened.

If you come out, you can easily get rid of him!

“Do you still want to work with me”

Lumi felt cornered.

No matter what terms the three beasts had, it was ready to accept them, as long as they werent too unreasonable.

It really needed their help now!

Himmel Soan watched in silence.

Lumi was right.

If the beasts came out, things would become more difficult for him.

Would they come out

Definitely not!

“Lumi, we dont believe you anymore.”

“You wanted to kill us from the beginning, which is why our partnership failed.

How can we trust you”

“If you become the law of nature, well probably be the first ones you eliminate.

Even if you dont kill us, youll be hostile toward us.

Well have to look over our shoulders all the time.”

Only then did the beasts realize how terrifying a conscious law of nature could be.

If they came out now, the law of nature would reject and punish them, but they could live once they hid behind the seal.

What if the law of nature was conscious

Maybe it would destroy them at all costs.

The law of nature set the rules.

It couldnt be conscious because the rules wouldnt be rules anymore.

Therefore, they wouldnt accept Lumis request.

“No! Why

“You have to trust me! Im the only one who can break the seal for you.

Im the only one who can change the law of nature so that you can survive in this world!”

Lumi became hysterical.

It couldnt understand it.

The plan was perfect, but why did it turn out this way

It was all because of one man.

Himmel Soan.

“Damn you!” Lumi turned to Himmel Soan, transferring all its rage toward him.

“Is that all youve got In that case, youd better disappear!”

Himmel Soan then wiped away Lumis mind before opening up the confined space.

Keeping the territory to his own would cost him spiritual essence.

He would have taken care of Lumi if he had known Lumi was out of its means.

He only wanted to do a clean job.

After so many years, that was all Lumi could do.

How disappointing!

However, it was more likely that Gina had destroyed Lumis other plans, forcing it into this state.

At that thought, Himmel Soan walked up to the black stone.

“Although theres a seal, I think you know whats happened out here.

“Lumi is dead.

Theres no one to set you free.

“Since youre ancient beasts, you shouldnt show up in this world.

Stay where you are.

If anything goes wrong, Ill eliminate you all!” Himmel Soan said indifferently.

“Master, Lumi is dead!” A figure dressed in black knelt on the ground, holding a lustreless stone.

If one looked closer, one could see “Lumi” carved into the stone.

It was Lumis life stone.

It would give off light as long as Lumi was alive.

When the life stone extinguished, Lumi would die, too.

“Lumis dead Where” The person on the throne didnt react to Lumis death.

He only frowned and tried to remember who Lumi was.

The man on the ground cupped his hands and said timidly, “It used to be in the Dusk Soul Forest.”

The man sitting on the throne paused.

He then smirked.

“Did I say I needed your reminder

“Didnt you see I was thinking Get him out of here! Dont get my hall dirty!”

Immediately, a few more people emerged.

Two of them were the kings guards, and they were here to take away the man.

The other one was an old man.

He stumbled into the hall, leaning on a walking stick.

Because of his arrival, the guards didnt carry out the order right away.

“My king, these are only petty matters.

Theres no need to get angry.

We should think about Lumis death!” The old man coughed and waved at the guards, sending them away.

“Noi, you know what Im like.

I hate it when a subordinate acts on their own.

I dont need a servant to tell me what I should be thinking!

“Thats a humiliation!” Noi cleared his throat but didnt reply to the king.

The Spirit King did this a lot.

When a subordinate reminded him, he would take it as an insult.

If the servants didnt say anything, the king would question their loyalty.

Either way, the servants were guilty.

As a result, dozens of them lost their lives.

Noi had to speak up to stop some of the incidents.

“My king, Lumi died so suddenly.

Its very strange.” Instead of replying to the Spirit King, Noi returned to the serious matter.

“We just lost one of the minor subjects.

It can be replaced by some other minor subject!”

The Spirit King was still mad at what had happened earlier, but he listened to Noi.

Noi focused on the big picture, and the Spirit King valued his opinions.

He didnt understand why Noi would care about that petty creature.

Similar things had happened before.

There was no need to make a fuss about it.

“Its not the same.

The law of nature didnt cause Lumis death.

It was something else!

“Who or what else could kill Lumi Thats the strangest thing!

“If we send anyone there, we must investigate that place first, or theyll fail like Lumi!” Noi analyzed the situation.

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