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Noi, youre right.

Ill leave everything to you.

Now leave me alone!

“Can you put a leash on those people who like to report to me about such things

“If they want to report something, they can report it to you.

Why are they bothering me all the time Its so annoying!” the king complained.

He never wanted to get involved.

And what happened next

Noi started calling him the master and the king so that everybody would report to him.

As a result, he had to deal with everything.

That was why the Spirit King was so angry and kept killing the messengers.

“Youre our king.

Were looking to you to make all the decisions.

Thats why we need to report all these things to you,” Noi said respectfully.

The Spirit King laughed.

Why did everybody have to report to him What should he do after that Make decisions Why didnt any of his decisions count

“Noi, Ive told you before.

I give you full power to act on my behalf.

You can even take my throne.

Please leave me alone, alright” The Spirit King waved his hand in frustration.

He knew Noi would have a speech ready, but he had no interest in listening.

Out of sight, out of mind.

If these people could just stop talking, he wouldnt feel so annoyed.

“But… Alright, my king.

Understood.” Noi cupped his hands and left the hall.

The Spirit King was a puppet trained by Noi, who put him on the throne.

Noi wanted to keep using this puppet.

However, things had begun to change.

The Spirit King already had other ideas.

Maybe it was time to develop a new puppet.

He didnt need to worry about the Spirit King because Noi was the one with the actual power.

The Spirit King couldnt do anything.

Back in his room, Noi thought about what had happened to Lumi.

“The law of nature didnt do anything, yet Lumi was still destroyed.

Thats the work of a very capable being.

“Could it be them Theyre the only ones that can have this kind of power.

“Though its too early to say for sure.

If it really were them, whoever destroyed Lumi would be here sooner or later.”

Noi rubbed his chin.

The Dusk Soul Forest.

Himmel Soan didnt know Lumi had someone behind him when he took care of it.

Of course, when he eventually learned that, he would have left the Dusk Soul Forest.

Right now, Himmel Soan was still in the forest.

He went to see Firey.

She and the others were fighting the poisonous mad dog.

“Master, youre here!” Firey was covered in sweat, but her spirit was lifted upon seeing Himmel Soan.

“How are you doing here” Himmel Soan asked.

“Its done!

“That stupid dog has given us a lot of problems.

It absorbed so much of my energy that my cultivation level almost dropped!”

Firey recalled the time when she drained her energy to open the portal.

She had to switch back to her original form.

She didnt want to be like that again.

She turned to the poisonous mad dogs dead body and cursed it.

“Stop yelling.

Your spit is everywhere.”

“Can I absorb this dog to make up for the energy I spent” Firey looked at Himmel Soan with anticipation


You didnt do it all by yourself.” Himmel Soan turned her down.

Yagon and Phoe also arrived, both looking exhausted.

They said, “Its all thanks to Firey.

Without her, we wouldnt have been able to kill the dog.

“We have no interest in that corpse either.

If Firey likes it, she can have it!”

Himmel Soan nodded in resignation.

Since Phoe and Yagon agreed, there was nothing he could do.

Firey had it her way.

She took the dead body and went to the other side as if she was afraid Himmel Soan would go back on his word.


Soan, is Lumi…” Yagon asked curiously.

“Yes, its dead.

It went more smoothly than I expected.”

Himmel Soan was relieved.

If he hadnt noticed the conflict between Lumi and the beasts, Lumi might have gotten away with it.

Running into their fight was a godsend.

Obviously, the law of nature wouldnt help him.

Now that Lumi was taken care of, he needed to ask the law of nature for information on Gina.

However, Firey didnt have time to communicate with it now, so he had to put it aside for the time being.

He would wait for her to finish her meal.


Thank you, Mr.


The forest can finally have peace again.” Yagon was elated.

The two-headed tiger was dead, and so were their other enemies.

With Lumi gone, the forest would have its peace again.

It was all thanks to Himmel Soan.

“No, if I hadnt come here, Lumi wouldnt have taken action.

It only attacked because of me.

Its been onto me from the very beginning,” Himmel Soan explained.

“Hows that possible Mr.

Soan, youre the one who solved our problems.

Otherwise, Lumi would have been a hidden threat to the forest forever!

“Thank you, Mr.


Yagon felt grateful for what he did for them.

Himmel Soan couldnt stop him.

With Lumi gone, it was time for Himmel Soan to leave.

Yagon said hesitantly, “Mr.

Soan, I hope you can take Phoe with you.

Shell be thrilled to see Gina.”

Hearing this, Phoe looked at Yagon.

She couldnt bring herself to leave him.

She then looked at Himmel Soan expectantly.

She also wanted to go with him.

However, Himmel Soan turned them down.

“I thought about taking you with me, but I dont think thats a good idea.

You should stay here.

“Coming with me will be quite inconvenient.

Staying here is the best choice.

“Ill bring Gina back when I find her!”

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