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Himmel Soan linked this barrier to the rules in Stelladom.

His surname was forbidden over there.


They were afraid the Soans would break the barrier and expose Stelladom to the world outside.

Did the eight emperors know what lay beyond the barrier

Bandora was Elixir Schools principal, but even she didnt know what was outside.

What about the eight emperors, Stelladom Academy, and Starwan Tower

If Starwan Tower had sent people to the Dusk Soul Forest, it must have sent people to other places as well.

What did they know

Himmel Soan thought about it.

“Everything seems to blend together.

I can almost link them up with a line.

Somehow, its connected to both of me and Gina.

“Is this all part of your plan Or is there somebody else behind everything”

It would be very scary if somebody else was behind it.

Who could have made such an elaborate scheme

Both Himmel Soan and Gina were used as pawns.

What a terrifying idea!

“Ill make decisions as I go.

I dont care whos behind it.

My only goal is to find Gina.”

Himmel Soan cleared his mind and observed the trees.

If they were mirror images, there must be a weak spot.

Nothing was perfect, including the barrier and the mirror images.

He knew he could locate the weak spot.

He would then be able to break this barrier.

“Master, Ive looked around.

This tree feels special.

Its the only tree that doesnt have a corresponding tree on the other side.

“No other tree is like this!”

Firey pointed at a tree in front of her.

It stood right on the axis.

Himmel Soans eyes lit up.

At first, he thought the trees on the axis didnt have a corresponding tree.

However, Firey noticed something different: they had corresponding trees, too!

The counterpart wasnt on the southern or northern side.

Rather, it would be found on the eastern or western side.

“Nice job, Firey!

“That tree is the cause of everything.

All formations have a core; this tree is the core of this forest!” Himmel Soan said excitedly.

Once he found the core, he could break out of this mirror!

“Shall I burn it” Firey asked.

Himmel Soan sighed when he saw the fire on her palm.

Why did she want to set fire to everything

It was time that she made some changes!

“Destroying the core can solve some low-level formations, but this is obviously not the case here.

“Burning down the core can create side effects.

Not everything can be solved by sheer force!” Himmel Soan tried to teach her a lesson.

He treated Firey as his daughter, so he wanted to make sure she was brought up properly.

He would teach her something whenever he had a chance.

“Everything can be solved by force.

If it doesnt work, it means Im not powerful enough!”

Firey refused to change her mind.

She was sure that with enough power, she could solve all problems.

Himmel Soan was speechless.

She had a point.

He had lived for millions of years, so he wouldnt lose to Firey in a debate.

“Some methods are more useful than sheer force.

“It isnt the answer to everything.

How do you treat a wounded person

“You cant treat them by force.” Himmel Soan made another argument.

Firey fell silent.

She didnt know how to retort, so she stopped talking.

If she couldnt solve certain problems, she could always let somebody else do it!

Himmel Soan looked at the tree.

“A formation core usually isnt a living creature.

“When its a living thing, its mostly as little as grass.

Large living creatures are used only under extreme circumstances.

Itll leave a very big flaw!

“I cant see anything wrong about this formation.” Himmel Soan was amazed.

He searched his memory but couldnt recall such a formation.

That wasnt surprising because he was in a different universe now.

Of course, he wouldnt know all the formations here.

The principle should be the same, however.

If he could destroy the core, the formation would be solved.

That was where he ran into difficulty.

This tree didnt have a counterpart, but it looked just like any other tree.

He couldnt find any trace of a formation.

“Is it not the core No, it has to be.

“How does it work as the formation core”

Himmel Soan put his hand on the tree.

He needed to investigate it, and using his spiritual essence was the quickest way.

It could be risky though.

If the formation core contained another formation, he might trigger it, making the situation even more complicated.

However, Himmel Soan was confident.

His long years of experience didnt turn out to be useless.

He knew he wouldnt trigger anything.

“Its not a tree!” Himmel Soan was shocked.

The tree wasnt a real tree.


It was mechanical, filled with complicated machine parts.

He had never seen anything like it before.

Even the space cannon he built on Earth didnt have such a complex structure.

“What kind of a continent lies on the other side How did they build such a sophisticated formation core”

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