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A gift

Eman was confused.

Why would the Baih family send Stelladom Academy a gift

It sounded so ominous!

“What is it” Eman asked tentatively.

“Youll see.


“By the way, were not declaring war against Elixir School.

Please dont mention it again.”

Even if Eman wanted to know the reason, he wouldnt get any answers.

He could only return to Stelladom Academy and see what the gift was.

After Eman left, Jabril showed up.

“Jabril, thank you for all your hard work.” Viive smiled.

“Its my honor to serve you and the Baih family!” Jabril said respectfully.

“If it werent for you, I wouldnt know how to handle the situation between the Baih family and Elixir School.

I thought about going to war just for show, but the Baih family would take it the other way.

“Once the war starts, a lot of people are going to die.

Im so glad youre here.

You got rid of so many moles they put in our family!” Viive sighed.

Viive and Jabril had spent the past few months on internal affairs.

The main reason that she had agreed to go to war was because of those moles.

After months of work, they finally threw them out.

With them gone, Viive was the real leader of the family.

Some of the remaining family members wanted to go to war, but Viive had made Himmel Soan her primary target.

They couldnt exactly disagree with her.

She could finally relax a little.

She didnt need to take anybodys attitude anymore.

She was Emperor Baih, one of the eight emperors.

Nobody could order her around.

The Baih family only needed one leader!

Eman returned to Stelladome Academy, still confused.

He racked his brain but still couldnt figure out what gift Viive could have sent him.

Finally, he was back at the academy.

He saw a large group of students before entering the gate.

At the back of the group stood a few teachers.

They were trying to send the students away, but there were just too many people.

Nothing could be done.

The teachers had no choice but to stand at the back and watch.

Eman narrowed his eyes.

Was that the gift Viive mentioned

“Isnt that Junior Brother Amara How did he lose his cultivation ability”

“Glycas, what happened to you”

“Werent you out on a mission Why are you back together What happened to you”

“Galla, tell me who did this to you! Ill make them pay!”

The students had been discussing what happened all morning, but no one had the answer.

The students who lost their cultivation ability also seemed to have lost their minds.

They couldnt utter a word and were terrified by anybody who tried to approach them.

The other students felt sorry for these guys.


Sket is here!” somebody shouted.



“Good afternoon, Mr.



Sket, youre finally back! Whats going on”

“This is so malicious! I cant believe somebody can do this to our students!”

“Im sure Mr.

Sket will get to the bottom of this matter!”


Everybody talked at the same time.

They wanted to seek justice for their fellow classmates.

Eman was filled with emotions and couldnt say a word for a long while.

He finally knew what Viive meant when she mentioned the “gift.”

These students were sent to the Elixir School by Eman.

On the surface, the students were there to learn alchemy.

However, they were actually moles who worked for him.

He didnt know what to say.

Should he take revenge for them Should he On whom For what

After what they did to Elixir School, the other party had every reason to destroy their abilities.

Eman had no excuse to blame Elixir School.

Strictly speaking, Elixir School had every reason to kill all of them.

He even needed to thank Viive.

If she had exposed him, the reputation of Stelladom Academy would suffer a huge blow.

Why was Stelladom Academy so powerful

It was because many talented people were drawn here by their fame, making the academy stronger.

Stelladom Academy, therefore, became a unique institute in Stelladom.

“Viive, thank you for your GIFT!” Emans face twitched.

He stressed the word “gift” as if he wanted to eat somebody alive.

“Go back to what you were doing.

Ill take care of it.

Ill investigate what happened and tell you the result in three days.

Nobody can treat our students like this!” Eman dismissed the students.

The teachers at the back could finally move closer.

They were about to ask Eman when he said, “This is a serious matter and needs a meeting.

Get Linas and Juras here.

Bring all these people to the conference hall.

Dont let them say a word!”

Although the teachers were perplexed, they noticed Emans demeanor, so they followed his instructions.

Two hours later, in the conference hall, Eman was nervously waiting for Linas and Juras, the people he mentioned earlier.

After five minutes, they finally showed up.

“Eman, whats going on”

“We left the school in your care, and youve made such a mess!”

“Weve let you do whatever you wanted, but you must give us an explanation now!”

The two men were displeased.

They didnt show Eman Sket much respect because the three of them were co-founders of Stelladom Academy.

It wasnt a well-known fact.

Even most of the students and teachers in Stelladome Academy didnt know.

“Thats why I asked you to come here!”

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