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After Eman told them everything, Juras and Linas nodded.

Judging from what Eman said, they hadnt done anything wrong.

Viive changed everything; they didnt think they should be blamed.

“Tell the other spies to stay put and sever their link with Stelladom Academy.

Lay low for a while.”

“Thats right.

Tell them not to do anything for the next five years.”

Juras and Linas immediately thought about their spies in other families.

They had sent students to all the forces.

They didnt want them to be affected.

If they were, Stelladom Academys reputation could be ruined forever.

“Ive made some arrangements already.” Eman nodded.

In the Dusk Soul Forest, another month had passed.

Himmel Soan finally figured out how the mechanical tree operated.

With the necessary materials, he could build an identical tree, which might be more powerful than the existing one.

However, he couldnt find all the materials in the Dusk Soul Forest.

The only source was the tree in front of him.

He could break it apart and make a better version.

However, that would be against his purpose.

“Ive figured out the formation, but the formation is the Dusk Soul Forest itself.

“Moreover, it only seems to be a fraction.

“The formations of the Dusk Soul Forest and the other four regions are all part of a giant formation.

“This enormous formation seals off the entire Stelladom.

To break it, Ill have to travel to the other four regions, find the cores, and solve them one by one,” Himmel Soan murmured.

He came up with a plan after studying the formation.

He was very careful when he examined the meteorite core.

After a while, he obtained some of its energy.

It was the reason they could figure out the formation so soon.

If he only used 0.01% of his full strength, itd be ages before he could find the solution.

Luckily, everything went as planned.

“Master, how much longer do we have to stay here” Firey was getting bored.

She couldnt find anything to do.

Himmel Soan was busy with his work, while she was bored to death.

She had captured all the magical beasts in the area and was looking forward to leaving this place.

“We can leave tomorrow,” said Himmel Soan.

Breaking the barrier would require a lot of time and energy, but going through it was very simple.

After all, Himmel Soan had figured out the formation.

It was a piece of cake for him to open a passageway inside it.

However, once they left, they might not be able to come back because he didnt know what was on the other side.

He needed another day to think.

“The barrier sealing Stelladom is a super one consisting of five smaller ones.

To break it, Ill have to find all five formation cores.

“Once the barrier is broken, Stelladom will be connected to the rest of the world.

“Itll lead to all sorts of conflicts, and the situation may be worse than now.” Himmel Soan pondered aloud.

He had no reason to break the barrier because it didnt concern him.

He wasnt the meddlesome type.

However, something about the barrier caught his attention.

The time and space factor.

Why did he arrive at the Dusk Soul Forest

If he came here through the forest, could he find his way back to Earth here

But he didnt look into it.

He hadnt found Gina yet.

What if he was teleported back as soon as he figured out the solution

He would miss Gina again!

Finding her was his top priority.

Moreover, there was also Ginas timeline.

Gina disappeared from Earth 500 years ago, and the time she spent in Stelladom and the Dusk Soul Forest before disappearing was 800 years and 100 years respectively.

Time must have played a factor here.

Why did it cause Gina to disappear Why was she entangled with time What part did this barrier play in the process

Himmel Soan still couldnt answer those questions.

“Forget about it.

When I find Gina, Ill have all the answers.”

He closed his eyes and rested his mind.

He only had 0.01% of his full strength, and he couldnt do much with that little power.

The spiritual essence here emanated from the meteorite core, so he could absorb as much as he wanted.

It would greatly help his recovery.

For the rest of the day, Himmel Soan worked on recovering his strength.

Firey was making progress as well and almost had the strength of a peak Mahayana cultivator.

That was good news to Himmel Soan.

When she was powerful enough, he could let her handle certain things.

It would have the same effect as handling them on his own.

Right now, Firey was much more capable than him.

“Its time to go.

Firey, are you ready” Himmel Soan stood up.

“Im always ready!” Firey jumped to her feet.

The other side of the barrier was unknown, making it even more exciting.

That was why Firey was so thrilled.

Himmel Soan didnt say anything but only put his hand on the tree.

To open the passage, he needed to use the power of the formation core.

Shortly after, a passageway appeared out of the blue.

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