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But… How could Viive let it go

“Get lost.

We dont need anybodys help.

I can get the Baih family out of this.

If they like talking so much, Ill make sure they never speak again!”

Lasul left after saying, “Ill be here for two days.

I hope you can make up your mind before then.”

Viive was alone in the manor.

She helplessly sat in her seat.

“Master, what should I do now” she murmured.

It had only been a year since she became Emperor Baih, but she had to be responsible for everything in the family.

She was under more pressure than anyone else.

Finally, Jabril showed up and relieved some of her burdens.

Things had been going in the right direction, but then this happened.

Viive realized she couldnt handle everything on her own.

She wanted to find somebody to depend on.

However, her master was gone, and she couldnt turn to anyone for help.

She took out her zither, put it on her legs, and plucked the strings.

The melody filled the entire manor.

Viives music was filled with her emotions and experiences.

In the Baih family, everybody empathized with it.

Tears streamed down their faces before they knew it.

She played for two days in a row.

On the day that Lasul was leaving, Viive stopped.

She found Lasul.

“I see youve made up your mind,” said Lasul.

He wasnt surprised.

Viive was Emperor Baih.

If she cared about her family, she would do the right thing.

“Yes, I have.” Viive sneered.

“But I want to ask you something.

Whats the Tzi familys relationship with that man Why do you want me to forget my revenge”

Viive was referring to Himmel Soan.

She couldnt understand why the Tzi family would ask for such a thing.

They didnt seem related to Himmel Soan.

“Its for the good of your family.

“Youre right.

The Tzi family doesnt have anything to do with Himmel Soan, but we need to think about other things,” said Lasul.

Viive smiled bitterly and left.

She didnt understand why Lasul asked her to do that, but she still made that decision for the Baih family.

That was what she had been thinking for the past two days while playing the zither.

To solve the problem, she could only give Lasul what he wanted.

Between the Baih family and avenging her master, Viive chose the former because she was Emperor Baih.

If she were only Viive, she would take revenge for her master no matter what.

Lasul left the Baih family.

As for the moles, the Tzi family had already made the necessary arrangements.

That was to say, no matter what choice Viive made, the Tzi family would still help her.

Things had turned out the perfect way.

In the Baih Manor, when Viive learned the news, she felt conflicted.

She didnt know if she should laugh or cry.

“The incident with Emperor Baih has been solved.

“Stelladom Academys reputation is ruined, and Eman has been disgraced,” Jabril reported to Viive.

It was good news, but she didnt seem happy.

Jabril thought she didnt hear him.

“I see.

Stelladom Academy had it coming.

Dont mind them.

Our crisis is over.

Im tired.

“Look after the Baih family for me for a while.

I need to take a break.”

Viive dismissed Jabril.

All these things had exhausted her, especially when she thought about her master.

She seemed to have been drained of her energy, her silver hair turning white.

“But Emperor Baih…” Jabril wanted to say something when Viive suddenly started coughing.

“Emperor Baih! Are you alright”

Jabril wanted to check up on her, but Viive waved him off.


Im tired.”

Immediately after that, Viive threw Jabril out.

The front gate of the manor was tightly shut.

Viive spat out a mouthful of blood, and her face turned ghastly pale.

“I dont have much time left.” She gasped for air.

She was used to spitting out blood.

She made several breakthroughs and became Emperor Baih overnight.

This was the side effect.

She became Emperor Baih at the cost of her lifespan.

Before this incident, Viive might have had ten years left.

But now…

She blamed herself after talking to Lasul, and the frustration took a toll on her.

She now only had five years left.

“I have to find a successor in five years!” Viive panted.

She had a candidate in mind—Jabril.

She trusted him.

But that alone couldnt make him the head of the family.

He needed the necessary capability and decisiveness, which he lacked.

Hence, she needed a new candidate.

“Master, Im sorry.

I have to let go of my hatred for our family.

I hope you can forgive me.

“If you cant, you can punish me when we meet in the other world.”

Viive wept.

Outside, Jabril frowned.

He knew Viives condition.

She was leaving the Baih family in his care.

Did that mean he would be the next Emperor Baih

Jabril couldnt let his imagination run wild because thinking about it was forbidden.

Viive was still here, so how could he speculate who the next Emperor Baih would be

“Emperor Baih, please take care of yourself.

Ill keep the family in order!”

Jabril bowed in the direction of her room and left.

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