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K18 was known as the new Earth.

Most people had gotten over the meteorite disaster.

They even seemed to have forgotten about Himmel Soans name.

Himmel Soan and the Soan empire were in the past.

People were living happily on this new planet.

The planet had also changed greatly.

The roads, the communication network, the towns… Everything that used to exist on Earth was replicated here.

The topic of the day was Roams.


Roams had proposed to build a space station.

The news went viral.

“A space station Dr.

Roams is amazing! Weve only been here for two years, and we can already build something like that!”

“No, we cant just yet.

Its only a proposal.”

“Youre so ignorant! If Dr.

Roams proposed it, hell make it come true!”

“A space station is nothing.

We should focus on the plan of exploring the surface of K18.

We should keep our feet on the ground!”

“I disagree.

We should pursue all possibilities!”


In the laboratory, Roams looked up at the sky.

His office had the most advanced technology on K18.

From here, he could observe the entire planet as well as the sky above him.

However, the distance that he could observe was limited.


Roams, theres something I dont understand.

Could you answer some questions for me”

Roams woke up from his reverie.

Turning around, he saw it was Leo.


Leo, how can I help you”

“We have so many ongoing projects that we dont have nearly enough people to cover them all.

Why are we trying to build a space station now We dont have anyone to spare! Besides, the cost will be astronomical.”

Roams frowned.

“We dont have enough people”

There were over ten billion people on this planet.

How could there be a shortage of manpower

“There are so many people on this planet.

We can easily find a couple of hundred thousand,” said Roams.

“No, we cant.

The exploration project needs a hundred thousand people, but we only have thirty thousand, and theyre working around the clock!

“Theres a huge gap!”

Leo shook his head.

The shortage of people was the largest challenge they were facing at the moment.

Charles and the rest of the population were supporting these projects with all the manpower and resources on the planet.

There were plenty of resources.

The shortage of people was the main issue.

“Hows that possible We have a population of ten billion, and youre telling me we dont have enough manpower.

How can we only have thirty thousand people on that exploration project

“What happened!” Roams asked in frustration.

With enough people, these projects could be completed in no time.

“Of the ten billion people, only fewer than a million want to work.

We cant recruit any new workers!

“Were paying fifty thousand a month, but no ones willing to take the offer.

We dont know what to do,” said Leo.

Roams was perplexed and asked indignantly, “Wheres Charles”

Charles Chow was the leader of the human race, and he should be handling these problems.

However, Leo sighed and shook his head.


Chow came to me this morning and talked to me about it.

“I told him about the shortage of people and asked him to solve the problem.

However, Mr.

Chow said there was nothing he could do.”

Leo explained, but Roams still couldnt understand.

It was a small matter.

Why couldnt the head of the planet do something How was that possible


Roams, Mr.

Chow isnt to be blamed.

Things have developed so fast in the past two years that everybody has become too comfortable.

“At first, every man was making a contribution to K18.

“Once their stomachs were full and they had a roof over their heads, they settled down.

Between living idly and having a job, they chose the former,” Leo explained.

He knew it so well because the situation happened to some scientists, too.

Roams had been focusing on his research all this time and knew little of the things outside.

“Living idly Its only been two years, and theyve already settled down

“Our purpose is to go back to Earth and find Mr.

Soan! Why have they settled down”

Roams was utterly confused.

Everything they did on K18 was to return to Earth.

That was where they were supposed to be.

They couldnt settle down!

“Isnt K18 a nice place Mr.

Soan still hasnt come, so maybe he doesnt want to come here after all,” Leo expressed his opinions.

He didnt share Roamss feelings.

K18 was a nice place.

There was no need to return.

Most people on K18 felt the same way, finding K18 better than Earth.

On Earth, they had all experienced incredible things.

According to Mr.

Soan, it was no longer suitable habitat.

Why would they return

Moreover, what did it have to do with finding Mr.


“Leo, what do you mean Mr.

Soan saved you on Mars.

Without him, you would already be dead.

Shouldnt searching for him be your top priority

“Have you forgotten how he helped you” Roams clenched his fists in frustration.

Searching for Mr.

Soan should be at the top of their list.


Roams, theres thinking we can do now.

Even Mr.

Chow said he wanted to take a break.

“Weve been so busy over the past two years that everybody is tired.”


They had been working for two years and had achieved so much.

It was time to take a break.

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