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Roams was dumbfounded.

He couldnt believe Leo would say something like that.

However, facts were facts.

Leo was stating the truth.


I see.

I dont need you.

I can finish the space station on my own.

You can leave now,” Roams said indifferently.

He was used to doing research and making constructions all by himself.

When he didnt have human labor, he would build robots to help him.

Robots could replace the people he needed.

He would never stop looking for Mr.


Leo left without saying another word.

“Damn it!” Roams suddenly lost his temper and swept all the files on the table to the floor.

As if that wasnt enough, he stepped on them repeatedly.

“Why is this happening Damn it! Why!


Soan, where are you Why wont you come here How am I supposed to do any research Have you gone back to the seventh age” Roams suddenly had a bold idea.

That was right!


Soan was from the seventh age, so it was understandable that he went there.

Why did he leave without saying goodbye

People of the seventh age should be able to travel through time and space, which was why Mr.

Soan built that portal.

Did he do that to travel to the seventh age

Roams suddenly felt enlightened.

Before, he had always thought he could find Mr.

Soan when he returned to Earth, but he had another option now.

The seventh age!


Soan must have gone back to the seventh age.

Roams became excited.

Scientific research was everything to him.

He would look into everything that was unknown to him.

Right now, the seventh age became the new mystery he wanted to solve.

He was determined to study the seventh age and the way to get there.

Drake, Liam, and Phoebe were still waiting at the Soan manor.

They were all Nascent cultivators.

They wouldnt leave here unless there were some special circumstances.

Most of the Soans had blended in with ordinary people and made contributions to Moon.

“Liam, Phoebe, should we keep waiting” Drake suddenly asked.

“Drake, what are you talking about”

“Brother, what do you mean”

His siblings asked in surprise.

Drake would never have said such a thing before.

What was going on today

“I dont think we should keep waiting like this.

Patriarch wouldnt want to see us like this.

“He helped us gain our strength, but we havent made any progress in two years.

Do you think the Patriarch would be happy” Drake asked.

It had been on his mind for a while, and he finally spoke up.

He also wanted to persuade his siblings.

“Well… We cant give up.

If the Patriarch isnt back, our life will lose its meaning!”

Liam and Phoebe hesitated.

They knew Drake had a point, but he was asking them to stop waiting for their patriarch.

How could they do that

“Patriarch will want whats best for the Moonians.

Hell also want to see us help Moon with our ability.

“Even if we dont interfere with Moon, we should still improve ourselves.

Thats the only way well find our patriarch, isnt it

“Stop waiting.

“Itll only waste our time.

What we should do is to keep practicing so that we wont disappoint our patriarch,” said Drake.

He already had a plan.

The past two years had taught him a lot.

Their patriarch was the one who gave them the chance and told them where to go.

They werent babies.

They could function without their patriarch.

They could wait for their patriarch for the next ten, twenty, or even fifty years.

If they stayed here without advancing, when their patriarch came back, he would be disappointed.


I understand what you mean.

The Soan family will function like it used to.”

“Yes! Well cultivate in secret and help with Moons development.”

“Lets set up a timeline and see who will make the most progress.”


Lets make it ten years.

Lets see who will make the biggest contribution!”

“Ten years Great! Ill be more powerful than you in ten years, Brother!”

The three of them made a deal.

After that, they led the others away despite their reluctance.

The Himmelians, the Himmelian Village, and the Himmelian Pavilion merged back into society.

All the Soans mingled with the Moonians again.

If Himmel Soan came back one day, they would gather around him in no time.

Phoebe led the Himmelian Pavilion and joined the exploration project.

They could dive deep into the sea and could help the project greatly.

Liam joined the resource-searching project.

As for Drake, he visited Roamss laboratory.

“Drake” Roams was perplexed.

“Yes, Dr.

Roams, its me.”

“How can I help you” Roams was curious.

Shouldnt Drake be waiting at the portal right now for Mr.

Soans return

Had Mr.

Soan come back

No, he hadnt.

If that were the case, Drake wouldnt be the one who came here.

Roams didnt know why Drake visited him now without a reason.


Roams, I want to help you finish your research,” said Drake.

“You Help me” Roams was surprised.

“Yes, I can help you in your research on energy.”

He then released his spiritual essence.

Roams was astonished.

“Are you from the seventh age, too”

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