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In the Dusk Soul Forest, Himmel Soan and Firey walked out of that passageway and arrived at a new place.

As soon as they opened their eyes, they were shocked by the scene.

The ground was littered with bones.

They were walking on a path paved with bones, and next to them was a tree consisting of bones.

“Are these manmade or natural” Firey found them rather creepy.

The number of bones was frightening, and this bone-made tree looked even creepier.

There was a skeleton on top of it, making Firey want to draw in her breath.

However, she stopped herself when she realized the environment she was in.

She didnt want to breathe the air here.

“They look manmade…” Himmel Soan was also bewildered.

Why were there so many bones What had happened here

Although he had lived for millions of years, he had never seen such a sight.

“Isnt this place one of the other continents that Yagon mentioned Why does it look this way” Himmel Soan murmured.

He had just arrived and couldnt figure out what was going on there.

The only thing he knew for sure was that this place had some connection with Stelladom.

He was certain of that through his feeling of the law of nature.

The law of nature here shared the same source as that of Stelladom.

The two were related in the same way that Lumi was connected to the law of nature of Dusk Soul Forest.

If he hadnt met Lumi, maybe he wouldnt have realized this relationship.

The law of nature here was much more complete than that of the Dusk Soul Forest.

Himmel Soan couldnt communicate with it.

First of all, he wasnt capable enough.

The other thing was that the law of nature was more complete, meaning it was unbendable.

It wouldnt create a mind of its own.

Naturally, it couldnt communicate with Himmel Soan.

“These arent human bones,” said Himmel Soan.

“Theyre not” Firey was surprised.

“Well, their bone structure is very similar to humans.

Theyre almost identical, but there are differences.

Im certain they arent human bones,” Himmel Soan explained.

But if she were to ask what creature the bones belonged to, he wouldnt be able to answer her.

He didnt know it either.

Maybe the bones belonged to the “demons” that Bandora talked about.

In the end, he had to put his bet on the demons.

If these were their bones, this continent was probably the demons continent.

What about the Starloud, Starlune, and Starain that Yagon talked about

There was no clue at all.

Himmel Soan sighed.

He knew he had to look further for answers.

“I see!” Firey cheered up when she heard the bones werent human.

She didnt feel so revolted anymore.

However, it didnt change the fact that there were a lot of bones.

“Master, where are we going now” Firey asked.

“Were heading north.

We came from the south, where the Dusk Soul Forest is.

“Ive noticed that this place is also affected by the Dusk Soul Forest, but theres no formation core here.

“We need to find another path if we want to return to the forest.

“Thats not our concern at the moment though.


Lets keep moving.”

Himmel Soan made the decision.

They were here now, so they had to keep going.

Moreover, he needed to find Gina.

“Sure!” Firey nodded happily.

As they headed north, the bones grew fewer and fewer.

Shortly after that, they reached the mainland of the continent.

Unlike Stelladom, this continent was very dark.

The land and the trees were all black.

Everything felt rather grim.

“Is this place and Dusk Soul Forest really used to be in the same world” Himmel Soan wondered.

If this place were to be compared to Stelladom, Stelladom felt like heaven while this was hell.

The overall environment in Stelladom was the same as Earth.

Himmel Soan liked the environment on Earth, so he also found Stelladom comfortable.

But when he set foot on this continent, his mood changed.

Rather than a continent, this place felt like a living hell.

“Humans” A strange-looking “man” covered with tattoos suddenly appeared in front of them.

He kept sniffing the air as if he wanted to make sure Himmel Soan and Firey were humans.

Himmel Soan had been hiding his energy, but Firey couldnt be bothered.

When their energy mixed together, it was hard to tell them apart.

After a while, the man was sure that Himmel Soan was a human, a living human.

“I never thought I would find a human here.

Finally, I can have a feast!” The “man” saw Himmel Soan as his prey.

“A demon”

Himmel Soan finally determined that this place was really the demons continent.

What about the names that Yagon had mentioned Did he lie to him

That wouldnt be possible.

There was no reason for Yagon to lie.

Maybe Yagon had stayed in Dusk Soul Forest for too long and didnt know what happened in the world outside.

He wouldnt know as much as Bandora.

“Do you know what I am” The demon was surprised.

If he knew demons, maybe he was an important person among humans.

The demon couldnt believe it.

He had finally found a human, but if he turned out to be someone important, he would lose his lunch.

“Can you tell me what place this is Is it not Stelladom” Himmel Soan asked tentatively.

He deliberately offered a wrong answer because he wanted to see if the demon would give him the right one.

As expected, the demon walked right into Himmel Soans trap.

“Stelladom Dont be ridiculous!”

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