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Emperor Zea blinked and asked curiously, “Why did Emperor Ooghdie”

Emperor Shwa grinned.

“He can try it every now and then.”

Elpin was an emperor and couldnt have died so easily.

Moreover, Emperor Oogh was the second most capable emperor out of the eight, almost as capable as Emperor Tzi.

How could he have died so easily

In the Tzi family, Lasul went to the stone chamber to report everything that had happened.

“It hasnt been that long, but so many things have happened,” said an old voice.

The door to the stone chamber opened.

Emperor Tzi had come out of his seclusion.

“Emperor Why did you come out”

Emperor Tzi smiled and put his hand on Lasuls head.

“Youve grown so much.

Thats good!”

He nodded in satisfaction.

Lasul was surprised by the compliment, but he soon came to his senses and knelt on the ground.

“Emperor Tzi has returned!” His voice resonated in the Tzi family and the entire Cloud City.

Most people in the city knelt in the same direction.

“Emperor Tzi!”

They stood up after a long time while feeling conflicted.

In the Tzi family, all the important people had gathered in the family hall.

“Lasul, lets go to the main hall,” said Emperor Tzi.

“Yes, Emperor!”

Many people soon gathered in the hall.

When Emperor Tzi appeared, everyone gave him a bow.

“That wont be necessary.” Emperor Tzi stopped.

The Tzi family members looked at one another.

Of course, they would follow the instructions, so they stopped bowing.

“Unfortunately, I cant reach a higher level.

The law of nature has confined both this world and us.” Emperor Tzi sighed.

He wanted to make a breakthrough, but the law of nature wouldnt let him.

He had no choice.

“Well…” The other people felt sorry for him, but they didnt know what to say.

“Lets get down to business.

A lot of things have happened in Stelladom, some of which werent supposed to.

For example, there was that incident with Eman!” Emperor Tzis tone was very calm, but his voice sounded like a thunderclap in other peoples ears.

It almost sounded like he was scolding them for not taking care of the incident, but they didnt know what to do either.

Emperor Tzi always let Lasul do his bidding.

If Lasul couldnt handle this, nor could they!


Ill take care of Eman.

The other thing concerns Mr.

Soan, Himmel Soan.

From now on, no one should be hostile toward the Soans.

Seeing Himmel Soan will be the same as seeing me! Understood” Emperor Tzis tone had been quite indifferent until now, so they thought everything was normal.

However, his introduction shocked everybody.

Himmel Soan was to be greeted in the same way as Emperor Tzi


“Hows that possible

“Am I hearing it correctly”


People of the Tzi family couldnt believe their ears.

They thought they heard him wrong, but they hadnt.

They were Hinayana and Mahayana cultivators while Emperor Tzi was a peak emperor cultivator.

Of course, they could hear each other clearly.

However, they still couldnt believe it because it sounded surreal.

“You heard me.

You should greet Himmel Soan the same way you greet me!

“I dont want to repeat myself.

Its for your own good as well as this family.

“Lasul, come with me.

The rest of you can go back to your own business.”

Emperor Tzi left with Lasul.

This was just a brief meeting; he had a real meeting to attend later.

The eight emperors meeting!




A bell rang eight times, and the sound resonated in Stelladom.

Everybody heard it.

In the Shwa family, Emperor Shwa suddenly laughed.

“Emperor Zea, which Emperor Oogh do you think well see later”

Emperor Zea gave up.

It was too hard to answer.

“Who knows”

However, Emperor Shwas interest hadnt died down.

“Itll be so interesting if we can see both Emperor Ooghs.”

Emperor Zea rolled her eyes at him.

This man enjoyed other peoples trouble too much.

She teased him.

“Maybe Eman will come with them.”

Emperor Shwas eyes lit up.

“Youre absolutely right.

I didnt think far enough.

Itll be so much fun if Eman is there!

“Ill go get Bandora!”

Starwan Tower, Jui was intrigued when she heard the bells.

“Ley, whats that sound We can even hear it from here!”

Their attic was sound-proofed.

There was no doubt of that.

So why couldnt the walls stop the sound of the bell

“Its the eight emperors meeting.

Emperor Tzi came out of his seclusion today.

Its understandable that they want to hold a meeting.

With everything that has happened, Id be surprised if he just sat tight,” said Ley.

The eight emperors meeting didnt concern her much.

Although she was an Emperor-stage cultivator, she wasnt one of the eight emperors.

“Whos there” Ley suddenly asked.

“Its me,” Emperor Zea replied.

“Shouldnt you be at the meeting now What are you doing here” Ley was alarmed.

Emperor Zea smiled.

“Im fetching you.

Youre invited to the meeting.

Emperor Shwa went to get Bandora, so I came here.”

Ley laughed.

What kind of a reason was that Why did she have to come here just because Emperor Shwa went to get Bandora

How ridiculous!

However, Ley knew that was the way Emperor Zea was.

“Fine! But why do you need me for the eight emperors meeting” Ley wanted to turn down the offer.

“Just come! Youre at the Emperor stage, too.

Why cant you attend the meeting

“Im inviting you! If Old Tzi doesnt like it, he can kick both of us out!” Emperor Zea said mischievously.

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