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Chapter 46: Farewell

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Henry Langs social media account had been inactive for decades until today.

He posted another message while the others were avidly discussing the subject.

“Hello, everyone, Im Henry Lang of Sky Eye, and I want to talk about the Anti Cyberbullying Act.

I think we all have strong feelings about the incident with Mr.

Himmel Soan! The internet needs to be a law-abiding community! Its not a lawless place! However, legislation in this area has been lacking, and

the online community hasnt been aware of that.

They have no idea what consequences their posts would lead to!

“The president has summoned me and General Marlow, and weve drafted the Anti Cyberbullying Act.

Itll be implemented tomorrow.

Although its not the most comprehensive legislation yet, I believe with all our efforts, well get there eventually!”

People clicked the link on the post and read through the act.

‘What the trolls said about Himmel Soan was already considered severe cyberbullying.

According to the act, they could be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than 20 years.

‘The exact punishment would depend on the actual consequences.

If the victim became clinically depressed and developed mental issues because of the severe consequence of cyberbullying, the bullies were punishable by law.

If the victim contemplated suicide or put it into the act, the bullies could be imprisoned for at least ten years!

‘That was some severe punishment.

Assaulting people verbally in real life wouldnt get such punishments.

However, people could do outrageous things online, and the country needed strict punishment to eradicate the problem.

Law enforcement needed to be relentless at first to keep things under control.

Once things improved online, they could then switch to more flexible means.

“Anti Cyberbullying Act Thats great news! The trolls would think twice when they want to trash someone next time!”

“We should have done this a long time ago! Cyberbullying has destroyed so many people! There are many more examples than I can think of.

Do you remember that man in that car door incident”

“Wait, I do remember that! What a shame! He was killed by rumors!”

“At the end of the day, the internet couldnt show us the whole picture.

Someone can easily hide the whole truth, and no one can make an accurate judgment anymore!”

“We couldnt make accurate judgments because we didnt have the Anti Cyberbullying Act! Now that we have it, I dont believe the trolls will dare to do the same things again.

Theyll have to discuss things subjectively, and I dont believe anyone will say hateful things about other people online!”

“If only we could have the legislation before Mr.

Himmel Soan passed away.

That way, the Soan empire wouldnt be…”

“Im in Souton and wont get to Skysea in time.

If anyone from Skysea sees this, please send my gratitude to the Soans! I appreciate it!”

“Tl pay 2,000 dollars to anyone in Skysea who can see off the Soan empire on my behalf! I want to tell them Im sorry!”

“Tl pay 4,000!”

“Tll do that for you for free! Send me a message and give me your names! Ill write them on a plate and hold it up!”

At three in the morning, all members of the Soan empire were on the ocean road.

Tens of thousands of people were still standing on the beach.

Some people held up nameplates and followed the Soan empire to the ocean road.

“Condor Jeet, Dence.”

“Lucien Baker, Harbor City.”

“yanny Shin, Peter Cam, and Jodie Duke, Jule City.”

“Steve Wood, Kadon.”

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“Hank Phan and Lawrence Yoo! of Breeze.”

There were names on all the plates belonging to ordinary people in other cities.

Train tickets were hard to come by at the moment, and they couldnt get any seats.

Even if they could, they wouldnt get here in time because the Soan empire was already on its way.

Therefore, they could only ask the people of Skysea to pass on their gratitude.

The procession walked through the night until it was dawn.

No one was talking.

They all walked in silence as if they were on a mission, and they were doing all they could to complete it.

The sum started rising from the eastern horizon.

‘When the first beam of sunlight shone on the crystal coffin, Himmel Soans eyelids twitched.

As he was lying in the coffin, one had to look down from above to see the expression on his face.

However, all the eyes were on the ocean road at the moment.

No one noticed that Himmel Soan had woken up.

But he couldnt move.

He couldnt even open his eyes.

His internal organs were reviving rapidly.

Before long, they would be as good as new.

This sixty-year cycle was over.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have woken up.

However, he still needed some time to recover fully.

He had to wait for at least ten more days to wake up.

His cells, muscles, blood vessels, and bones all needed to revive.

It would take a person three months to recover from a bone fracture.

Himmel Soan needed to replace a lot more than a few broken bones.

Ten days was already very quick!

From his past experience, the whole process would need around 15 days.

But he couldnt wait that long.

He was fully aware of the behaviors of those brats.

In 15 days, they would probably have thrown him into the heart of the ocean and jumped in after him!

He had to recover before Drake gave him a sea burial.

Otherwise, things could go very, very wrong.

‘When he fully recovered, his body would undergo some changes.

He would shrink in size and be in a weakened state.

If those people threw him into the ocean, he might not be able to get out.

He might drown!

Three days later.

The procession had made a thousand kilometers.

The people of the Soan empire had amazing stamina.

It would take ordinary people months to cover that distance.

But it only took them three days.

Of course, not everyone was able to tag along.

The ordinary members had long been left behind.

The people seeing them off couldnt keep up and left them on the second day.

Only the helicopters stayed with them.

However, the ordinary members of the Soan empire couldnt be left behind.

Some kind people offered to give them a ride.

By the seventh day, they had covered half of the total distance.

Himmel Soan was also halfway through his recovery.

He knew he still had time.

On the ninth day, tidal waves rose on the sea.

‘Walls of water smashed down on the ocean road, but Drake and his people didnt waver.

They steadied the crystal coffin with iron chains and marched into the waves with full determination..


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