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“I see.

Its all part of your plan, isnt it Fine.

Ill be your next scout.”

Ould marched toward the spot where Muld had fallen over the edge.

Didnt the road end there

Had Ould forgotten about it

Before the others could remind him, Ould jumped over the edge, too.

“I lied to you, idiot.

I wont give you what you want.

Goodbye!” Ould disappeared in the magma.

The bald demons face went livid.

He was furious, but he couldnt vent his rage.

The others all noticed it.

When he turned around, the demons behind him, including Hirba, were scared.

They thought they had a slim chance to survive, but in the end, it was only part of the bald demons game.

No one could take it.

However, there was nothing they could do.

“Youre next.

Explore the road for me.

I wont repeat my order.

Feel free to copy Ould.

You can all jump over the edge like him, but youll only get yourself killed.

“Will you all choose death over life” The bald demon asked coldly.

He had stopped playing nice.

He gave up that facade when Ould jumped.

Why should he be nice

The others would have to follow his order no matter what.

“Sir, I—” The demon trembled, trying to beg for his life.

The bald demon cut him off.

“Anybody who throws him into the magma wont need to explore the road.

Ill even add them to my group.”

The captives were intrigued.

They could be the next scout, which might get them killed.

Would they accept that fate

Of course not!

But what else could they do They were just a bunch of lambs heading for the slaughterhouse.

However, the bald demon had just given them a little hope.

If someone could throw that demon into the magma, they wouldnt need to explore the road!

Everybody was tempted, but one of them was more decisive than the others.

While the rest were hesitating, he took action.

He was Hirba!

“Im sorry, but I have to do this for myself!”

After an insincere apology, he kicked the other demon over the edge.

He then turned to the bald demon.

“Is that all”

The bald demon had made the promise, and he was supposed to keep it.

Everybody here had heard him.

If he went back on his word, no one would trust him anymore.

The group might even become divided.

That was why Hirba wasnt afraid of the bald demon.

“I didnt know you could be so decisive.

You didnt even blink.

Im amazed!

“Since I made a promise, Ill keep it.”

He then released Hirba from his restraint.

Hirba joined the bald demons group without saying a word.


Youll be our next scout!” The bald demon picked another demon from the group.

In the magma, Ould and Muld were staring at each other in amazement.

They couldnt believe they were still alive, let alone seeing somebody absorbing the magmas energy in front of them.

They were watching none other than Himmel Soan and Firey.

Shortly after, the demon kicked over the edge by Hirba also joined them.

He was as dumbfounded as the other two.

After calming himself down, Muld also wanted to absorb the magmas energy.

Himmel Soan said, “If you want to turn into ash, feel free to try it.”

Muld trembled.

“Sir” Ould asked tentatively.

“What is it”

“Sir, did you save us”

He thought he would be dead for sure.

To his surprise, he ended up here.

He was pleasantly surprised when he saw Muld was still alive.

Both brothers remained silent when they saw Himmel Soan and Firey.

They didnt dare disturb them.

Only when Himmel Soan spoke to them did Ould summon up the courage to ask.

“Yes, I only saved you in passing.

Do you have a problem with that Did you want to die” Himmel Soan asked.

He didnt particularly like the demons, but he didnt want to see them getting killed, either.

Therefore, he saved them because it was an easy thing to do.

He still treated the demons in a nonchalant demeanor though.

“Thank you, Sir…” Ould stopped trying when he realized Himmel Soan didnt want to talk.

He felt lucky enough to be still alive.

The last thing he wanted to do was to poke around and upset his savior.

Everybody fell silent.

Ould looked up.

They could hear everything from here and knew what was going on.

He never thought Hirba would do such a thing.

But still, it was understandable.

Nobody wanted to die.

“Sir, cant they hear us” Muld asked curiously.

“No.” Himmel Soan only gave a one-word answer.

Setting up a formation to block all sounds was a piece of cake for him.

Moreover, Firey felt at home in the magma.

She could block the sounds with a snap of her fingers.

This time, Himmel Soan was the one to initiate the conversation.

“Why are you here Do you know what the bald demon wants”

Muld wanted to reply, but he didnt know all the facts.

Plus, his brother was here.

Ould answered the question in the end, “Were here for opportunities and rewards!

“We dont know the bald demon well, but he seems to be familiar with this place.

Earlier…” Ould described what happened and told Himmel Soan his speculations.

Himmel Soan nodded.

He wasnt surprised because he had heard their conversation.

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