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Through the conversation, Himmel Soan obtained some general information about the bald demon.

He obviously knew this place well, but it didnt concern Himmel Soan because he could find the demonic gods string with the dagger.

With the dagger in hand, a demon familiar with the inside of the tomb wasnt necessary.

“Wait here.

Ill get you up there in a moment.” Himmel Soan reassured them before closing his eyes again.

He could chat with them while recovering his strength, but he didnt do so because he would still be distracted to some extent.

Moreover, he didnt have much to talk about with these people.

Although he didnt despise these demons, he didnt like them either.

If this had happened in human society, he would have taught the bald demon a lesson.

But now, he only watched in silence.

“Thank you, sir!” The three demons thanked him.

Another demon fell down.

Ould immediately rushed to his side.

Seeing that the demon wasnt injured, he explained to him what was happening there.

More and more demons joined them in the magma.




When the 22nd demon fell down, there were no more scouts left on the surface.

Apart from Hirba, who had joined the bald demons team, all other captives had fallen into the magma.

They all behaved the same way when they saw Himmel Soan.

They were astonished at first and couldnt believe what was happening, but they all admired him in the end.

Himmel Soan never said a word.

He acted like a god and let them worship him.

Up on the bridge, the bald demons team still had a little under 150 feet to reach the other side, the longest distance in the world.

They could see the other side, but they couldnt get there.

The group didnt know how to cover that distance.

“What should we do”

“Shall we jump”

“No, its too far! Well never get there!”

“Are we going to give up here Damn it!”

They could jump over 1500 feet outside, but inside the tomb was a different story.

If the obstacle was designed in this way, it wouldnt let anybody bypass it.

They could barely cover ten feet in one jump, let alone 150 feet required.


What should they do

“We can search for the road,” the bald demon said casually.

“How We dont have any scouts left.

Are you going to make us do it No! Im not going to do that!”

The other demons were immediately alarmed.

That would be suicidal!

How was that possible Why would they sacrifice themselves for others


Everybody objected to the idea.

The bald demon wasnt upset and only said, “Its up to you.

Once we get through this, well find our rewards.

But if you dont want anything, our journey will end here.

Ill dismiss the group, and well go our separate ways.”

The bald demon sat down.

He felt he had said enough.

He believed one of the demons would make the right choice.

The promise of the reward was too tempting!

“Well… Are we really going to leave Weve come so far.

I dont want to go.

Is there a way to get to the other side”

“Yes, there is, if one of us is willing to sacrifice ourselves.

Do you want to do that”

“Of course not! Who would say yes to that”

Shortly after, the demons started discussing with each other.

They all wanted to know who would be the next scout.

No one wanted the job, but everybody wished the others would do it.

Once they found the road, they could leave this place.

That was to say, they wanted everything for nothing.

There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world, however.

Time ticked by.

Two hours later, one of them suddenly shouted, “Ill go!

“Its just 150 feet! The first scout covered 300 feet.

Surely, Im at least half as lucky as him!”

The demon set out after making up his mind.

Would Lady Luck favor him

His luck ran out only five steps later.

He fell right into the magma.

“What a pity.

I wonder if someone else will make it further than he did.”

“Thats right.

There are only 135 feet to go.

If one is lucky enough, he can get to the other side in one go!”

“Do we have a volunteer”


The demons discussed among themselves.

They would urge anybody who showed the slightest inclination.

Soon, they had another volunteer.

He made 50 feet, and there were less than a hundred feet to go.

His luck then ran out, however.

He fell into the magma when he made another step.

There were only nine members left, excluding the bald demon, Imm, and Hirba.

They would never volunteer for the job, but one couldnt say the same about the others.

Someone had volunteered when there were 150 feet to go, let alone now.

Before long, they were only 30 feet away from the other side, with only six candidates left.

No one wanted to be the next scout.

They all wanted to find their rewards in the next location.

Nobody wanted to die here.

Even if there were only 30 feet remaining, they wouldnt risk their lives.

“Ill search for the last bit,” said the bald demon.

The others were astonished.

The bald demon was the least likely one to volunteer, but he had just offered to do it.

How incredible!

However, no one wanted to talk him out of it.

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