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Himmel Soan no longer looked like an old man.

“Thats the effect of the door.

How amazing!”

Although Himmel Soan had experienced old age before, this was the first time he recovered so fast.

The door of life.

Was it a door that could turn death into life

What about the door of death Would it work the other way around

He couldnt begin to imagine what would happen if he had entered the other door.

The crisis earlier came from death.

He really could have died.

He couldnt let that happen before he found Gina.


Himmel Soan sighed and took out the dagger.

There were much fewer stringers here.

It meant he was getting closer and closer to the demonic god.

He marched on.

Soon, he made the bald demon and his team at the next location.

They also spotted him.

“Youre from that group!” The bald demon was shocked.

He didnt expect to see one of the cannon fodders here.

“You have a good memory,” said Himmel Soan.

He didnt feel much about most demons, but the bald demon disgusted him.

If he and Firey hadnt been in the magma, all those demons would have been killed.

Himmel Soan never liked a cruel person.

“How did you get here Have you been pretending this whole time

“Ive been wondering why we didnt see the cannon fodders bodies at the door and how they got inside so fast.

“It was you.

Ive underestimated you!” the bald demon said coldly.

He had suspected Himmel Soan before because he was so relaxed when he joined the team.

He didnt seem nervous at all, and his face was as blank as a piece of paper.

However, after some examination, the bald demon decided there was nothing special about Himmel Soan, so he just ignored this “young demon.”

Including Himmel Soan in the scout group was part of the bald demons plan.

He wanted to gauge his actual capability.

After all, the first group was meant to fight the guards.

The bald demon wanted to see how Himmel Soan fought.

However, nothing happened, and the bald demon soon forgot about it.

He never expected to meet Himmel Soan again.

He didnt know if he was frightened or pleasantly surprised.

“I never pretended anything.

I was just being myself.

You made too many assumptions.

When are you going to move out of my way” Himmel Soan said indifferently.

He never showed the bald demon any respect, but he didnt seem to mind it.

It was as if he didnt notice Himmel Soans tone.

“Theres an armory up ahead, and it has five sophisticated formations.

Five of us have to solve them simultaneously.

“We dont want to block your way, but we cant get through, either.

Do you know how to solve formations” the bald demon asked.

Including him, only three demons knew how to work a formation, but they needed five.

Therefore, they were waiting here for two more demons with the requisite knowledge.

It would be great if Himmel Soan could help.

That way, they would only need one more demon.

“If you knew you would run into these formations here, why did you use those demons as scouts You were aware that the magma would kill them.

You also understood the route, but you lied about it.

“I dont understand what you want.” Himmel Soan listed all the strange things the bald demon had done and accused him of lying.

He had examined the formations that the bald demon mentioned and could solve them all by himself.

However, with the bald demon here, he didnt want to waste so much effort.

Moreover, the bald demon could have a hidden agenda.

“I dont care who solves the formation.

Im not doing it.

I dont know anything about formations.

Take your time.” Himmel Soan then walked to a big rock.

As soon as he sat down, he switched to his cultivation mode.

Seeing this, the bald demon stopped talking.

One should never disturb someone when the latter was cultivating.

Although Himmel Soan was pretending to be cultivating, the bald demon still didnt bother him.

“Whats his problem He acts as if hes more important than me!” Imm was displeased with Himmel Soans attitude.

He couldnt stand the other partys arrogance.

To him, he was just an ordinary demon.

Why does he act like hes some higher authority thought Imm.

“If you dont like him, tell him so yourself.

Dont lash out at me!” the bald demon said coldly.

First, Himmel Soan gave him the cold shoulder, and now, Imm was complaining.

He wouldnt take that.

Hirba asked, “Is there something special about him”

That sounded much more polite than what Imm said.


They were wondering about the same thing, but how they expressed it was very different.

The bald demon glanced at Imm and explained, “Hes a mysterious man.

“You all got this far because I led you here, but he has been on his own this whole time.

Either hes very capable, or he knows this tomb as well as I do.

“Anybody who knows the tomb well cant be an ordinary demon.”

That was all the bald demon said.

There were things that he could tell them, but certain things were better left unsaid.

Just then, they heard footsteps again.

The bald demon looked in that direction.

“Ould! Muld! Hows that possible How can they still be alive!”

Both Hirba and the bald demon were shocked.

Hirba had betrayed them.

He also felt guilty when he saw the two brothers.

The bald demon was simply puzzled.

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