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Ould and Muld had jumped into the primal magma.

Why were they still alive What about the demons behind them


Why were they all here

It was the primal magma!

Even the bald demon was afraid of it.

They had all fallen into the magma, so how could they still be alive

“Baldie, are you surprised Isnt this fun I bet you didnt see this coming!

“Your face is so hilarious!” Ould mocked him.

The other demons laughed at the bald demon, too.

They had died once.

The bald demon didnt frighten them any more.

Moreover, they had the advantage now.

“I didnt think you could come back from death.

I feel happy for you.

Come with me!” The bald demon acted as if nothing had happened.

He made the whole thing sound so light.

Those demons lives were worthless to him.

Dead or alive, they didnt mean anything to the bald demon.

“Are you going to act like you havent done anything Do you think thats possible

“We nearly died because we became your scouts.

Dont you realize how serious that is” Muld said indignantly.

The others were as displeased as Muld was, but what could they do

They wanted to tear the bald demon into pieces, but did they have the power to do so

“To get through the obstacles, scouts were necessary.

Should I have lied to you Your effort provided us with a shortcut.

It wasnt futile!

“Why do you look so resentful” the bald demon asked indifferently.

The look on his face was full of disdain.

So what if they had returned

They would only become his toy again.

He didnt think they would return from death for a second time.

“Im gonna kill you!” One of the demons wanted to attack the bald demon, but Muld stopped him.

As much as he hated the bald demon, now wasnt the appropriate time to confront the latter because their savior was still here.

Muld thought, If he was displeased with the bald demon, he would have done something already, but he hasnt, so there must be a reason behind it.

“If he hasnt said anything, we shouldnt do anything either.

Behave yourself!” Muld reminded the other demon, who immediately calmed down.

He then gave Himmel Soan a little bow.

Himmel Soan only nodded without saying anything.

“Didnt you want to kill me Do it now!” The bald demon smirked.

He didnt think the other demons had the ability to kill him.

Although there were over thirty of them, it was just a disorderly mob.

This time, no one got angry at the bald demon because their savior was present at the scene.

If the bald demon really deserved to die, they didnt need to do it themselves.

In their eyes, he was a walking corpse.

Nobody would be scared of an already dead thing.

“Baldie, move aside.

Ill get them to the other side.

It wont take long.

Once there, youll be on your own.” Himmel Soan walked up to the passageway.

The five formations were similar to the five in Stelladom.

Of the five places that made up the formation, Himmel Soan had only visited the Dusk Soul Forest.

Through it, he had a rough understanding of other places.

He gained insights from none other than the formations.

The five formations were intricately related.

Of course, five people who knew formations could solve them together, but that wasnt the ideal solution.

The five people could have different goals and might not be able to work as one.

Everybody thought they needed five members to solve the formation, but they had been mistaken.

If a person was capable enough to control the situation, they could solve all five formations at the same time.

That was what Himmel Soan did.

The door opened, showing the passageway on the other side.

“Hows that possible!”

“He opened it all by himself!”

“I didnt know that was doable!”

The bald demon seemed inspired as if he had had an epiphany.

However, he wasnt capable enough to see through Himmel Soans ability.

An epiphany

Of course, Himmel Soan wouldnt let that happen so easily.

He saw the bald demon as a scumbag who didnt deserve to live.

He was happy to waste the demons time.


The door has opened.

You can go and find your own rewards.

Its all up to you now.”

Himmel Soan let the demons he had saved look for their own chances.

That was all he would do for them.

Nothing more.

He wasnt a man of no principles.

He wouldnt help them forever.

He had his own business to attend to.



He stopped Hirba, who tried to leave with the others.

Hirba had kicked his own group members into the magma.

Of course, Himmel Soan wouldnt let him pass.

“Why are you stopping me I wont give in that easily! Talking alone wont keep me here!” Hirba said arrogantly.

He was intimidated by Himmel Soans capability, but great rewards could be waiting on the other side.

The others all went through the door.

Why couldnt he

The more demons that crossed, the fewer rewards there would be.

Hirba didnt want to scrape for leftovers.

He chose to confront Himmel Soan.

He believed he could force his way through.

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