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Hirba studied the “demon” that was blocking his way, thinking, No matter how capable he is, if I want to force my way through, he cant stop me.

Hirba suddenly leaped up.

He could reach the passageway in an instant.

If he could get there, he could pass the gate.

But would that happen

“Youre imagining things,” Himmel Soan said indifferently.

“What What do you mean”

Hirba suddenly realized the situation he was in.

He was still in his original spot.

Wasnt he so close to the gate just then How did he return to this spot

“I have to tell you how disappointed I am by your performance.

Were you imagining bypassing me

“Its a nice thought, but its only an illusion.

Well, its time for me to leave.”

Himmel Soan was ready to go.

“You cant!” Hirba felt humiliated and wanted to lash out at Himmel Soan.

He wasnt going to let the latter leave.

The bald demon watched in silence.

Nothing seemed to have happened.

However, the bald demon deduced from their conversation that Hirba was in a spell-induced hallucination, but he had no idea when Himmel Soan cast that spell.

It was only when he heard the conversation did he realize that.

That “demon” could create illusions, and he was very good at it, giving him the creeps.

What if the death of those demons had all been an illusion

It seemed to be the most reasonable explanation.

If it really was an illusion, it would be so terrifying.

How capable did that “demon” have to be


He wondered if Himmel Soan himself was an illusion.

The tomb was such a mysterious place.

What he knew was only the tip of the iceberg.

What if the tomb could create this elaborate illusion

The bald demon let his imagination run wild.

The more he thought about it, the more terrified he became.

If something didnt make sense, his imagination would fill the gap.

Himmel Soan would be amazed if he knew what the demon was thinking.

To teach Hirba a lesson, Himmel Soan took out his divine dagger.

He was serious.

“What are you going to do with that tiny dagger Dont make me laugh.

Its more like a toothpick!” Hirba laughed at Himmel Soans dagger.

He didnt expect to see such a thing.

He decided he would grant Himmel Soans death wish.

“A toothpick Youll lose your teeth!” Himmel Soan narrowed his eyes and saw the strings coming out of Hirba.

There were so few.

Hirba had no family or friends.

The strings only represented the lives he had taken.

There were so many demons!

Himmel Soan decided not to show him any mercy.

He raised the dagger.

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