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It was a shocking statement.

The bald demon had revealed Imms true identity.

A descendant of the demonic god!

Imm was astonished.

“How did you know that”

There was a murderous look in his eyes.

If he really had figured out his true identity, he would try his best to kill the bald demon.

“Only a few families can have a special name like yours.

Moreover, your attitude and tone gave you away.

“Its not that hard to deduce your identity,” the bald demon explained.

Imm didnt let his guard down.

If anything, he was more alarmed.

However, the murderous intention was gone.

So far, they were still communicating via secret messages, keeping the conversation between the two of them.

Because of that, Imm thought highly of the bald demon.

“So Youve revealed my identity.

What do you want You must be doing it for a reason,” said Imm.

The bald man must need that identity if he had pointed it out.

Although Imm was the demonic gods descendent, he couldnt casually use the identity.

He was ready for a negotiation.

“I think youve guessed it already.

Yes, I want to borrow your identity.

“Its the only way that I can get certain things done.

Heres my plan…”

On the other side, Himmel Soan arrived at the armory that the bald demon had mentioned.

There were only a handful of weapons in it.

Countless visitors must have been here before.

All that was left now were some unwanted weapons.

Many doors appeared at that moment.

Unlike the passageway he had just walked through, they were simple doors this time.

There were words on them, too.


“Refinement Room.”


“Treasure Room.”


Himmel Soan looked at each of them and felt confused.

Wasnt this place supposed to be the ancient demonic gods tomb

Why did these rooms have the same names as those of humans

Moreover, how big was this place

The ground he had covered was 1/8 the size of Stelladom.

1/8 sounded like a small fraction, but this place was a tomb.

A tomb was 1/8 the size of Stelladom.

That was a terrifying size.

But it wasnt the time to think about that.

He had to make another choice.

Himmel Soan took out the dagger again to examine the demonic gods string.

The strangest thing happened.

There was a string leading to every single door.


He must have been to all the rooms.

Maybe he was the one who had ransacked this place.

Himmel Soan hesitated and chose the library.

This place might have been cleaned out, but maybe some things were left behind.

Himmel Soan didnt think much before choosing to enter the library.

Books were the source of knowledge.

They contained experiences and methods recorded by people in the past.

Himmel Soan always considered knowledge to be the most valuable thing.

Although treasures were desirable, with enough knowledge, one could create their own treasures.

All treasures were man-made, and there would always be something better.

It was the same on Earth.

Scientists were constantly searching for more knowledge, and so did cultivators.

Many cultivators focused on results.

They wanted power, but often, they didnt know how to utilize it.

Himmel Soan could compress the Golden Core spiritual essence to release a power that was equivalent to a Nascent cultivator.

It was a kind of technique, but people hadnt done enough research in this area.

Himmel Soan shook his head and entered the library.

“There are plenty of books here.

It seems they prefer weapons over books.”

Himmel Soan didnt think they made the wrong choice.

To some people, all they wanted were weapons.

Some might even want less than that.

It all depended on how perceptive one was.

“What books can I find hereHerbs,Demons…”

Finally, he spotted a book called “Starain.” The title immediately caught his attention.

Starain was what the Demon Continent used to be called.

This continent should have been resided by humans like Stelladom.

How did it become the land of demons What happened

Himmel Soan opened “Starain.”

“Here on Blue Star, there are five continents: Stelladom, Starloud, Starlune, Starain, and Star…”

Himmel Soan was perplexed.

The name of the fifth continent had been wiped away.

Only a part of it remained.

Had somebody done it on purpose

There was too little information for him to reach any conclusions.

He concentrated on the book and kept reading.

“Starain is a continent on the north.

It has that name because…”


Himmel Soan soon flipped through the book.

The content was all about Starain.

He couldnt determine if Starain really was what the Demon Continent used to be.

He needed to find answers elsewhere.

He then picked up another book called “Demons.” Maybe he could find something there.

He opened the book to find all the pages covered with black ink.

It was as if somebody was deliberately hiding everything.

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