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What happened

Himmel Soan was confused.

Did someone do it on purpose

He soon figured it out.

This place was the Demon Continent now, and everybody who lived here was a demon.

He was in the ancient demonic gods tomb at the moment.

Therefore, a book that commented on the demons couldnt be allowed to exist here.

Some demons might stumble on it and not like what they saw.

Himmel Soan sighed.

What happened to the book was understandable.

It would be nice if such a thing was avoided, but seeing it happen wouldnt change anything, either.

Himmel Soan only felt sorry for the book.

If he could figure out the link between Starain, the Demon Continent, and the demons, maybe he would find his way to the other continents.

He wanted to search for Gina, not stay here!

“It seems that finding the demonic god is my best bet.”

Himmel Soan soon formed a plan.

He would find the demonic god and speak to him.

He left the library and went into a garden.

It was a pleasant place that reminded him of spring.


It would be a nice garden if he were on Earth now.

However, this was the Demon Continent.

Why would such a garden exist here

Himmel Soan was utterly confused.

They saw piles of bones when they first arrived.

Then, the capital was so foggy, but the environment of this place was in stark contrast to what he had seen before.

If this place was heaven, the capital city was hell.

However, why was there a garden in a tomb

Himmel Soan couldnt come up with an answer.


He heard a pleasant sound and recognized the instrument.

It was a zither, a musical instrument from Earth.

Why could he hear its sound here

Himmel Soan followed the music.

As he walked, he was surrounded by more and more flowers.

All the colors seemed to have turned this place into a fairyland.


Somebody kept playing the zither.

Himmel Soan turned a corner and saw Gina.


“Why are you here, Gina

“I finally found you!”

Himmel Soan burst into tears.

However, she didnt seem to hear him and was still playing the zither.

Himmel Soan was confused, but he kept walking toward her.

It was Gina, his cultivation partner.

She disappeared 500 years ago.


He found her!

“Gina, its me, Himmel Soan.

Please talk to me!” Himmel Soan was excited.

However, she didnt respond to his voice.

It was as if she couldnt hear him.

He halted and didnt dare take another step.

If he moved closer, he would see her face.

However, he was too afraid to do that.

“Master! Master!

“Wake up!”

A voice distracted Himmel Soan.

Who was that

It sounded so familiar…


It was his daughter!


Since when did he have a daughter

Himmel Soans mind was a mess.

He sensed something was off.

“Youre not Gina! Who are you!” Himmel Soan questioned the person.

He must have been confused for some reason.

The only thing that could have that effect on him was this person.

He had called Ginas name over and over again, but that person never responded.

It couldnt possibly be her.

Who was it, then

“Master, wake up!” He heard Fireys voice again.

“Firey, is that you Why are you telling me to wake up Am I asleep Where are you” Himmel Soan tried to communicate with Firey.

He didnt know how to do that, but since he could hear her voice, there must be a way to talk to her.

Shortly after he asked the questions, Firey answered, “I just woke up and found you unconscious on the floor.

“I dont know where I am, but there are a lot of books!

“It looks like a library!”

The library

A lot of books

“Am I still in the library”

Himmel Soan suspected he might have been in this state after reading that book on demons.

He thought he had left the room, but he had fallen into an illusion instead.

It took him by surprise.

Only an extraordinary illusion could entrap him and simulate a figure that resembled Gina.

He almost walked into a trap.

Luckily, he had Fireys help.

Even if Firey hadnt alerted him, he would have woken up on his own in a short while.

No illusion could replicate Gina.

That was why in that illusion, she had her back to him and never responded to his questions.

He had already grown suspicious.

In a few moments, he would have noticed the abnormality.

Being woken up in advance was a good thing.

He was now aware that it was an illusion.

However, he didnt know how to get out.

He didnt know how to break out of this illusion.

“Firey, try to burn the book next to me!” Himmel Soan suggested.

The book “Demons” had put him in this illusion.

If it was destroyed, maybe he could return to the real world.

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