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“Of course.

Thats something Im very good at!”

Firey set the entire room on fire.

Her fire was clean and created no smoke.

The whole room was devoured by flames.

She seemed to have forgotten that Himmel Soan only told her to burn the book next to him.

Firey didnt care about that.

She just wanted to burn everything.

“Master, its done.

The room is clean.

When are you going to wake up”

Firey was confused.

She had burned everything, but why hadnt her master woken up

Himmel Soan was wondering about the same thing.

Was it not the book

He fell into this illusion after reading “Demons.”

Firey said she had burned down the whole room.

She would have told him if the book was still there.

Instead, she said the room was clean, which meant there was no book left.

“Firey, did you see a black book before starting the fire” Himmel Soan asked.

“What black book I dont think so!” Firey said affirmatively.

Himmel Soan was at a loss.

He trusted her because just like him, she had a photographic memory.

She couldnt have remembered it incorrectly.

Either the book wasnt related to the illusion, or it had disappeared.

Had the book turned into an illusion

Himmel Soan couldnt see anything out of place.

“The book and the illusion… Will I get back to reality if I destroy this place Is the illusion created by that figure”

Himmel Soan studied the person from behind.

It resembled Gina, but it wasnt her.

It never would be.

He charged at the figure.

Since it was a fake, he showed it no mercy.

The figure dissipated, but he was still in the illusion.

“Firey, burn that worm inside me!” That was Himmel Soans second guess.

Maybe that worm was the reason that he was in an illusion.

After the books, the worm was the only option left.

“Alright!” Firey blew at Himmel Soan, burning the black worm to ash.

Meanwhile, the illusion that Himmel Soan was in began to crumble.

Soon, he opened his eyes.

“Im so glad to have you here.” Himmel Soan hugged Firey as soon as he woke up.

Firey chuckled.

“Nice job.” Himmel Soan complimented her and asked, “How are you doing”

Having absorbed the primal magma, Firey had evolved again.

“I think my fire has become purer.

Its like something that exists naturally.

Its also much hotter than before!” Firey grinned.

The fire was Fireys toy.

Now that it had become purer, it meant her toy had been upgraded.

That made her very happy.

“Thats good.

Keep up the good work.

How long does it take for you to evolve” Himmel Soan asked.

Before Firey went dormant, Himmel Soan estimated that it would take her a year to wake up again.

He went into that illusion only days after Firey went dormant.

Her evolving process was as long as when he was unconscious.

“Five months, I think.

The magma is quite obedient, and I soon got used to it,” said Firey.

Five months

“Was I unconscious for that long”

That was much longer than he thought.

In the illusion, it only felt like a few hours.

The five months passed in the blink of an eye.

Himmel Soan rubbed her head.

“Lets go.

Do you want to switch back to your original form”

Firey shook her head.

“No, I want to stay with you.

“If anything happens, I can protect you.

“Im very strong now.

I can fight off all the bad men!”

Firey waved her hands around.

Himmel Soan smiled.

He took her hand, and they left the room.

The place outside the library wasnt a beautiful garden.

Rather, it was a bleak land.

The wind was cold, and the moon was reading.

They seemed to have come out of the tomb.

“Whats this place”

Himmel Soan took out the dagger,

and the demonic gods string appeared.

He also saw a few other powerful strings.

It seemed that he was getting closer to the demonic god.

However, he had slept in the library for five months.

He didnt know if the demonic god was still here.

“We need to hurry up!” said Himmel Soan.


Immediately, flames appeared around Firey.

“Master, Ill speed us up!


Himmel Soan clonked her in the head, and the fire disappeared.

He said, “You shouldnt abuse your power like that.

“You must learn to control when and how to use your power.

“You tried to speed up.

Which direction did you want to go

“We dont know our surroundings.

Dont make reckless moves.”

Firey pouted,

feeling wronged.

She mumbled, “Alright.”

Himmel Soan studied his surroundings.

It was like a hell version of the Dusk Soul Forest,

only that it was much smaller.

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