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Himmel Soan didnt know what to say.

Once more, she demonstrated that all she knew was to burn everything.

He should have seen it coming.

This time, he didnt reject her suggestion.

Instead, he considered its feasibility.

“We can try that, but well wait till nightfall.” Himmel Soan made the decision.

Firey could have a great time!

The girl thought her master would scold her as usual, but to her surprise, he said yes.

Burn it down!

The thought of setting fire to this place excited Firey.

The flames around them became more intense.

Immediately, they heard screams.

Firey and Himmel Soan both looked in one direction.

Something resembling a ball of fog was rolling around on the ground while screeching in agony.

“Master, whats going on”

“I think thats the thing hiding in the fog,” Himmel Soan said indifferently.

There were more than a few such things in the fog,

When Fireys fire suddenly flared up, this particular “fog ghost” couldnt get away in time.

Only then did Firey and Himmel Soan see what was in a fog.

The “things” did exist.

How lucky they were!

Firey had outdone herself this time.

Without her getting excited, maybe they would never find this thing.

Himmel Soan slowly approached the fog ghost.

Sensing the danger, the creature tried to get away.

But that wasnt going to happen.

Himmel Soan and Firey were both watching it, making sure it wouldnt go anywhere.

The fog ghost was only the size of a human head.

Himmel Soan paused and observed it.

“Its a tangible creature, but its face is all blurry.

I can only make out a mouth.

“No wonder they can blend perfectly with the fog.”

Himmel Soan studied the fog ghost and soon had a theory about how it developed.

They were created by the strange spiritual essence here.

It only had a mouth, and all it did was swallow.

Although it was a small creature, it had plenty of room to grow.

That was to say, this fog ghost could grow into a giant.

It could swallow Himmel Soan whole by then.

Maybe something like that already existed.

“Ill leave it to you.

You can use your fire.

Find out its weakness.” Himmel Soan gave Firey the green signal.

She was as talented as him.

Having her study it wouldnt make any difference.

With the fire, it would be much more convenient for Firey.

“Great!” Firey took the small fog ghost in excitement and began to study it.

Himmel Soan crouched down and felt the soil before scooping some up with his fingers.

They were trapped here, so they might as well do something meaningful.

For instance, the investigation.

Himmel Soan had lived for millions of years while Firey was his daughter and had inherited his talent.

They were both top-notch researchers.

If they were still on Earth, their scientific research would be all over the news.

That was how talented they were.

“The soil here is very different from that of the Dusk Soul Forest.

“Although they come from the same source, the soil here seems to have been contaminated.

But by what The red moonlight”

The soil was as red as the moon, which seemed to be the only explanation.

During the day, he couldnt verify the hypothesis.

Himmel Soan then compared the soil to that of the Demon Continent.

There was no sophisticated instrument here, but Himmel Soan was.

With spiritual essence, he could do things without scientific equipment.

“Theres a connection between this place and the Demon Continent.

“All three places are connected, but that connection seems to have been severed.

Is it because of the barrier in Stelladom” Himmel Soan wondered.

Stelladom had been sealed up, with five locations serving as nodes in a formation to enhance that seal.

Such a project could create gaps between continents.

That seemed to explain a few things, but the red moon… That was something he couldnt understand.

Despite the gap, all the continents should be looking at the same moon and stars.

The moon was normal in other places, so why was it red here


He would figure that out when the moon came up.

On the other end, Firey was making progress, too.

She tested one spot at a time with her fire and recorded how the fog ghost reacted.

In the end, she reached a conclusion.

The fog ghosts weakness was a small area under its chin.

If that spot was hit, the fog ghost would turn into fog and disappear.

After reaching the answer, Firey reported to Himmel Soan.

“Well done.

Thats all we can do now.

Well wait for nightfall,” Himmel Soan complimented Firey, who hopped around in excitement.

Himmel Soan smiled.

They only needed the wait for the night.

Time flew by.

Soon, the moon rose into the sky.

It was red, the same as before.

“Master, Ill start the fire now!” Firey said excitedly.

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