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“Show me what you can do.”

Once Himmel Soan gave her permission, Fireys flames went full blast.

Everything around them started burning.

Even the air seemed to be on fire.


It didnt “seem” like it.

The air was actually burning.

To be more precise, something in the air was set on fire.

They finally knew why the moonlight was red.

There were innumerable tiny red bugs in the air, so tiny that they couldnt be seen with the naked eye.

Shortly after, Fireys flames turned these bugs into little firecrackers.

They all made crackling noises when they died, but the sounds were so low that they were negligible.

However, Firey cared about the noise because they were her achievement.

“Youve made the right choice,” said Himmel Soan.

He didnt know what to do, so he had to take the risk.

Letting Firey have it her way wasnt a bad choice.

Setting fire here didnt do much damage.

If anything, she had done a good deed by purifying the environment.

“Master, my fire can solve all problems.

We dont need to overthink it!” Firey tried to mimic Himmel Soans demeanor, but she was clunked on the forehead.

“Dont be a smart ass.

Somethings going to happen.

Stay alert!”

Himmel Soan observed their surroundings.

The bugs couldnt be the only creatures here.

Their red light didnt pose any threat.

The shadows they saw the day before were real, but they hadnt revealed themselves yet.

It was too early to let their guard down.


I see…” Firey pouted.

She hadnt been pleased with herself for two seconds before she got criticized again.

What a shame!

Suddenly, a shadow flashed by, followed by another.

“Theyre here!” Himmel Soan recognized them as the shadows from the night before.

“Master, theyre so fast!”

Firey thought she was fast, but she couldnt even see what the shadows looked like.

She had to admit these things were much faster than her.

“Watch out! Your left!” Himmel Soan shouted.

“Yes!” Firey instantly sent a streak of energy to her left, hitting one of the shadows.

It fell to the ground, screamed, and disappeared.

“What on earth was that”

Firey was dumbfounded.

She couldnt imagine it simply being a shadow.

At first, she thought she couldnt see its face because it was too fast.

As it turned out, the shadow was really just a shadow.

It was as peculiar as that fog ghost.

Himmel Soan also frowned and took out the dagger.

Something seemed to be interfering with it here.

He couldnt see the strings anymore.

Even when the strings appeared, they were all tangled together.

“The dagger doesnt work anymore.

Should I keep going Will the two demonic gods be here

“Should I advance or retreat” Himmel Soan murmured.

Going back wasnt an option.

Having come this far, charging ahead was his only option.

If he fell back here, he would never find Gina.

Firey hit another shadow.

This time, she didnt let it get away but finished it off with two more fireballs.

The shadow got away the first time because she didnt land the killing blow.

She had learned from her mistake and would always make sure that it was completely dead.

Himmel Soan stepped forward, wishing to study the shadow.

The next second, it sank into the ground.

“What” Himmel Soan and Firey were speechless.

They didnt even have a chance to study it.

“Master, somethings wrong.

My fire is weakening!” Firey suddenly noticed the abnormality.

As the controller of the fire, she could sense any changes in it.

Right now, it was getting weaker against her wishes.

Something else was making it happen.

“My fire is gone!” said Firey.

“Yes, I can see that,” Himmel Soan said calmly.

He wasnt surprised.

Rather, he felt the fire had been put off much later than he thought.

The fire lasted for fifteen minutes.

He thought it would be extinguished within ten minutes.

Although there was a discrepancy, it wouldnt affect his plan.

The noise would at least attract some attention.

Since both demonic gods were here, somebody would notice the fire and be drawn here.

That was what Himmel Soan thought.

“What are you doing” somebody asked.

“Its you.” Himmel Soan was dumbfounded.

It was the bald demon, the team leader of those demons.

They had an argument, but Himmel Soan forgot about it after that illusion.

He didnt expect to meet that demon here again.

“You Youre not dead.” The bald demon was a little surprised, too.

He wasnt surprised that Himmel Soan was still alive because the latter had the dagger.

With that kind of luck, he couldnt have died so easily.

He was surprised that Himmel Soan could find this place.

“If youre alive, why should I be dead” said Himmel Soan.

He then tried to gather some information.

“Whats this place”

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