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Chapter 48: Eight Streaks of Lightning


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They heard a loud noise above the sea surface.

The water then erupted, and turbulent waves rose so high that they touched the sky.

‘The waves formed a circle of walls, trapping the helicopters together with everyone else.

It was like a well.

If anyone could record this scene, it would shock the entire world.

Only the force of nature could do such a terrifying thing.

It was either that or some divine power!

Himmel Soan floated in mid-air and was slowly rotating until he was no longer in a lying position but was standing up.

All the members of the Soan empire burst into tears when they saw the old man.

He was their God!

Ordinary people would be terrified by such a supernatural phenomenon.

However, members of the Soan empire were so excited that they were crying.

They knelt on the ground and looked up at the old man.



“Father! Is that really you Am I dreaming”

All they got in return was Himmel Soans scolding.

“You idiots!”

He then raised his hand.

There was a series of smacking sounds.

All the members of the Soan empire fell to one side with a distinctive palmprint on their cheeks.

The seawater splashed onto their faces and bodies and mixed with their tears.

It was a painful slap!

However, they all laughed.

It really was their Patriarch!

Their Patriarch was still alive!

In the online world.

“What on earth is going on”

“I cant see a thing! Can the cameraman stop moving around Its making me dizzy!”

“Whats happening to Mr.

Himmel Soan”

“People, just shut up for a minute and stop bullet chatting!”

“Yes, just be quiet! Why are you asking about Mr.

Himmel Soan Shouldnt you be worried about the reporters”

“Its obviously either a tsunami or a storm and a big one! I hope the reporters and people of the Sky Eye are okay!”

“L pray for their safe return!”

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“Shit! I think I saw something! The camera caught a person for like a second! I think he was floating in midair!”

“I saw it, too! The camera caught it for a split second!”

“Dont make me laugh.

You guys are out of your minds! A man floating in the air, you say Are we watching a movie here The wind must have blown him off the ground!”

‘The entire country was watching Himmel Soans funeral, and countless people sent their prayers during the live stream.

Of course, there were also those who wanted to find out the truth.

The truth was that if it really were a storm, the people in the helicopters might not have been able to get away.

Even the helicopters themselves could be destroyed.

“Patriarch, is that you” Warrens eyes widened when he looked at Himmel Soan again.

Himmel Soan seemed to be going back in time!

His beard had shrunk back into his skin.

His hair also became shorter.

It was as if someone had given him a facelift.

His skin was wrinkle-free and getting smoother and smoother.

His clothes seemed too large for him now.

His eyes, nose, and mouth were all going through various subtle changes.

All in all, his features were becoming younger and smoother.


Fork-shaped lightning cracked overhead, so bright that the sky was dimmed.

Himmel Soan looked like a 90-year-old now.


Another streak of lightning.

It was suddenly as dark as night.

It had been a sunny day, and getting darker was expected because there were dark clouds in the sky.

However, this unexpected nightfall was beyond explanation!

Another streak of lightning flashed in the night sky.

In that split second, the crowd saw that Himmel Soan got another ten years younger.

He looked to be in his 80s now!


‘There was a third streak of lightning.

Himmel Soan was a 70-year-old.

Rain was pouring, and the wind was as strong as earlier.

But the most dangerous moment had passed.

The tornado had also disappeared.

It was pitch black on the sea, and everything was briefly lit up again when another streak of lightning struck down.

The crowd looked in the direction of Himmel Soan and saw his face in that split second.

He seemed to be in his 50s now.

The lightning died down, and darkness prevailed again.

But soon, the next streak came.

This time, Himmel Soan looked like a 40-year-old.

In his fifties, he didnt seem drastically different from when he was 100.

But the difference was quite evident when he was in his 40s.

However, things didnt end there.

After the seventh streak of lightning, the person in the sky was in his 30s.

He had well-defined features, a sculpted jawline, and plump cheeks.

He looked quite intimidating just by floating there.

Then, there was the eighth streak.

There wasnt a trace of the old man as the crowd remembered.

In his place, a handsome 20-year-old floated in mid-air, but he had very sharp eyes, which reminded them of their God.

The sky finally lit up after the ninth streak.

The person in the sky had tured into a teenager.

“Who is he” Phoebe stared at the teenager in bewilderment.

‘The change was so drastic that no one could say for sure that it was Himmel Soan.

However, although his appearance and body shape might have changed, he was still wearing the same shroud.

Drake, Phoebe, and Liam had put it on for him with their own hands.

It wasnt just any ordinary shroud.

The outfit almost looked like an emperors robe.

Even the buttons cost a fortune!

“Holy **… Whats going on”

Henry and Gordon tightly held onto the handles in the helicopters.

The tornado earlier had nearly killed them.

‘The helicopters were finally steady now.

When they looked into the “well,” they saw that a teenager had replaced Himmel Soan.

Moreover, he was flying!

Was he flying

Henry wasnt sure how to describe it.

Anyway, he was floating in the air.

It was either his own doing, the force of the wind, or the effect of the surging waves.

However, the latter two didnt seem like the actual cause.

That was to say, the teenager was flying.

Ahuman was flying!

Holy crap!

It was incredible!

Where was Himmel Soan

‘Where did he go

He was in Himmel Soans shroud.

What did that mean

“Thats not possible!” Henry laughed and shook his head.

“Thats not possible! He cant be Himmel Soan!”

What the Soan empire did next astonished him.

They bowed to the teenager in the sky and shouted, “Patriarch!”


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