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Chapter 512: Mural

“Master, wait for me.” Firey immediately followed Himmel Soan.

Once they disappeared in the crack, it trembled and closed up until it was completely gone as if it had never been there before.

There was a loud rumble.

Himmel Soan looked up.

Firey had landed by his side, and the crack above them had disappeared.

“Why is this happening” Firey tried to break the surface above their heads.


Well take things as they come.

Lets keep moving.”

Himmel Soan stopped Firey.

The crack wasnt very wide, but this place was quite spacious.

This underground cave was so large that Himmel Soan couldnt see its end.

“Hello!” Firey shouted, her echo bouncing off between the walls.

“This place is too big.” Himmel Soan frowned.

The ground above them was so thick that it should have caved into the hollow, but a mysterious power seemed to be supporting this place, preventing it from being affected by anything.

“Master, I dont think this cave is formed naturally,” Firey suggested after studying the surroundings.

“Yes, the wall behind us is very smooth.

It looks man-made.” Himmel Soan agreed.

The signs were so obvious.

The wall was as smooth as a mirror.

However, it only made Himmel Soan more confused.

Who could have dug such an enormous underground cave What was their purpose What was the relationship between the owner of this cave and the thing that was calling Firey

Himmel Soan couldnt help but wonder.

He had to be careful about all things unknown.

“Lets keep moving.” Himmel Soan made up his mind.

The crack had closed up, and there was only a wall behind them.

Their only choice was to keep going.

“What…” About twenty minutes later, the passageway narrowed.

Firey realized the wall around them had changed.

There was a mural on the smooth wall now.

In it was a dignified-looking man.

Although it was only a painting, the man still struck one as a majestic figure.

He looked more like a real person than a painting on the wall.

I almost cant believe its a mural, thought Himmel Soan.

The pressure created by the mural reminded him of the power of nature.

“Lets keep moving,” Himmel Soan urged Firey.

He was even more curious about this place.

The further down the road they traveled, the more paintings there were on the wall.

The contents now included scary-looking monsters.

Just like the man, the creatures all had a terrifying quality about them.

They also reminded one of something utterly evil.

Watching them, Himmel Soan felt like he was looking into the end of the world.

Himmel Soan could always remain calm even if the world was getting destroyed in front of him.

However, the mural made him uneasy.

The journey continued.

In the mural, the monsters fell at the mans feet one after another.

In the end, the mans path was paved with all the monsters, leading him to his throne.

At the foot of the hill of dead bodies knelt countless people.

They were all worshiping the man.

Himmel Soan could almost hear the sound of them singing praises.

“The painting is telling a story.

“In an ancient era, there lived a capable person.

He was the most powerful man of his time.

“One day, monsters invaded his world and slaughtered his people.

This man wielded his power and killed all the monsters.

He then became the ruler that all the people worshiped.

“The mural was made as a tribute to him,” said Himmel Soan.

That was what the mural told him, but he still found it incredible.

Despite living for so long, he had never seen or heard of these monsters.

He doubted if they ever existed.

Was this real history or did the ancient people make it up

Himmel Soan couldnt say for sure.

If it was fictional, the cost was too high.

The paintings were so vivid that they seemed to give off all kinds of energy.

The painter had to be exceedingly powerful.

What capable cultivator would spend their time on such a mural

“When and where did this event take place Why cant I remember it” Himmel Soan murmured.

“Master, there are no more paintings,” Firey suddenly said.

They had reached the end of the cave.

The mural also ended here.

The last image showed the capable man disappearing into a whirlpool.

“Where did he go” Himmel Soan decided to treat the mural as a record of an actual event.

The whirlpool the man stepped into must lead to a special place.

Unfortunately, the other side wasnt shown in the paintings.

The painters probably didnt know, either, which was why they hadnt recorded it.

“Weve reached the end of the cave and seen all the paintings, but we still havent found the thing that called you here.”

Himmel Soan didnt forget their purpose.

However, he hadnt seen anything special so far.

When he asked Firey, she only told him that the feeling was getting stronger.

They were close, but they werent there yet.

However, there was no more road.

“Firey, can you tell which direction that thing is in”

Himmel Soan put the mural aside and focused on searching for that thing.

“I think its on the other side of this wall.”

Firey hesitated and looked at the wall at the end of the road.

“The other side Lets break down the wall, then.”

Himmel Soan struck the wall with his dagger.

Before the blade touched the wall, there was a rippling effect as if a stone had been thrown into a calm lake.

“Thats strange.” Himmel Soan was surprised.

Somehow, he didnt notice that barrier until he tried to strike the wall.

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