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Chapter 513: Monster with Nine Heads

The technique shocked Himmel Soan, and he was also stunned by the strength of the barrier.

It was so powerful that even the divine dagger couldnt break it.

“We cant open it…” Firey didnt know what to say.

She felt conflicted.

That thing was calling to her from behind this wall, but she couldnt get to it.

It was like going to the treasure trove but coming back empty-handed.

They heard an ear-splitting roar.

Turning around, they saw what was behind them.

It was a monster with nine different heads: leopard, snake, lion, tiger, wolf, elephant, bird, cow, and human.

All eighteen eyes were fixed on Himmel Soan and Firey.


Himmel Soan drew in his breath while Firey jumped in fear before hiding behind him.

“Isnt that the monster from the mural” Firey asked the question Himmel Soan wanted to ask.

They had seen this monster before.

It was among the monsters killed by that capable cultivator in the mural.

“Its real!” Only now did Himmel Soan believe the story to be real.

The paintings didnt come from imagination.

They depicted something that happened in the past.

However, Himmel Soan didnt understand how the monster could have sneaked up on him.

They had walked the cave from one end to the other and never ran into any living creature, let alone such an impressive monster.

It seemed to have appeared out of thin air.

“It came out of the mural!” Himmel Soan soon realized what was going on.

The monster in the mural had disappeared and was standing in front of them now.

The monster roared again.

It sounded like nine beasts growling at the same time.

The sound resonated in the cave and made ones hair stand up.

Other people might be scared to death.

“Did it come off the mural because I touched that barrier Is it a defense mechanism used by the ancient people”

There was no time for Himmel Soan to think.

The monster had opened one of its mouths.

The snakes head stuck out its tongue.

A ball of dark green light was forming in its mouth.

The energy it contained could destroy anything it touched.

The next second, the ball of light came at Himmel Soan.

He barely had time to dodge it.

When it touched the ground, the ground melted like ice touching fire.

“Thats a corrosive poison and can turn a cultivator into a pool of blood!”

Himmel Soan paled.

He had seen various kinds of poison, but nothing was comparable to this dark green light.

The ground was also protected by the barrier that the divine dagger couldnt break.

Yet, the poison melted through it.

“The ground is healing!”

Himmel Soan noticed another thing that shocked him.

The ground was closing up as he spoke, recovering in a split second.

If he hadnt seen it with his own eyes, he wouldnt have believed that the strike had taken place.

The monster growled.

This time, it was the cow head.

The monster then charged at Himmel Soan.


When Himmel Soan and the monster clashed with each other, he grimaced.

The monster was so powerful that he felt like he was hit by a mountain.

“Master!” Firey grew anxious.

The monster stood its ground while Himmel Soan stumbled back.

He didnt seem to have any advantage.

“Dont worry.

Im alright,” Himmel Soan told Firey.

He didnt gain the upper hand, but it wasnt a big problem.

Although the monster was more powerful than he thought, he wouldnt be defeated that easily.

The elephants head trumpeted, and the monster tried to smash Himmel Soan with its paw.

He grabbed his dagger and quickly moved to another spot.

He noticed from the two strikes that the monsters weakness was its speed.

Himmel Soan had accumulated enough experience over the years to defeat it.

He moved around and attacked the monster from behind.


The sound of metal hitting metal resonated in the cave.

Sparks flew everywhere when the dagger made contact with the monster.

The monster had much tougher skin than Himmel Soan expected.

The strike only gave it a superficial cut.

Meanwhile, the birds head opened its beak.

The monster suddenly moved much faster and reappeared behind Himmel Soan.

He immediately parried its paw with the dagger and moved away from the monster.

“This monster will change its characteristics when a different head opens its mouth.

The snake has poison, the cow has physical strength, the elephant increases its defense ability, and the bird enhances its speed.”

After exchanging a few blows, Himmel Soan learned a few things about the monster.

It used the cow head in the direct confrontation, and Himmel Soan wasnt its match at the moment.

But its defense and speed werent enhanced in that state.

Similarly, when the monster used other heads, another aspect would be enhanced, while all the other characteristics would return to their normal level.

When the birds head raised the monsters speed just then, it didnt have as much physical strength as when it clashed with Himmel Soan.

“Nine heads and nine modes.

Is that it” Himmel Soan studied the monster.

He had to use much effort into handling the four different modes.

What would happen when it switched to the other five modes

The longer he fought the monster, the more he realized how terrifying the man in the mural was.

He had to kill all those monsters to get to his throne.


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