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Chapter 515: Defeat the Monster

“Is it a trade-off”

The monster was using the lions head, but it also had the abilities of other heads.

Himmel Soan suspected the lions heads ability was to make trade-offs.

When the monster switched to the lions head, it could use the power of all eight heads.

However, it wasnt as fast as using the birds head alone or as impregnable as the elephants head.

The lions head could do everything, but none of the abilities were at its best.

Because of that, the monster became even harder to defeat.

Himmel Soans advantage was his balanced abilities.

He was good at everything and could counteract any type of attack.

When the enemy was fast, he could defeat it with his impenetrable defense.

When the enemy had good defensive ability, he could defeat it with fierce attacks.

As he was a jack of all trades, he was able to get himself out of all kinds of danger.

It just so happened that the lions head had that characteristic, too.

Himmel Soan felt like he was fighting himself, only that the other him was an invincible version.

“No, thats not right!” Himmel Soan soon realized that wasnt the case.

He shouldnt be identifying himself with the monster.

He was under the monsters spell, which affected his state of mind.

It had to be the ability of one of the nine heads.

He hadnt seen the ability of the actual head, so he didnt know which head it was.

The spell was cast by the lions head instead because it could use the power of all eight other heads.

The power was pouring toward Himmel Soan, and the spell was affecting his mood.

He could only exert 90% of his actual power.

In a battle of life and death, that 10% could make a big difference.

“I dont care how powerful you are.

Ill crush you!” Himmel Soan said confidently.

Realizing he was under a spell, he soon adjusted his state of mind.

Although the effect still existed, it wasnt detrimental.

His eyes shone brightly when he faced the monster.

The dagger was suspended in the air, its blinding light seemed to be communicating with nature.

The power of nature flowed into the dagger until it was about to burst.

“The power of nature shall listen to my instructions!” Himmel Soan commanded as if he was a god that was above all natural laws.


The dagger ripped through the air and charged at the monster.

The monster realized how powerful the strike was.

Although the lions head had part of the elephants defense power, it still felt threatened.

The monster growled.

It threw out a ball of dark green light, which was wrapped in red flames.

On top of the ball of light was a semi-transparent image of a wolf.

The monster had concentrated the abilities of all the heads in this strike.

That was the power of the lions head.

With it, the monster could activate the power of more than one head at the same time.

Although it wasnt as powerful as two or more individual heads put together, it was still the monsters most powerful technique.

With that humming sound, the monster couldnt activate more than one head at a time.

“Master, you can do it!” Firey cheered for Himmel Soan.

She knew it was going to be the last strike.

One of the two would emerge as the winner.

She wanted to help but didnt dare interfere.

Himmel Soan had reminded her that the monster only appeared because he struck the wall at the end of the cave.

If Firey interfered, maybe more things would happen.


The dagger collided with the ball of light.

Their explosion could destroy a mountain.

The shockwave nearly threw Firey off her feet.

It wasnt hard to imagine how powerful the explosion was.

The dagger cut through the wolfs image, the red flame, and into the ball of light.

Luckily, the dagger was a divine weapon.

Anything else would be pulverized the moment it touched the green light.

The dark green light extinguished.

Himmel Soan had defeated the monsters most powerful strike.

The dagger struck down at the monster, cutting off three heads at once.

The monster only had three heads left now and was significantly weakened.

Himmel Soan didnt waste the opportunity.

He moved closer, grabbed the dagger, and cut down two more heads.

“You won!” the monster shouted.

That was the first time it spoke.

Only the human head was left, and the other eight were cut off.

“You can speak my language” Himmel Soan was surprised.

The monster had been roaring and growling this whole time.

He never expected to hear it speak.

To his surprise, the monster took advantage of his brief moment of distraction.

It turned into a streak of light and disappeared into the wall.

“You wont get away!” Himmel Soan shouted.

Unfortunately, he was a little too slow.

The monster became a mural again.

He also noticed something else.

Although the monster reappeared in the mural, unlike before, the painting only had one head left.

The other eight necks were bleeding.

“Why would my battle against the monster change the mural”

Himmel Soan couldnt think of an answer because it was beyond his comprehension.

The energy given off by the mural was much weaker now.

It shocked Himmel Soan as well.

Based on what happened so far, the monster came from the mural and the wounds he inflicted on the actual monster changed the painting on the wall.

Who could have had such amazing abilities that gave life to the creatures they painted

If he remembered correctly, they had seen over three hundred monsters on the wall.

Could they all come off the wall

One single monster had given him so much trouble.

If all three hundred monsters attacked him together, he would have no chance of surviving!


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