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Chapter 516: Emperors Name


Youve passed the test.”

Himmel Soan was lost in his thoughts when he heard an authoritative voice that seemed to fill the space between heaven and earth.

The sound alone made one want to drop to their knees.

The paintings on the wall started trembling violently.

The expressions on the three hundred beasts also changed.

They seemed to be struggling to get out of the wall.

Some of them already stuck their heads out.


Seeing the monsters getting restless, the sound filled the cave again.

The barrier reappeared, covered by an ancient language that Himmel Soan didnt understand.

The monsters roared reluctantly and retreated into the mural.

“Who are you” Himmel Soan asked.

His speculation was correct.

Just like the nine-headed monster, all three hundred monsters in the mural could come out of the wall and become real creatures.

Without that humming sound and the barrier, they would have brought ruin to this world.

“My name is Leela!” said that voice.

Himmel Soan noticed the fatigue in it.

It seemed Leela was the one who activated the barrier to stop the monsters.

Wielding that power had made Leela exhausted.

“What is this place What are those monsters Is the mural a record of historical events Whats this test you mentioned” Himmel Soan had a million questions.

Strange things had been happening since he entered the cave, and he really wanted some answers.

“You have a lot of questions, but I cant answer all of them.

Knowing too much will get you killed.” Leela sighed before continuing, “This is a multi-space.

The crack you went through was only one of the entrances.

Youve left your world without knowing it.

“These monsters are all real.

An invincible man rose to power in ancient times and became the ruler of all things.

Under his reign, all races, from humans to demons, put aside their grudges and coexisted in harmony.”

Leela was probably talking about the man in the mural.

As soon as Himmel Soan thought about that, Leela spoke again as if they could read Himmel Soans mind, “Youre right.

Im talking about the man in the mural.”

“Does he have a name” Himmel Soan asked.

From the brief description, he could already imagine what a prosperous era that must have been.

He couldnt imagine all the races living in harmony now.

The humans and demons saw each other as their archenemies.

They couldnt stand the existence of the other party.

To be able to unite all creatures, that man had to be as capable as he was charismatic.

“Nobody knows his name.

Everybody just called himEmperor.\'”

That name alone could explain everything.

An emperor was the supreme being of the world and could command everything in that world.

Hearing Leelas description, Himmel Soan finally understood what this place was.

When Emperor united all creatures, the world prospered.

However, there was an end to everything.

One day, a dark fog started to appear.

As it expanded, the creatures affected by the fog became violent and aggressive.

The harmony was gone, and the creatures began to kill one another.

There was always bloodshed in the black fog.

When Emperor noticed this, the black fog had taken up 365 pieces of land.

All lives were annihilated in that fog.

Not only that, a portal had opened up in each section of the fog.

It absorbed life, blood, and soul until monsters came out.

There were 365 monsters in the mural, all a result of the fog.

Together, they brought calamity to the world.

To protect other creatures, Emperor started a one-man quest to hunt down the monsters.

It took him a hundred years to slay all the monsters.

Their corpses made a pile as tall as a mountain.

He then put his seat on the mountaintop because he wanted to suppress them forever.

Himmel Soan already knew some of the events from the mural.

He could only imagine how splendid that time had to be and how impressive Emperor was.

“Emperor sat in that seat for 9.99 million years.

Although we couldnt see him, we could all sense his energy.

“One day, a black hole appeared on the mountain.

Emperor entered without coming back out.

His energy was gone, too.

“Nobody knew what happened.

Someone suggested that Emperor had been studying the source of those monsters in the 9.99 million years, fearing they might return.”

Leela fell silent for a moment.

They couldnt help but lose themselves in the memory of the old days.

Emperors charisma could take ones breath away.

“A black hole Did Emperor find the source of the monsters and went inside to destroy them once and for all” Himmel Soan murmured.

He didnt know what really happened and could only speculate.

“Nobody knows.

He had such a noble status that nobody dared approach him.

“All we knew was Emperor was gone, and so was his energy.

To commemorate him, the creatures of this world recorded his glory in this multi-space.”

That was how this place was created!

Himmel Soan thought the cave had something to do with Emperor, which was why it was so mysterious.

As it turned out, it was only built to record Emperors great achievements.

Himmel Soan was amazed by how powerful the ordinary creatures of ancient times had been.

He couldnt imagine how capable Emperor had to be to subdue them.


If all the monsters were killed, why are the monsters in these paintings still alive”

Himmel Soan found a discrepancy in the story.

He had fought the nine-headed monster, and his wounds from the battle hadnt healed yet.

The monster was real.

Shouldnt they have died a long time ago

“Thats the most incredible thing,” Leela said solemnly.

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