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Chapter 517: Strange Thing

Himmel Soans pupils contracted.

All creatures mourned Emperors disappearance.

They knelt at the foot of the bone mountain for three years to commemorate him.

They hoped Emperor would return, but three years passed and Emperor never showed up.

It was as if he had never existed.

No one could sense his energy anymore.

One day, someone suggested they should record Emperors great achievements so that the later generations wouldnt forget about him.

Everybody agreed.

Many capable beings voluntarily found the necessary materials to build the multi-space.

However, strange things began to happen during this process.

When they painted the first image on the wall, they couldnt draw Emperors face, no matter how hard they tried.

Every time they carved his facial features into the wall, an unknown force would wipe them off.

They tried and tried.

They tried thousands of times.

It took them a hundred years to complete the first painting that Himmel Soan saw.

No matter how many times they tried, they couldnt change the outcome.

Emperors face would always be wiped off.

It was as if he wasnt part of this world.

If the creatures hadnt admired Emperor so much, they would have given up already.

Instead, they kept trying.

However, their effort proved to be futile.

A hundred years passed, yet the painting of Emperor still hadnt been completed, but all 365 monsters were finished.

The creatures of this world couldnt understand it.

They couldnt accept the fact that the most important person couldnt be put up on the wall and be worshiped by all the generations to come.

They were about to start on Emperors portrait again when the monsters on the wall appeared in this cave.

The paintings became alive, and the monsters tried to kill the creatures of this world.

The creatures were filled with despair.

They had no idea why the paintings would become alive, nor did they know why they couldnt paint Emperors portrait.

All they knew was the monsters had reappeared, and Emperor wasnt around anymore.

There was no one around to protect them.

Death was upon them.

The monsters would slaughter everyone.

The creatures lost all hope when they heard a sigh resonating in the multi-space.

Emperors energy that had disappeared for a hundred years was here again.

An enormous bell appeared in the air, chasing the monsters back into the wall.

Emperors image appeared in every painting.

They couldnt finish Emperors portrait in the past century, but now, it was completed in an instant.

“What happened after that” Himmel Soan had to ask.

It almost sounded like a myth.

Although cultivation itself resembled mythology, what Leela described was even more incredible.


Once the monsters were sealed into the wall, the multi-space disappeared.

The creatures were sent back to where they lived.

They had no idea what had happened.

“There were all sorts of speculations.

Some said the monsters were never dead and the mural helped them to come back to life.

Others said the monsters followed Emperor into the multi-space through that black hole.

“Everybody had a different opinion.

The only thing they knew for sure was that Emperor was gone.

Even the mountain of bones and his throne disappeared with him.”

Leela sounded sorry.

Even Himmel Soan sighed.

A charming, capable man vanished without a trace.

No one knew what he went through or what was going on at the other end of the black hole.

“Who are you Why do you know such things” Himmel Soan asked.

Even he didnt know how many thousands of years ago those events took place.

Leela talked about it as if they were there when it all happened, which made Himmel Soan wonder.

“I told you.

Im Leela.

I dont know why I know these things…” Leela sounded forlorn.

Himmel Soans question made them think.

Leela kept murmuring, “Thats right.

Who am I How do I know such things Why am I here Why should I tell you What am I!”

Leelas tone was upset at first but gradually became hysterical.

Their state was so strange that the entire cave started shaking with it.

They were desperately trying to figure out who they were.

“Leela, stop!” Himmel Soan shouted.

The multi-space was affected by Leelas emotions and became unstable.

The walls were covered with cracks, and Himmel Soan felt doom was upon him.

On the other side of the cracks was the void.

Even Himmel Soan would die if he was devoured by it.


The bell rang, and the cracks began to heal.

That destructive power vanished as well.

Leela finally calmed down.


I lost control.

“Somehow, every time I try to remember who I am, Ill enter that frantic state.

Its like somebody erased a part of my memory.” Leela sounded weak.

Those words made Himmel Soan uneasy.

Erased memory What kind of memory would make Leela lose control

It had to be very important!

Not only that, but Leela also calmed down because of the bell.

Himmel Soan could guess which bell it was.

It had to be the enormous bell in Leelas story.

The bell was connected to Emperor and could calm Leela down.

In that case, Leela should have some connection with Emperor as well.

Himmel Soan was so intrigued.

Maybe he could find out what happened to Emperor through Leela.


A bold idea struck him.

Could Leela be Emperor

He couldnt say for sure because those events took place so long ago.

Everything seemed to be shrouded in a fog, and he only knew very little.

“Ive told you everything I can.

I dont know the rest.

Even if I do, I cant tell you.

“The most important question is: will you continue with the test, or do you want to leave” Leela asked in a majestic voice.

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