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Chapter 49: Not Dead


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That teenager!

He was Himmel Soan!

He was the Patriarch of the Soan empire!

What kind of a sick joke was that

Henry looked at Gordon and saw that the latter was even more astonished than him.

“Henry, I…” Gordon threw his hands in the air.

He didnt know what to say and became incoherent.

“Its just… I… He… I mean… Did they call the wrong name, or did I hear it wrong Did you hear it”

“Yes!” Henry nodded, his lips quivering.

Gordon knew what he had heard, but he couldnt bring himself to believe it.

However, he had to believe it after Henrys confirmation.

It completely shattered his view of this world.

He had lived long enough to see his fair share of monsters and villains.

But he had never seen something like this before.

It was beyond his comprehension.


We… Did we… Did we see something that we shouldnt have”

Henry and Gordon looked at each other, both realizing the significance of the incident.

“Stop the live stream! Shut it now!”

In the online world.

“What the heck Why does it keep swaying”

“Yes, why Are the helicopters still airborne How long has it been They should have let us know by now! If they have fallen into the sea, there shouldnt be any signal.”

“Its making me dizzy.

I cant watch it anymore.”

“Wait! I think Im seeing something.”

“Yes! The image is back! Shit! Whats going on Why are the waves so high”

“Whats that People of the Soan empire are all kneeling on the ground! They havent jumped into the sea!”

“Look! Do you see a person up there Look!”

“Shit! I see it!”

“Where I cant see anything!”

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“Look! That person isnt very tall, and with the seawater as the background, hes hard to spot!”

“I still cant see it!”

“I see it! I see it now! Whats that Is the person flying”

“Holy crap! There really is a person up there Whats going on Whos that, and wheres the coffin”

“Thats right! Wheres the crystal coffin Its gone! Have they thrown it into the sea”

‘The screen was covered by bullet chats when everything went white before the screen turned black.

“The live stream has ended.” That was the line on the screen.

“Shit! Whats going on”

“Why has the live stream ended”

“No way! Has something gone wrong Did the helicopters fall into the sea”

“Thats not possible! Didnt you see the last image Plus, things have calmed down.”

“Everything was back to normal, apart from the rising waves.”

“Thats right.

In that case, they couldnt have fallen into the sea.

Why did they shut down the live stream”

“Why are you asking me Speaking of which, why didnt I see the person you were talking about”

“He was there! There was a person flying in the air! The entire Soan empire was worshiping that person!”

“Dont make it sound so dramatic! Its giving me the creeps! Youre seeing things!”

“Thats alright.

Ive recorded it!”

Many viewers were in the habit of making screencaps.

Some viewers had recorded everything, including the blurry images.

However, they couldnt find it anywhere when they searched their files.


Because of an error with the server, your screencaps are not saved.

We have not found out what caused the malfunction, and we are looking into it.

We apologize for the inconvenience!”

“What happened The server went down, and my screencap is gone!”

“Shit! The same thing happened to my live stream app! The server is down!”

“So is my app! What the heck I was recording everything! There were the people who went to see off Mr.

Himmel Soan, the ocean road, the helicopters, everything!”

All the live stream apps malfunctioned, and the screencap function had stopped working.

That was to say, everyone had lost their screencaps.

‘The public was enraged.

Once that footage was lost, they couldnt get it back.

Early the following day, people opened their browsers, trying to find out more about the Soan empire.

It had been a day, and the Sky Eye and the Dragon Tribe should have come up with an explanation about what happened to the Soan empire.

“all members of the Soan empire have returned.

The whole country is rejoicing!” When people clicked open Sky Eyes social media account, they read such a title.

Over a billion people had clicked on it.

Every person who had read it jumped up and down in joy.

“Theyve come back!”

“They didnt die! Theyve all come back!”

“are they back Really”

“Thats great! I knew it! I knew they would tum their heads around!”

“Thats great! This country needs them! We need them!”

“Our country should treat the Soan empire nicely from now on! They never asked for anything in return.

We cant let them go through such humiliation again!”

“Thats right! We cant let Mr.

Himmel Soans incident happen again!”

“Tm so excited! I think the country should compensate for the Soan empire.

Theyve made so many contributions to us.”

“Look at the second title.

The government is already discussing it.

I think theyll reach a conclusion this afternoon.”

“Thats great! Mr.

Soan is still alive! My savior is still alive!”

“But Ima little curious.

What made them change their minds Dont get angry, but Im just curious.

Im so happy that the Soan empire has come back.

I just dont understand what changed their minds.”


Im curious, too.


The government announced its conclusion two hours later.

The Soan empire had been helping the country with its development for the past two centuries and had made many contributions.

After some discussion, they decided to compensate the Soan empire ten billion for their annual contribution.

For two centuries, the sum would be two trillion.

“Holy **! Two trillion!”

“Our country is very generous!”

“think thats the least they could do.

Of the two trillion, 1.5 trillion was probably made by the Soan empire.”


Two trillion isnt a lot.”

Less than ten minutes later, there was another piece of news.

“The Soan empire wont take a dime..

Theyve returned the whole two trillion!”


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