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520 Guardian of the River

Himmel Soan stood steadily on the bridge.

No matter how violently it turned, he showed no sign of falling over.

The last bit was the hardest.

Finally, he led Firey to the other end.

The bridge was only twenty meters long, yet it took Himmel Soan nearly ten minutes to cross it.

Each step was harder than the next.

He eventually managed to get off the bridge.

As soon as he set foot on the other side, the bridge stopped shaking.

The river calmed down as if nothing had happened.

“We made it.” Firey patted her chest.

It had gotten so dangerous that she and Himmel Soans heads almost touched the water.

Even Firey knew if they made contact with the water, something irrevocable would happen.

Luckily, they got through.

“You made it Youve seriously underestimated this place!”

Someone laughed wholeheartedly when Firey said those words.

The water stirred again, and a figure dressed in blue appeared over the river.

The figure approached Himmel Soan, moving steadily as if walking on flat land.

With each step, the figure became more solid.

When it reached the shore, it turned into a handsome man.

The look on Himmel Soans face became serious.

The man was putting him under a lot of pressure.

“Ive switched to this form that matches your capability.

The rule says you can only leave this area if you defeat me.

Otherwise, youre dead,” said the man.

The water rose out of the river and formed a trident in his hand.

Each of the three tips gave off a different type of energy.

The middle one was flowy like water, the left one was bone-chilling cold, and the right one was as intangible as air.

They each represented a state of water: liquid, solid, and gaseous.

Together, they gave one a feeling that they could destroy anything.

“Are you the guardian of the river” Himmel Soan asked the man.

“Guardian I guess you can say that.

I like the way you put it.

If you want to get through, you must defeat me.

Or youll become part of the river and stay here for eternity!”

The man pointed the trident at Himmel Soan.

The water around him surged, following his order as if it was his subject.

“Ill give you credit for passing the bridge.

If you had fallen into the water, you wouldnt have stood a chance.

The water would devour you instantly.

Here on the shore, Ill fight you as your equal.

Although you still wont survive, you can last a little bit longer,” the man said confidently.

With a wave of his trident, the water rose toward Himmel Soan.

It was going to wrap around him like a cocoon.

Himmel Soan took out the dagger and struck the water.

The next instant, he paled.

The water felt heavier than iron, and even the divine dagger couldnt get through.

Not only that, but the water was also a liquid.

As soon as Himmel Soan slashed the current open, the water curtain closed up and flowed toward him again.

“Firey, back off!”

Himmel Soan told Firey to keep her distance while he charged at the man.

He had a feeling that he would have no chance of survival if the water surrounded him.

To change the situation, he had to defeat the man who was manipulating the water.


Youre attacking me.” The man sounded pleased.

He was excited about Himmel Soans move.

Grabbing the trident, the man charged at Himmel Soan as well.

The trident clashed with the dagger.


It sounded like a god was forging iron.

The trident stopped the divine dagger, which had been invincible until now.

“I didnt know you had such a marvelous dagger.

It can even stop my trident.” The man was pleasantly surprised.

His weapon was formed by the essence of water that came from the river behind him.

The water flowing in the river was the True Lunar Water.

One drop of it could freeze an entire land.

The weapon formed by the True Luna Water was the greatest treasure in this world, yet the divine dagger had blocked its attack.

Therefore, the man knew the dagger was extraordinary.

In a matter of seconds, Himmel Soan and the man had exchanged hundreds of blows.

They moved so fast that sometimes they would disappear from Fireys sight.

She could only hear the sound of their fighting.

Fireys palms were sweaty.

She was genuinely shocked.

She had always thought she was powerful enough, but only now did she realize the gap between her capability and Himmel Soans.

She couldnt even follow the battle with her eyes, let alone take part in it.

“If thats all you have, youre not good enough to fight me,” the man shouted.

White fog rose out of the gaseous tip of the trident, filling the nearby area.

Himmel Soan was startled.

With the white fog, he couldnt see anything over a meter away.

It made him nervous.

It wasnt an ordinary fog.

Otherwise, it wouldnt have been about to block his sight.

While he stood there, the man disappeared.

He put up his guard.

He knew the man was hiding in the fog and could attack him at any moment.

Hearing something moving behind him, he immediately spun around to parry the blow.

As soon as he did that, he realized he had made a mistake.

It wasnt the man but the water that tried to trap him inside.

It had been following him the whole time but couldnt catch up with him when he was fighting that man.

Since he had been standing there for a while, the water caught up with him and tried to wrap around him once more.

Himmel Soan immediately started moving.

That was the True Luna Water.

If he were trapped, he would be frozen to the bone and lose this battle for good.

Water was that mans weapon, and the True Luna Water could freeze and destroy anything in this world.

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