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521 Difficult Battle

To make things worse, he had made a wrong judgment and concentrated on the water only.

If that man attacked him now, he would be doomed.

Himmel Soan moved as fast as he could and waved his dagger in the process.

That man nodded when he saw this.

It might seem that Himmel Soan was randomly waving the dagger, but it wasnt that simple.

He was striking the spots where that man was most likely to attack him.

Several times, the man wanted to attack Himmel Soan, but the moving dagger stopped his attempt to ambush him.

The seemingly random movement had, in fact, sabotaged the mans plan.

He was amazed that Himmel Soan was calm enough to analyze the situation.

“Youre more interesting than I expected, but you seemed to have forgotten about something!” The mans voice came from all around Himmel Soan as if he was everywhere at the same time.

Himmel Soans stomach lurched.

He quickly ran in one direction, trying to escape the fog.

“It wont work!” said the man.

The fog was also moving.

Whenever Himmel Soan was about to run out of its range, more fog would appear in front of him.

It was like running in a puzzle and each section of the fog was a puzzle piece.

Whenever Himmel Soan was about to leave this “puzzle,” the man would put another “puzzle piece” in front of him, trapping him inside.

Himmel Soan realized his predicament after two minutes.

At his speed, he should have run over fifty miles, which was much further than the length of the fog.

However, he was still surrounded by the endless fog, which meant that man was controlling the fog surrounding him.

“Unless I can teleport myself out of this fog, Ill never be able to get out,” Himmel Soan murmured.

He was trapped in the fog, and both his sight and movement were affected.

Teleportation wasnt an easy task.

Not only that, but he also noticed something he had always been concerned with.

He was reminded of what that man said just then.

Fog consisted of drops of water.

That man could control water, so he could easily turn the fog into running water.

Once that happened, Himmel Soan would be trapped by the water, too.

That man could defeat him without breaking a sweat.

That was why Himmel Soan had been trying so hard to escape the fog.

“Oh no, its picking up speed!”

The air felt moist.

Himmel Soan could see the water drops with his naked eyes.

The fog was turning into running water.

“I know its futile, but I still have to keep running!”

Himmel Soan realized what was happening.

His running was making an impact.

That man had to control the fog to constantly shift positions to trap him.

As a result, the transformation from fog to running water slowed down.

When Himmel Soan was running at his top speed, that man had to stop transforming the fog and focus on trapping him.

Now that Himmel Soan had stopped, that man could focus on the fog again.

As a result, the transformation quickened.

This seemed to be an impossible battle.

Himmel Soan only had two choices.

The first was to stand here and let the fog turn into running water, which would kill him.

The other choice was to run around to distract the man, but it would only buy him more time.

The end was still inevitable.

The only difference was one would kill him faster and the other slower.

Even so, Himmel Soan had to stall the man.

He wasnt the type to give in and would put up a fight no matter what.

“He noticed it!” The man smiled as he watched Himmel Soan running around.

He had to admit that Himmel Soan was smarter than he expected.

Moreover, he also had a strong mind.

He could remain calm under the direst of circumstances and analyze the situation to find the optimal strategy.

Running around could only slow down the process but couldnt prevent the eventual death.

However, it could buy Himmel Soan some time, which was his best option at the moment.

As he had to control the fog, the man couldnt ambush Himmel Soan.

Although his speed was affected by the fog, Himmel Soan was still running faster than the mans expectations.

If he let down his guard, Himmel Soan could break out of the fog, wasting all his effort.

Therefore, the man didnt ambush Himmel Soan.

A strange but difficult battle ensued.

“Youre much more interesting than I thought,” said the man.

“Thank you, but the battle isnt over yet.

Im not giving up!”

“Lets see how long you can keep running for.”

The man found Himmel Soans confidence ridiculous.

His job was to stop anyone from going through.

Even if he was pleased with Himmel Soans performance, he still wouldnt show him any mercy.

Time ticked away.

The battle lasted for an hour.

Outside the fog, Firey was feeling anxious for Himmel Soan.

She had never seen him put so much effort into a battle.

Himmel Soan had always been able to crush his enemies, but ever since setting foot in the multi-space, the battles he experienced had been so difficult.

The multi-space was built in ancient times and represented the most advanced power of that era.

The creatures of ancient times built the multi-space to commemorate Emperor.

They used the best materials and techniques they could find.

Ordinary people would be killed the moment they set foot in the cave.

It was already a miracle that Himmel Soan could pass the initial test.

“Youve used 70% of your power.

Youll exhaust yourself in no more than thirty minutes.

Youll be defenseless then!”

It was an accurate diagnosis.

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