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Chapter 50: Dragon Soul Temple


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“Thats so generous of them!”

“Theyre saying no to two trillion How incredible!”

“The country is willing to pay a generous amount to compensate them, but money is the last thing the Soan empire needs.”

‘That was indeed true.

The Soan empire didnt need money.

They only wanted Himmel Soan back.

And now, their wish was fulfilled.

Linda was browsing the internet for the latest news on the Soan empire.

After the turbulence the day before, the whole country was watching the progress closely.

‘The first thing many people did when they woke up this morning was to go online.

Linda was one of those people.

She lived in a grassland region, and her window was open, so she could hear everything that was happening outside.

Three planes had flown past her house in the past minute.

She was wondering what was happening when the fourth plane flew overhead.

She had heard about the recent events and knew that the people of the Soan empire wanted to die for Himmel Soan.

However, the event took place in the countrys central area, and Linda resided on the western border.

The two regions were very far apart.

Before her area could be affected, everything was already over.

One would assume that nothing would happen after that.

Yet, why did it feel that tension was up again

“Whats going on Its so noisy!” Linda went to the window and looked out.

She was perplexed by the scene.

To the north of her house was a vast grassland known as “West Wind.” It was very famous.

‘West Wind wasnt the largest grassland in the country, but it was the most beautiful one, and the location was ideal.

Because of that, it was very popular with vloggers and influencers.

Everything was fine the day before, but an enormous construction site had been set up, and it seemed that thousands of people were busy building something.

There were all sorts of equipment and devices.

Even helicopters were hovering overhead.

Many materials were delivered here by air, including glass, windows, and doors.

That was why it was so noisy.

This was supposed to be a popular tourism spot.

Why was there construction work No one had said anything about it.

“Mom! Mom” Linda ran downstairs to find a visitor there.

Her mother was talking to a man ina suit.


Lindas eyes widened when she heard the request.

Their house wasnt on any major route to any important locations, not to mention that it was on a grassland.

Even if a house was to be demolished, it shouldnt be theirs.

Why the sudden request

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“Dragon Soul Temple Whats that”

Her mother explained that a building known as Dragon Soul Temple was to be built here.

“Its supposed to be specially built for the Soan empire.

The country is using it as a way to repay them.”

“But why here”

“They said that based on their measurements, we just happen to be at the very center of the country.

If you draw a big cross on the land, this area is where the horizontal line meets the vertical one!”

Although the grassland had “west” in its name, it was given by the common folk based on the location of the sacred temple.

The sacred temple was on the countrys eastern side and was surrounded by large cities.

As a result, people started to use the temple as a reference when talking about directions.

They didnt specify they were referring to the sacred temples east, west, south, or north.

Gradually, more people formed this habit.

Those who didnt know the origin thought they were referring to the directions of the country as a whole.

In terms of general geography, the city of the sacred temple was in the east, but in this new system, it was the center.

That was one of the reasons that the grassland was called “west.”

The other reason was that the countrys western region was underdeveloped with a poor transportation system.

As a result, the entire grassland region was considered the west.

Technically, the grassland was at the center of the country.

Because of that, the government was going to build a shrine for the Soan empire in that region.

The shrine was to be named Dragon Soul Temple.

The Soan empire had been protecting the country for a very long time and was considered the soul of this country.

“Is that true Thats great! Mom, lets start packing! Were moving!”

“Whats the rush We havent settled on the compensation yet!”

“Dont bother about the compensation! Well take whatever they offer! We have to let them get on with the construction of the temple!”

“Have you lost your mind What are you talking about Were not going anywhere unless the compensation is good enough!”

“Mom! Theyre doing it for the Soan empire!”

“What Soan empire Everyones been talking about it these days.

Who are they Why do we have to move just because the temple is for them Why shouldnt we take the money”

Lindas mother seldom went online and didnt know much about the ongoing events.

Moreover, the western region was less populated and had remained relatively calm despite the recent upheavals.

They heard discussions about the Soan empire but didnt know what it meant.

“Mom, we have to move! Dont worry about the money.

Im sure the government will pay enough.

Our top priority now is to let the government build the Dragon Soul Temple.

That way, the Soan empire can officially meet here.

Its going to be their office!”

Linda explained to her mother about the Soan empire and Himmel Soans contribution to the country.

However, her mother wasnt impressed.

When her father came home that evening and heard about it, he made the final decision.

“Let them have the house! Demolish it! The Soan empire has done so much for the country; of course, well make room for the Dragon Soul Temple, even if we have to give up this house for free! Im sure theyll pay us the right amount!”

Many people started moving out of the town that afternoon.

After her father came back that evening, Lindas family moved as well.

‘The town was emptied overnight, and the developer demolished everything.

People were talking about the Dragon Soul Temple online as well.

“What Dragon Soul Temple”

“Is the government building that temple”

“Is it for the Soan empire”

“Thats the right thing to do! Mr.

Himmel Soan had done so much for the country, and the Soan empire has given us so much without asking for anything in retum.

Theyre worth remembering!”

“Dragon Soul Temple is such a great idea!”

“How long will it take to build it Is it in the West Wind Grassland Im from around there.

Do they need a hand I can drop by tomorrow!”

Everyone who had heard about it supported the decision..


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