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528 Miracle

“Hows that possible!” The fire guardian couldnt believe his eyes.

Being the fire guardian, he knew how powerful his fire was.

At Himmel Soans level, he couldnt survive for more than a minute.

Two minutes had passed, yet he was still alive.

Not only that but he was also suspended in mid-air with his legs crossed.

Although he wasnt in his best state, he wasnt doing too bad either.

His screaming had trailed off, not because he was dead but because the fire didnt hurt him as much as before.

“Hes adapting to my fire!” The fire guardian finally realized what was going on.

Himmel Soan was getting used to the fire and had developed resistance toward it.

The flames didnt pose as large a threat to him as before, which was why he was so calm now.

“Hes tougher than I thought.

No wonder you think he wont lose.

However, the battles only getting started,” said the fire guardian.

He admired Himmel Soan for his willpower.

Himmel Soan could withstand the fire and didnt pass out from the pain.

Ordinary people couldnt fathom that kind of willpower.

However, the fire guardian wouldnt stop there.

To pass the test, Himmel Soan had to defeat him.

The fire guardian took out a long saber made of fire.

Its blade was wrapped in flames.

Despite the heat, it sent a chill down ones spine.

boxn ovel.


That was the effect of its killing intent.

Even the heat of the flame couldnt cover it.

“This saber can destroy anything between heaven and earth,” said the fire guardian.

He gripped the hilt and struck down at Himmel Soan.

Firey drew in her breath.

Himmel Soan was still fighting the flame and wouldnt have any extra energy to parry the saber.

It could easily cut him in half.

If he had spared some energy to fight against the saber, he wouldnt have had enough for the fire.

Either way, he would die.

It was a choice between being killed by the saber or getting burned to death by the flames.

“Master, watch out!” Firey cautioned Himmel Soan.

She knew it was futile.

Himmel Soan must know the fire guardian was attacking him.

Unless he could give up on resisting the flames, he wouldnt be able to do anything.

There was no solution to this situation.

Even God couldnt change anything.

However, he wasnt God.

He was Himmel Soan, a man who could find hope in despair.

The fire guardian thought he could kill Himmel Soan with a single strike.

But then, Himmel Soan opened his eyes.

Even all the flames couldnt cover the light in his eyes.

Himmel Soan rose to his feet and hit the saber with his dagger.


The explosion was so powerful that the ground shook.

The wood and water guardians reappeared.

They both set up a shield, blocking the shockwave of the blast.

Otherwise, their territories would be affected.

“That was a big explosion!”

“The candidate this time is much stronger than I expected.

I didnt imagine he would last this long.”

“Although weve all dropped to the same level, Fires element has its natural advantage.

His attacks are very difficult to fend off.”

The water and wood guardians appeared on the meadow and discussed the battle between Himmel Soan and the fire guardian.

Their fighting capability was much lower in comparison as determined by the elements they controlled.

Water had healing properties, but when it came to actual battles, it would prolong the fight.

The water guardian had stalled Himmel Soan for a long time before he found an opening and won the battle.

Wood was a tenacious element and had great defensive ability, but fighting wasnt its forte.

Moreover, the fire element could restrict the wood element, making the wood guardian even weaker in comparison.

The fire element was all about burning and explosions.

The fire guardians combat was of the same style.

Even the two guardians couldnt help but be amazed by the battle.

“I wonder who will emerge as the winner,” the water guardian said.

That was what he cared about the most.

He appreciated Himmel Soans qualities and hoped he could pass the test.

“Its hard to say,” said the wood guardian.

So far, the fire guardian had the upper hand.

From their interaction with Himmel Soan, they knew the young man could create miracles.

Maybe he could make another one.

Up in the air, Himmel Soan swayed after parrying the blow.

This move had already seriously injured him.

Had it not been for the heat, he would be vomiting blood now.

Fireys speculation turned out to be correct.

Himmel Soan had to spare some energy to fend off the saber.

As a result, the fire overwhelmed him again.

He didnt have enough energy to repair his body.

He couldnt be in a worse state.

“Luckily, I reacted in time.

Although it isnt very likely, if I gave you a little bit more time, you would have gotten used to my Inferno.”

The fire guardian was shocked by Himmel Soan.

That supposedly lethal blow only injured the young man, which was a big problem for the fire guardian.

It meant Himmel Soan had become resistant to the fire, the reason why he wasnt burned into ashes when he fended off the blade.

If the fire guardian had spent a little bit more time talking to Firey, Himmel Soan would have gotten used to his fire.

The fire guardian was shocked by Himmel Soans potential.

He had never seen anybody get used to Inferno so fast.


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