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529 Die!

“Here goes my second stance!” the fire guardian bellowed.

The flame on the saber turned from red to blue, the same color as the fire burning inside Himmel Soan.

The blue blade looked like it could destroy heaven and earth.

Even the air couldnt withstand the heat and contorted.

The blue blade seemed unstoppable as it fell toward Himmel Soan.

He didnt even have time to breathe or repair his body before facing the blade again.

“I wont lose!” Himmel Soans voice had become hoarse.

He yelled at the fire guardian.

Even with everything that was coming at him, he didnt give up hope.

He clenched the dagger and gave it a hard swing.

Cracks appeared in front of Himmel Soan.

He was tearing up the space.

With his life on the line, he surpassed his limits and pushed his capability to a new level.

The crack seemed to be sucking in everything around them.

The blades energy was slowly devoured when it moved closer.

It was a strange collision.

Either the saber or the dagger could easily destroy a mountain, but the collision was as silent as a pantomime.

The two attacks neutralized each other in the end.

One could still sense their destructive power from afar.

boxn ovel.


The fire guardians second attack was blocked again.

Himmel Soan trembled violently.

Only he knew the price he had paid.

His internal organs were all charred.

If he hadnt gained some resistance to the flame, he would have turned into a pile of ash by now.

“Kid, youve intrigued me even more.

My next blow is going to be my most powerful one.

Id like to see you try to fend that off!”

The fire guardian grew excited.

This was the battle he wanted.

A battle with participants that were well-matched in strength.

The fire guardian didnt get angry when Himmel Soan parried his attack.

Rather, he was delighted.

“Here comes the third blow!”

The temperature of the blue flame rose again.

The color turned black.

There was no light in it, but nothing could withstand that kind of heat.

It was scarier than the fire inside Himmel Soan and was also the most powerful flame that the fire guardian could summon.

This time, the saber moved so slowly that from afar, it almost seemed still.

It was crawling toward Himmel Soan.

Yet strangely, it reached him in an instant.

It was impossible to describe the movement; it was both extremely slow and extremely fast.

Nobody could explain what it was about.

The blade was inching toward Himmel Soan but still reached him in the blink of an eye.

Himmel Soans pupils contracted, and he swung his dagger again, creating cracks.

However, they couldnt stop the third attack.

Although the attacks power was greatly reduced and a lot of black flames were devoured, the blow still landed on Himmel Soan.


The silence ended when the saber made contact with Himmel Soan.

The sound was ear-splitting.

Himmel Soan flew away like a broken kite and smashed into the ground.

“Master!” Firey rushed toward Himmel Soan.

She didnt care about the fire cage set up by the fire guardian.

She had to get to Himmel Soan, even if she would be killed in the process.

Seeing this, the fire guardian had to retrieve the cage.

Firey touched Himmel Soan and felt her fingers burn.

She was the essence of nature, which showed how high the temperature was.

Firey pushed Himmel Soan and burst into tears.

“Master, dont die.

You said no one can defeat you.

If you die, I dont want to live anymore!”

Thinking that Himmel Soan had died, she grabbed the dagger without hesitation.

She would follow him to the other world.

Upon confirming that Himmel Soan had stopped breathing, Firey decided to take her own life.

“What are you doing!” the fire guardian shouted.

He flicked his fingers, and a chain made of fire knocked the dagger out of her hand.

He rushed to her side and scolded her.

“You didnt hear anything I told you before, did you All capable cultivators will have to see their loved ones die! Youre just experiencing it a little earlier! You cant kill yourself over such a matter!”

“Leave me alone! Master is dead, and I dont want to live anymore!” Firey shouted.

She only wanted to die.

Himmel Soan was gone.

The third blow had killed him.

“I know its hard to accept a loved ones death, but you must keep going.

You have so much potential.

One day, youll become the most powerful being in this world.” The fire guardian tried to persuade Firey.

“You dont know anything.

You have no idea what Master means to me.

Its my greatest honor to die next to him!” Firey shook her head and wanted to bite off her own tongue.


Luckily, the fire guardian was watching Firey.

He caught her by the jaw and wouldnt let her bite on her tongue.

He glowered at Firey.

“I killed your master.

Dont you want to take revenge Do you think hell be happy if you kill yourself

“You should keep training until youre powerful enough to kill me.

You cant die before you take your revenge! Im still alive!”


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