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531 Coup de Grace

“You shouldnt even be having this idea.

Even if Im dead, you should keep going,” Himmel Soan said seriously.

Seeing that Firey wanted to retort, he knew she didnt agree with her.

His tone softened.

“If a person is remembered after theyre dead, their life would mean something.

Otherwise, theyre completely gone.

“Its the same with me.

When Im dead, youre there to remember me.

Youre the proof of my existence.

If youre dead, no one would know Ive ever been here.”

The speech was too profound for Firey to understand.

She couldnt fathom philosophical theories.

“Just remember.

Even if Im dead, you must live on.

Or else, Ill never rest in peace.

“Thats not all.

Do you remember what I told you about dignity You shouldnt be kneeling before anyone, yet you begged him on your knees because you wanted to die.

I feel so ashamed of you.”

Himmel Soan couldnt bring himself to be angry at Firey.

He doted on her and couldnt even raise his voice.

However, what happened today was too important.

He never thought Firey would want to kill herself when he was dead.

He must get that idea out of her head, or he would always be worried about her.

“Master, I…”

“I know what you mean.

Just promise me to look after yourself.

Trust me.

I wont die that easily.” Himmel Soan rubbed her head.

“I get it!” Firey nodded.

boxn ovel.


Himmel Soan didnt know if she really meant that.

He was confident about everything but this.

Firey was very difficult to persuade.

“The trial isnt over yet!” said the fire guardian.

He didnt want to ruin this touching moment, but rules were rules.

He couldnt change them.

To a guardian, the rules were like Himmel Soans words to Firey.

They held the highest authority that he couldnt defy.

“Lets continue.” Himmel Soan nodded at the fire guardian, feeling grateful.

If it hadnt been for the fire guardian, he would be looking at Fireys dead body now.

“Alright! Here comes the third blow!” The fire guardian immediately used the same stance.

It was his most powerful move.

He also activated his flames.

The water and wood guardians cursed inwardly.

As soon as the flames spread out, the meadow was on fire while steam rose out of the river.

Why cant he fight in the air Dont ruin my territory! The two guardians complained in their minds but didnt say anything.

“Break!” Himmel Soan only said one word.

What happened next shocked the fire guardian.

Himmel Soan was unaffected by the flames.

Not only that, but the saber also had minimal effect.

He dodged the strike and attacked the fire guardian with the divine dagger.

The fire guardian immediately formed a shield with his fire, but it wasnt working.

He realized it when the dagger touched the shield.

Himmel Soan almost looked like a different person.

The dagger penetrated the fire shield and stabbed the fire guardian in the chest.

“I won!”

Himmel Soan retrieved the dagger and announced in a confident voice.

The battle ended almost immediately after it started.

Himmel Soan crushed the fire guardian.

“How did that happen!” The fire guardian couldnt believe it.

He and Himmel Soan were at the same cultivation level.

Even if Himmel Soan was a genius, he shouldnt have won that easily.

However, he had defeated the fire guardian with a single strike.

Everything happened so smoothly.

“I cant believe my eyes!”

“Thats impossible! The five of us should be able to defeat anybody of the same cultivation level.

Even if our opponent has the same ability, the battle should be dragged on.

The side that can notice the details would emerge as the winner.

How did this man win so easily”

“Ive fought him before.

He shouldnt have the ability to defeat us like that.

His cultivation level should be slightly inferior to ours.”

Both the water and wood guardians were astonished.


They heard Leelas voice.

Firey, Himmel Soan, and the three guardians all looked up.

That was where Leelas voice came from.

They werent visible themself.

“Firey, you cant stay by Himmel Soans side anymore,” said Leela.

Fireys face darkened.

“Why” She wouldnt have it.

She wouldnt leave just because Leela told her to do so.

“Youre affecting the fairness of this test.

“Because of you, the fire guardian didnt kill Himmel Soan when he had the chance.

As a result, Himmel Soan had an opportunity to regain his strength and get used to the flames.

He became resistant to the fire, and the fire guardian couldnt affect him.

Thats why Himmel Soan passed the trial,” Leela explained to the three guardians.

Yes, Himmel Soan defeated the fire guardian so easily because he could resist the fire.

Since neither Inferno nor the saber could harm him, he could withstand the fire guardian and defeat him.

That wasnt fair.

Leela was here to make sure the tests were fair and square.

To avoid such incidents, it had to take Firey away for the time being.

“Do you have any proof My master won because hes powerful!” Firey retorted.

To her, Himmel Soan was invincible.


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