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532 Punishment

“The fire guardian made several mistakes because of you.

Didnt you notice that

“First of all, he was distracted during the battle because he wanted to take you in as his pupil.

He stopped attacking Himmel Soan, giving him a chance to get used to Inferno.

By the time he realized it, Himmel Soan was already able to withstand the saber.

“Secondly, after defeating Himmel Soan, the fire guardian was busy stopping you from killing yourself rather than finishing his opponent off.

It gave Himmel Soan another chance to get used to the flames.

Moreover, he enhanced himself during this process.

Do you think thats fair”

Leela had seen everything.

Indeed, if it hadnt been for Firey, the fire guardian would have had several opportunities to kill Himmel Soan once and for all.

He wouldnt have had a chance to recover or strike back.

Right now, Himmel Soans power had improved again.

The black flames had elevated his physical strength to a new level.

If he was a piece of iron before, he had been forged into steel.

The battle was rewarding to Himmel Soan.

“Leela, youre correct, but I want to explain something.

I would have done the same even without Firey.” Surprisingly, the fire guardian spoke up for Firey.

“My original plan was to burn Himmel Soan to death with Inferno.

Chatting with Firey wouldnt have mattered.

“I didnt finish Himmel Soan off because I thought he was dead.

At the end of the day, I lost the battle because I was too careless and proud.”

He was telling the truth.

That was exactly why he had lost the battle.

He would have done the same even if Firey werent here.

“I know that.

Otherwise, I would have disqualified Himmel Soan.

However, Firey is still an unstable factor.

boxn ovel.


“Im going to punish you, too.

Your weakness is too obvious.

Although youre one of the best fighters among the five, your weakness makes you prone to failure.

Absolute capability isnt the only factor in a battle.

Ones willpower and reaction can change the result as well.”

Leela wouldnt be challenged.

It held the highest authority in this test and could determine if a test would continue.

Although Himmel Soan won the battle because he was lucky, luck was also part of ones capability.

Moreover, he had survived the flames of Inferno, proving his potential.

“Heres my decision.

Firey has affected the fairness of the test, so she must leave Himmel Soan until the test is over.

The fire guardian will teach her how to use the fire element as a punishment for his carelessness.”

Leela announced its decision.

The fire guardians eyes lit up.

He had always wanted Firey as his pupil.

This arrangement fit into his plan.

“No! I want to—”

“I agree!”

Firey wanted to object to the punishment.

Leaving Himmel Soan was worse than being tortured.

To her surprise, he cut her off and agreed in her place.

She stared at Himmel Soan in disbelief.

“Firey, be a good girl.

Youre still too weak.

You can only improve if you train with the fire guardian.” Himmel Soan tried to persuade Firey.

He didnt really care about her capability.

He had sworn that he would protect her forever.

However, he was worried that she would do reckless things again if something happened to him during the test.

Having her leave him might be the best choice.

“I…” Firey gave Himmel Soan one last look before nodding in resignation.

“I see.

Ill get stronger and become your most useful companion! I wont let you down!”

“I have faith in you!” Himmel Soan smiled at her.

“In that case, here we go.”

After Leela said that, a black whirlpool appeared next to Firey.

Himmel Soan sensed the scorching heat.

Although he could survive the fire guardians saber, the heat still made him uncomfortable.

That was how hot the whirlpool was.

“The fire guardian and Firey will cultivate on the other side.

Once Himmel Soan passes the test, Ill set Firey free.”

Suddenly, a great force pushed Firey into the whirlpool before she could utter a word.

The fire guardian followed her inside.

“Finally!” Leela sighed and didnt sound so authoritative anymore.

Himmel Soan was surprised.

Although he hadnt known Leela for long, he had never heard it speak in that tone.

“I was so scared when Firey wanted to kill herself.

Now that Ive sent her away, I feel so relieved.

“Dont worry.

Even if you cant pass the test and die here, I wont tell her.

Ill just lie to her, letting her think youre still training yourself,” said Leela.

The authoritative tone was only for show.

Leela wasnt angry at Firey for interfering with the test.

Moreover, Himmel Soan did a good job.

He didnt create any miracles, but he was impressive enough.

That was quite a compliment.

The multi-space was built in ancient times when the world was filled with geniuses.

Since then, millions of talented beings had stumbled into this place.

Leela had seen too many capable beings.

Himmel Soan was an impressive cultivator when compared to all those beings.

“I feel much more reassured!” Himmel Soan nodded.

He knew Leela could make Firey believe it.

Besides, he never thought he would fail the test.

He was confident he would pass and gain ultimate power.

“In that case, the test will continue.

Himmel Soan, I need to remind you.

You only have a 0.01% chance of passing this test.

Be careful.”

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