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536 Guards

“But—” Firey wanted to argue, but Himmel Soan waved her off.

“No buts.

Ive made up my mind.

You must stay here.

Otherwise, Ill be very upset, and I wont have you around me anymore!”

Firey fell silent upon noticing Himmel Soans determination.

She knew no one could change his mind and understood why he wanted her to stay behind.

Knowing that his chances of coming back were quite slim, he wanted to reserve some hope for the future.

If he died, Firey wouldnt want to live anymore, but she would only take her own life after finishing his task.

She was the hope of the entire world, and all creatures lives depended on her.

“I see.

Master, please come back safely!” Firey bit her lip and finally decided to stay.

For the first time, she wished she wouldnt be so helpful.

If there was no need to fight against the other world anymore, it would mean it had been destroyed and that Himmel Soan was alive.

All along, Firey hoped she would be useful and would impress him with her talent, but it was different this time.

“I will.

Have faith in me.

Ill be back.

Have I ever disappointed you” Himmel Soan rubbed her head.

He then entered the whirlpool leading to the other world.

He wished he could succeed, but the odds were against him.

He didnt have much confidence.

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As soon as he stepped into the black whirlpool, he felt everything spinning around him.

He was the most capable being in this world, yet the whirlpool could still affect him.

It showed how powerful the force was.

Blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth.

Although he hadnt arrived in the other world yet, he was already injured.

Only someone at the Emperor stage could travel through this whirlpool.

A Quasi-Emperor was still not powerful enough.

It all showed how dangerous the other world was.

The trip there was already pushing Himmel Soans limit.


“Kill him!”

“He came here alone! He must have a death wish!”

He heard malicious voices.

Startled, Himmel Soan wanted to strike back.

He soon realized where the noise came from.

They werent aimed at him.

To be more precise, they didnt belong to this time.

They were remains of ancient times.

When the Emperor entered the black whirlpool, he was immediately attacked by the capable beings of the other world.

These voices were left at that time.

The impact of that battle still lingered here.

The spinning feeling finally went away, and he saw an empty world.

“Is this my destination” Himmel Soan murmured.

This strange world made him nervous.

The air was heavy with the stench of blood.

It was as if the battle in ancient times had lasted until now.

“An intruder!” A shout suddenly came.

Himmel Soan activated his spiritual essence, revealing the two creatures.

They looked exactly like the nine-headed monster he had fought in the multi-space.

The only difference was that they were more powerful.

“Our ancestors prophecy was true.

The ant from that world would come here again.

This guy is from the other side.

Damn it! Those livestock are trying to murder their masters again!” said monster A.

“Weve guarded this path for tens of millions of years; hes finally here.

According to our Patriarch, if we kill him, we can extract the essence of this world from him.

We wont need to maintain this world anymore, and the era-long cycles can stop,” monster B said excitedly.

They had been guarding this place for too long.

Even for an immortal, it was a long time.

The unending cycle could finally be over.

Himmel Soan speculated something from their conversation, but he couldnt say for sure.

So far, he had learned there was a Patriarch in this world, whose capability was beyond comprehension.

Moreover, he had anticipated someone would come here from Himmel Soans world and had put the two monsters here to guard the entrance.

Himmel Soan didnt know what that “essence” was.

He had a feeling it had something to do with the survival of his world.

“Im here.

I wont let you send any information!” Himmel Soan bellowed.

He struck down, instantly killing monster A.

A Quasi-Emperor had the power to crush these doormen.

The monsters here used to be the rulers and looked down upon Himmel Soans world.

Although they knew his cultivation level, they still talked about him as if he werent there.

“How dare you attack us!” Monster B seemed terrified.

He was surprised by Himmel Soans determination, which reminded him of that ruthless man from ancient times.

He behaved the same way when he came here, attacking them right away.

Back then, monster B was only a junior cultivator.

He knew that the man was very powerful, but he didnt get involved in that battle.

He only learned recently that only the most capable people in that world dared to come here.

“Im going to destroy this world, and youre all going to die.

You must pay for what you have done to my world!” Himmel Soan shouted.

He then smacked monster B, killing him instantly.

Just like that, he took out two capable beings.

There was no hesitation.

Himmel Soan knew his task wouldnt be so easy.

The monsters level made them some of the most capable cultivators in his world, but here, they were average.

His real enemy was the Quasi-Emperor and the Patriarch.

He was sure the Patriarch, who was also at the Emperor stage, had something to do with the Emperors failure back then.

Moreover, the Patriarch had anticipated that somebody would take the same path as the Emperor.

In that case, there might be other traps waiting for him.

Killing the two monsters wouldnt be enough.


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