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538 Crushing Defeat

Creating a new technique was extremely difficult, not to mention doing it in the middle of a battle.

It would only make things harder.

At his current stage, creating a technique wasnt all that difficult, but creating one that could counteract the monsters was a different story.

The monster knew this as well, so he wasnt worried at all.

Moreover, he wouldnt just stand still and let Himmel Soan do as he wished.

The Quasi-Emperor monster was cautious and sinister.

Even though he didnt think Himmel Soan could create a technique that could threaten him, he wouldnt give the latter any chance.

“Kill!” the monster bellowed, and all nine heads activated their power.

Together with the mountainous size, the monster struck one as a terrifying figure.

The cows head mooed, and the monster punched Himmel Soan.

The power even contorted the air around it.

This wasnt the multi-space but the monsters own world.

Anyone in the Grandmaster stage could destroy the multi-space, but to disturb the space here, only the most capable Quasi-Emperors could do so.

This monster was exactly that.

He was one of the most capable beings, even in the ten royal families.

The punch landed on Himmel Soans chest, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He wasnt playing the punchbag.

When the monster raised his fist, Himmel Soan was trying to apply his new technique in the battle.

However, the new move was too weak.

It couldnt affect the monster at all, let alone block his attack.

boxn ovel.


It wouldnt do!

Himmel Soan abandoned that technique.

It was good, but it was useless in a battle of this scale.

It had to go.

If other people outside this world heard about this technique, even the most capable cultivators would fall head over heels for it.

However, Himmel Soan discarded it without hesitation.

That was how difficult this battle was.

“Boy, are you still creating that technique Its useless.

You wont withstand my blow.

If you kneel at my feet and surrender, maybe Ill let you live and become my servant,” the monster said arrogantly.

He had gained the upper hand.

Everything Himmel Soan knew came from the Emperor.

As long as the monster used the technique of his world, Himmel Soan wouldnt be able to do anything.

If ones cultivation level was steel, a powerful technique would be fire.

When the fire was hot enough, it could turn the steel into formidable weapons.

If not, the steel would be wasted or only become fragile weapons.

The monsters technique was powerful fire, whereas the technique created by Himmel Soan was weak fire.

Only an adequate technique would make sure Himmel Soan could exert his full power.

The technique used by the monster was called Omnisma.

It took their Patriarch a million years to create it.

Himmel Soan had to develop a technique to counteract Omnisma in the short period of this battle.

That was impossible!

“Ill never surrender.

How do you know Ill lose Im going to kill you and turn your world upside down!” Himmel Soan said decisively.

He hadnt lost hope.

Even if the monster put a knife to his neck, he wouldnt give in.

This was a battle between two worlds.

He couldnt retreat.

If he did, his own world would be destroyed.

“How stubborn.

Youre quite talented.

I thought I could train you.

But turns out, youre such an idiot.

Youre throwing your life away for a livestock farm.

Do you seriously think you can destroy my world” The monster laughed.

He found Himmel Soan too foolish.

The elephant head took over.

As if trying to show Himmel Soan the huge gap between the two worlds, the monster charged at him.

It was a straightforward head-on collision.

The monster only had one aim: crush Himmel Soan with sheer force.

Himmel Soan spat out a mouthful of blood again.

His internal organs had been shaken loose.

He tried the second technique he had created, but the result was the same.

It made no impact on the monster.

Once more, it was a technique that would make Grandmasters envious.

But facing a Quasi-Emperor, it was fragile as a piece of paper.

“See that Thats how much more powerful I am!” The monster guffawed.

In the next thirty minutes, he attacked Himmel Soan in various ways, like a cat playing with a rat.

Himmel Soan was injured repeatedly, and he abandoned one technique after another.

In the end, he was grievously wounded.

If he hadnt been a Quasi-Emperor, he would have been killed by the monster already.

It was the most difficult battle he had ever experienced.

His forehead was covered with cold sweat.

Every part of his body groaned in pain.


Himmel Soan was knocked away for hundreds of kilometers.

His 360th technique had failed.

It still couldnt counteract Omnisma.

It would take an ordinary person a few hours to cover that distance by train, but a Quasi-Emperor could travel that distance in an instant.

Before Himmel Soan could steady himself, the monster appeared next to him and knocked him away once more.

Himmel Soan didnt even have time to activate his new technique.

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