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539 Twelve Quasi-Emperors

Even Himmel Soan couldnt withstand the repeated blows and injuries.

His clothes were stained with blood.

“Boy, you cant hold on for much longer.

What makes you think you can stand up against my world I can kill you all by myself! Your challenge is a joke!” The monster grew more frantic.

He punched Himmel Soan repeatedly.

Himmel Soan spat out mouthfuls of blood, and many of his bones were broken.

Although he could repair his injuries right away, it was taking a toll on him.

Each recovery would cost him spiritual energy.

Once it ran out, he wouldnt be able to treat his wounds anymore and would eventually die.

Battles between Quasi-Emperors were always long.

At this level, no one could instantly kill their opponent.

However, with what had been happening, Himmel Soan could keep fighting for no more than a day.

His spiritual energy reserves would run dry, and he would be powerless to do anything.

One hour passed.

Two hours.

Three hours.

boxn ovel.


Himmel Soan lost count of how many times he had tried.

Still, he couldnt do anything about Omnisma.

His energy was running out, and he swayed like a candle flickering in the wind.

“When I kill you, everybody will be amazed by my achievement.

Ill be the most capable Quasi-Emperor in the ten families!” The monster guffawed.

He thought he was winning.

It was only a matter of time before he could kill Himmel Soan.

“Do you think youve won” Himmel Soan asked coldly.

The look in his eyes was terrifying.

Even now, he still hadnt given up.

“You idiot.

Do you think you still have any chance” all nine heads yelled at him.

The nine heads then activated their power and concentrated the energy in one strike.

The monster wanted to use this formidable strike to crush Himmel Soans confidence.


The fist landed on Himmel Soan.

The blast was powerful enough to destroy half of the world.

Even this world couldnt withstand its power; the space started cracking.

The energy rushing out of the cracks could destroy any Grandmaster.

However, the monster was surprised to see the outcome.

He hadnt done as much damage as he had expected.

Despite how formidable the strike looked, it only gave Himmel Soan superficial injuries.

It was the most powerful strike so far, but the monster didnt achieve his goal.

“Yes! Thats it!”

He heard Himmel Soans voice among all the explosions.

Immediately after that, Himmel Soan appeared in front of the monster like a shooting arrow.

This was the first time that he attacked the monster since the latter used Omnisma.

He seemed to be surrounded by countless creatures.

They all chanted his name, making his energy increase.

Finally, Himmel Soan found the right way.

Although the technique was only in its initial form and was nowhere near as formidable as Omnisma, it could still break free from the suppression imposed by Omnisma.

“You really created it!” The monster was horrified.

Himmel Soan had done the impossible and created an unparalleled technique in the middle of a battle.

The monster couldnt help but be envious.

The monster knew if he and Himmel Soan switched positions, he wouldnt be able to pull it off.

They exchanged another blow.

This time, Himmel Soan was able to exert his full power.

Although his injuries affected his performance, he could still fight the monster as his equal.

Not only that, but the monster also found it harder and harder to fight Himmel Soan as time went by.

Himmel Soans technique was improving.

The shadows around him seemed to gain a solid form.

Because of that, Himmel Soans power gradually improved and started to overpower the monster.

“How can this be happening I wont believe it! Its not happening!”

The monster thought he was losing his mind because the battle was beyond his imagination.

He thought he could defeat Himmel Soan without breaking a sweat, but things had gotten out of hand.

At this rate, he would soon get killed.

“Let me help you!”

“I sensed the energy of that livestock farm.

Our Patriarchs prophecy has come true.”

“Kill him, and give his head to Patriarch.”

The battle lasted for a whole day.

Seeing that the monster was losing, several authoritative voices rang out in the air.

Eleven Quasi-Emperors appeared on the scene.

They were the heads of the ten royal families and the most powerful beings below the Patriarch.

Together with the one that was fighting Himmel Soan, there were twelve of them.

The energy they emanated could affect an entire world.

Everywhere, creatures of this world sensed the twelve Quasi-Emperors energy.

They all prostrated on the ground, facing the direction of the twelve.

When the twelve Quasi-Emperors moved in unison, they could destroy anything.

Himmel Soans heart sank.

He hadnt defeated one Quasi-Emperor yet, and eleven more had shown up.

These creatures had more than enough power to kill him.

“Brother Gemini, Brother Atroci…” The nine-headed monster greeted the eleven Quasi-Emperors in excitement.

He was thrilled.

The entire world was shaken by their battle.

The other Quasi-Emperors had finally come here to help him.

This world was too vast.

Otherwise, it wouldnt have taken them so long to get here.

But they were here now; that was all that mattered.

With their help, Himmel Soan didnt stand a chance.

They could crush him like stomping on an ant.


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