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540 Hopeless





The Quasi-Emperors bellowed in unison and charged at Himmel Soan.

A giant hand appeared above him and smacked him to the ground.

That was the Quasi-Emperor known as Atroci.

The blow took Himmel Soan by surprise at the most critical moment of the battle.

There was the sound of drawing weapons.

The Quasi-Emperors, known as Gemini, were a pair of twins.

One wielded a sword and the other a saber.

They moved as one.

The sword and saber were closely connected.

Their combination created an impact far more destructive than two individual weapons attacking together.

“Ill end his life.” Another Quasi-Emperor raised his horsetail whisk.

Millions of hairs rushed toward Himmel Soan, trying to strangle him.

Each of the twelve Quasi-Emperors had their own technique.

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Himmel Soan managed to parry the first few but was eventually injured by the following attackers.

They were all Quasi-Emperors.

No matter how capable he was, he couldnt fight against all of them.

The first wave of attacks made him spit out blood.

The nine-headed monster deliberately broadcasted the battle to the entire world.

All the creatures in this world saw how Himmel Soan fought the twelve Quasi-Emperors.

They were all thrilled.

The battle itself was exciting enough, not to mention the Quasi-Emperors were crushing Himmel Soan.

“Boy, did you see that Thats the power of this world.

How long do you think you can last when twelve Quasi-Emperors fight as a whole”

“Your world is just our livestock farm; the creatures there are our cattle.

We can kill whomever we want.”

“A livestock farm is forever a livestock farm.

No ones going to help you.

Were going to torture you to death!”

The Quasi-Emperors spoke one after another.

They all laughed confidently.

The power of this world was too overwhelming.

Although the Emperor had killed a lot of Quasi-Emperors when he came here, there were at least twelve Quasi-Emperors left.

The Patriarch didnt even need to come out because the twelve Quasi-Emperors could overpower him.

Himmel Soan spat out more blood and began to feel disoriented.

It wasnt that he was too weak.

There were simply too many Quasi-Emperors in this world.

He could defeat any Quasi-Emperor in a one-on-one battle.

However, fighting twelve at a time was too much.

The shadows of the creatures around Himmel Soan began to weep as if they knew the end was coming.

There was no hope left.

Himmel Soan couldnt hold on anymore.

His internal organs had been damaged many times.

If he hadnt been able to repair them with his spiritual essence, he would have died a long time ago.

He only had 10% of his spiritual essence left because he had to use most of it to treat his wounds.

At this rate, he would die within an hour.

The twelve Quasi-Emperor teased him like cats playing with a rat.

They made casual moves and hardly used any energy.

The creatures of this world cheered for their victory.

They thought they were invincible.

All enemies were like lambs to be slaughtered in front of them.

“Die!” a Quasi-Emperor bellowed.

His voice could shatter the stars.

The soundwave hit Himmel Soan, and blood oozed out from all his pores.


A universe appeared behind Himmel Soan.

It was the technique of another Quasi-Emperor.

Each star was a killer move.

They crashed into Himmel Soan, knocking him around.

If Himmel Soan hadnt been holding himself together with his spiritual essence, he would have been killed.


A streak of strange energy hit Himmel Soan.

He began to go back in time.

His body gradually shrank until he became an infant.

It didnt stop there.

If the process continued, he would disappear forever.

His capability was affected as well.

His cultivation level decreased, and he eventually became an ordinary person.

Seeing this, Himmel Soan bellowed, and the shadows of the creatures around him moved in unison, turning him back to his original state.

He felt like he was the twelve Quasi-Emperors sandbag.

He had less than 1% of his spiritual essence left and was gradually overtaken by despair.

He heard some weeping sounds.

Gradually, the sounds grew louder.

They came from the shadow of the creatures.

Behind him, the shadows seemed to have sensed his hopelessness and were crying for him.

“Thats so strange.

How can he last for so long” The twins were surprised that Himmel Soan was still alive.

The shadows behind Himmel Soan also made them uneasy.

The techniques of the twelve Quasi-Emperors were of different types, but none of them had something to deal with so many creatures.

Himmel Soans new technique felt like the ultimate creator.

Those creatures just came out of the blue.

The twelve Quasi-Emperors were perplexed.

“It doesnt matter.

Hes going to die.

He cant withstand our attack for much longer!” Atroci smirked.

Millions of bubbles appeared around Himmel Soan.

They confined those creatures and began to divide his body.

Each bubble was a different space.

Atroci wanted to confine Himmel Soan in those bubbles and annihilate him for good.

“Just kill him.

No matter how strange he is, he cant do anything once hes dead,” said Atroci.

The other Quasi-Emperors agreed with him.

Regardless of his strength.

If he was dead, everything would be over.

The twelve Quasi-Emperors struck together.

This time, they were ready to kill.

They could tell Himmel Soan couldnt fight back anymore.

He had drained his spiritual essence and couldnt defend himself.

When the twelve Quasi-Emperors struck together, even the sky seemed unable to withstand the power.

Himmel Soan sensed the destructive energy.

Was everything going to end here

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