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541 Protection

Himmel Soan refused to take his failure lying down.

He didnt have enough time.

If he had, maybe things would be different.

All those creatures were trapped.

Himmel Soan didnt have enough energy to sustain this new technique.

The twelve Quasi-Emperors were attacking him together.

He felt the space around him contort, and time seemed to freeze.

He knew he was about to die.

“Kill him!”

The nine-headed monster was exhilarated.

Himmel Soan had given him such a hard time.

He felt he could finally take his revenge.

“This is what death feels like.” Himmel Soan closed his eyes.

He was so tired that he couldnt move a finger.

A force fell upon him, and he felt his body disintegrate.

“Im sorry, Firey.

I cant go back.

“My children of the Soan empire, Im sorry.

I wish I could see you one last time.

“Im sorry…”

A lot of things flashed past Himmel Soans eyes in the last moment of his life.

boxn ovel.


His foster daughter had slandered him.

The Soan empire thought he had died and wanted to die with him.

The earth was about to end.

Everything replayed in his head like a movie.

“Dont die!”

“You cant die!”

“Youre our hope.”

“Youre the future.”


Countless voices spoke to him.

They were all talking at the same time.

He couldnt make out what they were saying.

Who are they Himmel Soan wondered.

He was fighting the twelve Quasi-Emperors.

One could get injured just by looking in their direction.

How could anyone be close enough to talk to him

“Youre the creatures!” Himmel Soan soon realized where the voices came from.

They were from the creatures that he had created.

He was shocked.

Although he created the technique, he didnt expect this to happen.

He realized there was something special about the technique when he first created it.

The creatures came with the technique, but they werent what Himmel Soan had expected.

As the battle continued, the creatures became more and more tangible, as if they were going to take actual forms.

Even so, they only wept and howled.

They never spoke to him until now.

Had they gained intelligence

Himmel Soan wasnt sure.

“You cant die!” All the creatures spoke in unison.

“I dont have any strength left, nor can I feel my body.

Ive lost!” Himmel Soan said reluctantly.

He didnt want to die either, nor did he want to admit defeat, but he didnt have any strength left.

“No! You havent lost!” The creatures roared.

The voices seemed to shake the world, and an invisible power rushed into Himmel Soans body.

He was astounded.

What was going on

All twelve Quasi-Emperors were sneering at Himmel Soan.

His body had disintegrated until all that was left was a head.

It wouldnt be long before he died.

Something shocking happened the next second.

When they started working on Himmel Soans head, the creatures that had been confined by Atroci suddenly appeared next to it.

All the creatures shielded Himmel Soan from the twelve Quasi-Emperors attack.

They died one after another, but the suicidal move successfully stalled the Quasi-Emperors.

Himmel Soans head remained intact.

When a creature was destroyed, a streak of energy would be injected into Himmel Soans head.

He grew stronger before the spectators eyes and seemed to have gained a new life.

His body slowly reassembled.

In fifteen minutes, he was back to his peak.

“Hows that possible”

“He revived!”

“I told you there was something strange about this kid.

I was right!”

“So what We can kill him all over again!”

The scene was beyond the twelve Quasi-Emperors understanding.

Himmel Soan slowly opened his eyes.

He burst into tears when he saw the creatures shielding him from the attacks.

He knew what had happened.

After recovering, he knelt before all the creatures.

He wasnt fighting on his own.

These creatures from ancient times had been fighting alongside him.

His connection with them had grown stronger as he passed more and more of the Emperors tests.

Spirits of the capable creatures from ancient times had attached their power to him.

As he improved, more and more spirits followed him.

They began to wake up when he came to this world.

The spirits only existed for so long because they also wanted to destroy this world.

The energy here awakened them.

During Himmel Soans battle against the nine-headed monster, he created an unparalleled technique that accidentally activated the spirits.

That was why those creatures appeared behind him.

When the twelve Quasi-Emperors tried to kill Himmel Soan, the creatures sacrificed themselves to buy time for him.

Now that he was back, all the creatures died.

With their spirits gone, they could never come back.

Himmel Soan burst into tears.

He wasnt the crying type.

Having been a cultivator for so many years, he thought nothing could move him anymore.

However, he could help but shed tears for the spirits.

Those spirits of ancient times were always worried about their descendants.

They lingered for so long because they wanted to protect their descendants from repeating their mistakes.

Himmel Soan was their hope.

“Thank you.

Rest in peace.

I swear Ill destroy his world so that our people can live in peace and wont need to worry about losing our world again!” said Himmel Soan.

That was his promise to the spirits.

He had to destroy this world, or those spirits would have died for nothing.


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